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  1. futureman

    Your Most *Enduring* Blends

    Many blends jockey for the status of "favorite." Some blends eventually fall out of favor or are usurped by new discoveries or smoking ventures (at least for me). I'm curious about the blends which have stayed in your rotation over time--that is, those you always seem to return to or have...
  2. futureman

    Old Joe Krantz - Original vs. White

    The blend description and reviews of OJK have convinced me to try it. The "white" variety seems intriguing, too. While I've read Jimlinks' reviews, I'm interested in more side-by-side comparisons before deciding whether to buy the latter (I have quite of bit to purchase and can't buy everything...
  3. futureman

    Uhle's Blend #00

    This tobacco gets an occasional nod on this forum. It's really fantastic and fun to smoke--pure and simple yet not one-dimensional. JimInks and Pipestud have spot on reviews here: Reviews Unfortunately Uhle's blends are not cheap. While they're worth purchasing (especially if you live outside...
  4. futureman

    An Anni Kake-Like Blend Without Reds?

    I love the smell and flavor of Anni Kake. But I'm afraid the reds will always prevent me from smoking it. Is there an approximate blend that leaves out the reds? This thread offered some good alternatives to Anni Kake, but I can't determine whether these are red-heavy: Old thread I welcome...
  5. futureman

    While I Was Away, Klondike Gold Disappeared.

    This saddens me. I settled on it as my top (straight) Virginia before I became ill and stopped smoking for a time. It struck the right amount of sweetness and hay for my taste. Any thoughts about its best approximation? I'm thinking Capstan (Blue), Dunhill Flake, F&T Virginia Cut Plug, or maybe...
  6. futureman

    Rediscovering My Tobaccos!

    I was mildly active on this forum a several years ago (and for a short time). I threw myself into the hobby after an uncle bequeathed his pipes to me. I ventured down the usual path of an enthusiastic new pipe smokers--buying and smoking *lots* of tobacco. Too much, in fact! I stopped smoking...
  7. futureman

    An Escudo Convert

    As someone who has not been a huge fan of traditional VaPers, consider me converted. I purchased a tin of Escudo a few weeks ago and was floored by how good it is. The spice is certainly present, but it is rather mild. I like perique as a light condiment only. But what really surprised me was...
  8. futureman

    Next Flake To Try: Fribourg & Treyer Cut Virginia Plug

    Still on a quest for that minimally hay-like, non-aro Virginia flake that will satisfy my sweet tooth. Just ordered some Cut Virginia Plug, and we'll see how it compares to Dunhill Flake, Capstan Blue, and Klondike Gold (a current favorite). Thanks for the recommendations, all!
  9. futureman

    A Question About Haddos Delight

    I'm very interested in trying this blend, but would like to know whether red Virginia is a dominant ingredient. I've found that too much red Virginia can be a real irritant for me, at least in some RV-dominant blends (Rattray's more famous blends are tolerable for me, as is H&H Anniversary Kake...
  10. futureman

    Goodbye, Red Virginia

    Well, mostly anyway. I've come back to reds again and again. They taste great, but smoking them invariably results in a cracked, sore tongue. I admit I may have some bad smoking habits, but my recent experiments have me convinced that--with some exceptions--anything that is predominantly red...
  11. futureman

    Flavor Profile of Capstan Gold vs. Blue?

    I enjoyed my now depleted tin of Capstan Blue quite a lot, and I'm curious about how the Gold compares, especially in the sweetness catagory. Thanks in advance!
  12. futureman

    Grrrrrrrrr! Flakey Flakes.

    I'm having a rough time getting a handle on McC's Blackwoods Flake. It's the most unmanageable flake I've smoked to date. I've tried both cube cutting and rubbing out (along with plenty of drying time). But I'm constantly relighting and never really getting a good draw. While I enjoy the...
  13. futureman

    Strangest Blend You've Ever Smoked.

    Title says it all. I'm not so much interested in whether you disliked what you've smoked, but whether the blend was so strange that you found it difficult to decide whether you'd smoke it again. For me, just about any lat blend is strange, but I'm sure others have had more interesting smoking...
  14. futureman

    In Need Of Lighter Repair!

    One of my sons dropped an old Lotus lighter of mine. It's my favorite and retailed back in the day at about $80. It's no longer igniting, and I'm not even remotely qualified to diagnose (much less repair) the problem. Any suggestions on finding someone capable of repairing it?
  15. futureman

    Royal Yacht

    I've noticed that this blend is fairly divisive. People seem to either love it or hate it. One owner of a well-established tobacco shop I met called it "Royal Yuck." Yet it appears to have some fans here. What is this blend like? And why does it provoke such contrasting reactions?
  16. futureman

    Let's Talk Nicotine!

    Pipe smokers vary in their nic-level preferences. I'm curious, however, if you desire even a slight 'nic hit,' even if you prefer milder tobacco. For my part, I enjoy mild to medium-strength tobacco, as I smoke in order to relax, and a mild nicotine hit certainly helps in that regard. The strong...
  17. futureman

    Finally! Found a Pipe For Capstan Blue

    My first three smoking sessions with Capstan Blue were nice, but they did not quite live up to my expectations. Then I fired up some Capstan in a Savinelli bent dublin a little while ago, and it has been pretty blissful: sweet, biteless, with a bit of a nic hit. This pipe will be set aside for...
  18. futureman

    Anniversary Kake Has Me Confused About Perique.

    On the recommendation of several of you, I purchased and received Ross's AK from P&C. I absolutely love this stuff, but I confess I'm confused about the role the perique plays here. The description says the blend contains a "good amount" of perique, yet my experience with the blend is far...
  19. futureman

    Suggestions On Packing Blackwoods Flake

    I'm enjoying this tobacco, but I suspect I could enjoy it more with a better pipe-loading technique. The tobacco is pretty thick and harder to rub out. It's moisture level also results in multiple relights for me. Any suggestions as to how I should be preparing this tobacco and loading it?
  20. futureman

    Trying Latakia: Will The Third Time Be A Charm?

    I've given tobacco with latakia a try on two occasions. The first was FMOTT, the second was Nightcap. It just didn't work for me. Yet I'm compelled to give this leaf yet another try. While ordering some Anniversary Kake, I made an impulse buy and purchased a 50g tin of Frog Morton Cellar. I'll...