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  1. jiujitsubowl

    long absence

    Well guys, its been a minute haha! I am going to try and be more active on here. Just been super busy as of late and forgot about the forums! Hope to hear from the old ones and the new ones!
  2. jiujitsubowl

    Tea and Tobacco

    Hello everyone! I know its common to smoke your favorite blends and drink some spirits/beers. Does anyone sip tea with there baccy? I have been experimenting with this and love it! has great high quality teas and because of our high expectations of quality tobacco, us tobacco...
  3. jiujitsubowl

    New Old Stock Vintage Dr. Grabow Omega w/ Carved Leaf in Bowl

    Check out this guy. Got it from and estate sale on ebay. Its a second (double stamped omega and dr. grabow). It sat in the office of a Dr. Grabow employee for many years. Unsmoked, and contains a cool tobacco leaf carved into it. Any more info on these? Shes a great smoker, plip style stem, and...
  4. jiujitsubowl

    New System Pipe

    Check out this cool Aristocob system pipe I picked up for 20 bucks. Gonna start the restore progress and refinish it. Probably going to make a briar insert and an acrylic stem.
  5. jiujitsubowl

    I hate throwing out tobacco

    I hate to throw out any tobacco but Bjarne Viking Erik the Red is some of the worst stuff I have ever smoked. No taste, caramel like burning smell/taste. Supposed to be artifical cherry tasting, which is bad but i knew it would taste that way, but it doesnt even taste that....... So i ask, whats...
  6. jiujitsubowl

    Collection update

    My journey thus far part 1....pipes
  7. jiujitsubowl

    New Chris Morgan Pipe

    Check it out! My first Chris Morgan. A bones series. $45 bucks shipped and got it in 3 days. Basically he takes his best briars that have small defects and finishes them to the best of the ability and sells them. All pipes are smokable but have various degrees of scuffs or pits.
  8. jiujitsubowl

    International Corn Cob Month

    Its international cob month! Show off todays cob and head over to aristocobs youtube page to get a code for free shipping!
  9. jiujitsubowl

    Hey guys, its been a minute

    Hey guys. Its been a while since I last logged on. I was missing the community. Good to be back active. Been working on a few projects and completely forgot about forums. My recent adventures: Working hard on establishing my review/vlog/pipe talk youtube channel. check it out here...
  10. jiujitsubowl


    Hey guys, I am entering a corn cob contest on I have a MacArthur kit. I want to smooth it out as its a rough cob. I have plaster of paris and clear laquer like they use at MM. My question is what order to apply the materials, and how do i smooth out the cob like finished ones?
  11. jiujitsubowl

    New pipe from HOUSE OF PIPE on Ebay

    I have been watching some pipes go for good prices from a ukrainian carver named Roman Sobczak on ebay. His page is called "house of pipe." Pretty good briars, a few pair wood and some acacia/oak hardwoods. Here is an acacia pipe I picked up for $15.
  12. jiujitsubowl

    KSI Pipe

    Got this out of a basket today along with 3 oz of PS English Luxury for 20 bucks. Says its a KSI. Dont know anything about them, just know that the holes are drilled correctly and it has a nice weight to it. Anyone have any insight. Surely its a cheaper pipe but for the price i couldnt beat...
  13. jiujitsubowl

    Quick Review East India Cellar Reserve

    Been smoking this aro for awhile now. One of my first when I started 4 months ago. Its Cellar Reserve by the East India Trading Company. I have to say for an aro its a pretty good tasting smoke. Smokes cool when and stays lit after a little drying time. The cool part is the added perique. You...
  14. jiujitsubowl

    Aging Tobacco.....

    When aging tobacco, do i have to fill up the entire jar before sealing?
  15. jiujitsubowl

    Baraccini pipes and Oak/Acacia

    Anyone have experience with Baracccini pipes? I ordered one for 29 bucks off pipes and cigars. Also I bought a couple oak and acacia wood pipes off ebay. Anyone tried these woods before?
  16. jiujitsubowl

    New Video Blog, watch and subscribe!

    Started a video blog on youtube where I will be reviewing pipes and tobaccos. If you got products you make or sell and want to get them honestly reviewed, pm me and we can setup a video.
  17. jiujitsubowl

    New toy...DAGNER PIPES

    Just acquired a Blue Collar Poker from Dagner Pipes. This thing is awesome! A light weight poker you can clench, good briar. Machine made. There pipes run from 80-150 bucks range. Comparable to a Stanwell/Savenelli/Peterson. Designed more though for the biker/pipe smoker then that philosopher...
  18. jiujitsubowl

    Someones misfortune proved perfect for us.....

    So God blessed us Friday with a new bench. This tree split right in front of our engineering office. Makes for a good place to smoke during lunch.......However it crushed the maintenance mans truck......
  19. jiujitsubowl

    Had to try Captain Black for myself.....

    Figured i had to try my first drug store blend just for fun. Standard Captain Black. I made sure to smoke in my hardwood not my briars. Smoked ok, i dried it over night. Smells very chemical-like. Little to no taste, actually was surprised it didnt taste bad but not good either. I guess the only...