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  1. cyndi

    Where Cyndi's Been

    I know this update has been long overdue and I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me a message on here and FB. You guys are awesome! As many of you know, I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and until just the past few days I haven't had health insurance. The stress of the house being...
  2. cyndi

    We're Moving

    As we all know, crap happens and the economy is tough... So we're losing our house and have signed a lease on a home nearby that is more than 2x the size of our current home. The pluses outweigh the negatives as we'll have access to community amenities and still be able to smoke in our home...
  3. cyndi

    Woods That Are Safe For Smoking and Their Flavors

    This is a nifty chart. It's meant for using wood chips when grilling meat but it is really applicable to our hobby too! It even mentions that conifers and evergreens are dangerous to burn. I know we see a lot of questions about what different woods would do if made into pipes and I think this...
  4. cyndi

    What's With the Thread Necromancy Lately?

    Alright, who's the one digging through the archives?
  5. cyndi

    Saturday Night

    Saturday night, Shaun took me out for my birthday night. (It's not till the 12th, but Chickpea's bday is the 16th so all of next weekend will be spent with family.) We started out meeting Profpar at Smoker's Embassy and I got a couple of tins of tobacco and a new Zippo with feathers engraved...
  6. cyndi

    White and Black and White Christmas

    ... and not a zebra rolling down a hill. ;) Santa and Shaun brought me two pipes. :D Santa got me a meerschaum Bacchus and Shaun got me a Nording Dress Pipe. I'm delighted and smoking like a chimney to break in my newbies. :D Yay!
  7. cyndi

    It's Not A Gandalf! (mini rant)

    In the past few days in random parts of the internet, I've seen churchwardens referred to as a Gandalf, a wizard, a LotR, and a "really long pipe." WTF is up with that? I even saw a glass "long pipe" with lizard scales named Gandalf. :| Anyways, I just called out about half a dozen posters on...
  8. cyndi

    Expeditus, The Patron Saint of Procrastinators Just Kicked Me In The Butt

    Cali, my Collie mix, has been hogging my spot on the couch all morning so I finally won it back and sat down to watch cartoons and smoke a bowl or two. There's housework and grocery shopping to be done, but I really don't want to. I was talking to my son and Cali jumped up on the couch behind...
  9. cyndi

    Atlanta Rejoices Today!

    Today is the first Sunday that alcohol can legally be sold in metro Atlanta areas. The new laws will take until March to completely roll out, but it's the beginning of the end of the Civil War blue laws. Here's to hoping that common sense prevails in other areas of legislation!
  10. cyndi

    Tomorrow I Find Out If I Still Have What It Takes

    Tomorrow, I find out if I still have what it takes... to be a pin-up girl! I'm meeting up with MFer Photography and my pipes are going along with me. It's been 7 years since I modeled and since then my medical condition hasn't been all that great. I'm hoping that I can keep the tremors and...
  11. cyndi

    US Courts Block Graphic Warnings on Cigarettes

    Well, look at that! Some good news!
  12. cyndi

    Bubba, Lawrence, and Kevin Are Turds

    Thanks to whoever saw my little fuss about my avatar and fixed it! :-* (why no kissy face emoticon?) In return, formatting! Yay!
  13. cyndi

    Frisson (skin tingling music)

    Frisson is "a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill." It's often called goosebumps and is more often triggered by emotion than temperature. What songs/bands do it to you every time? Most consistently for me is Falling Up - when I heard Dawn Escapes I told Bootleg that it was...
  14. cyndi

    The suck seems to be over! Yay!

    You would not believe the past two weeks! I had a sinus infection that made every tobacco taste like crap, I ran out of pain meds, broke one of my favorite pipes (there was an unseen flaw in the wood at the base of the shank), had a spider decide my Alpha was a great place to live, and had to...
  15. cyndi

    Family Photos

    Over the summer, Bootleg and I took the kids up to Helen (with our pipes) and had some of those old timey photos made. We framed them and gave them to our family, proving that we can't do anything normally. It was a lot more fun than the department store photo studios, and hey, we got to take...
  16. cyndi

    Restored Alpha

    Out of that last batch of antique pipes we bought, I immediately claimed the Alpha but it needed some work. Bootleg restained it russet to match the original gold stem. I'm thrilled and can't wait to light it up!
  17. cyndi

    tobacco education in schools

    Today my 11 yo son got in the car and immediately started in on me about smoking. (I had Bayou Morning in my Uncle Arthur.) The school has this Fat Albert program where the characters learn all about how rude it is to blow smoke on people and how their loved ones will fall over and die after...
  18. cyndi

    Just got my Altinok meer today!

    ... and the thing is BIGDAMNHUGE! I'm tickled pink with the quality. It even came with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Altinok in pen (not a stamp.) The pipe in the background is Bootleg's Rinaldo Lithos YY Silver Line. (please forgive the cell phone photo.)
  19. cyndi

    What pipe makers make POTYs?

    Bootleg and I are looking to buy POTYs of the years the kids were born so that we can gift them when they turn 18. That means we need a year 2000 and 2 2004s. The ones I've seen (Stanwell, Peterson, Savinelli) I haven't really liked.