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  1. docwatson

    Pipe Shop in Portland, ME?

    I live in close proximity to the Calabash Shop and they have a fine selection of cigars and a good sized humidor. Basically a Cigar Bar. They serve beverages including alcohol and have a place to relax and enjoy a smoke. However there's nothing there for the pipe smoker. Other venues in...
  2. docwatson

    Kaywoodie Collection and Update

    Great collection there Crash. You know how I love Kaywoodie pipes and have been collecting them for over 40 years. Not only are they great smoking pipes, their history is incredible as well. Happy puffing, the fun is in the treasure hunting as you know. Wishing you the best of luck in your new...
  3. docwatson

    Chicago Pipe Show 2019

    The "Really Big Show" is always a treat. Looking forward to the event as always. There is nothing that can compare in size and attendance. Be there........
  4. docwatson

    Best Pipe Shop In Your Area

    Boston, L.J.Peretti near the Boston Common at Park Square. Best tobacconist in the USA
  5. docwatson

    P&T Magazine (and parent co.) Have a New Owner

    Fortunately I have every issue ever published and they are wonderful reference material. Sad to see the inevitable, but it's all about the bottom line. Mr. Matlick Thanks for the good reading.
  6. docwatson

    Dunhill - London Mixture

    Personal preference is the bottom line. And personally it's my favorite Dunhill Blend of all time. Oriental forward and latakia in the background.
  7. docwatson

    Mixture 79 Sampled

    Mixture #79 was one of my all time favorite blends back in the 1960's. Holds a lot of good memories and can still enjoy the flavor of this olde time blend. Not only did I enjoy it, the customers in the Music Store at which I worked always remarked that they loved the aroma. Win win situation...
  8. docwatson

    Pipe with markings "Red Carpet"

    Red Carpet is/was a tobacconist shop in Providence, Rhode Island. Not sure if they are still in business. This could be a pipe made for their shop.
  9. docwatson

    The Exmoor (Comoy's) Shape 283 Rhodesian

    Nice looking briar Al. Loved the research done by Jon Guss as usual. If you need any info on obscure tobaccianna Jon's the go to guy for sure. I've owned several Exmoor pipes, none without fills and consider them a second line of Comoy. Still some great smokers though. Cheers.
  10. docwatson

    Lane Ltd Ready Rubbed and Heine's Blend

    Love both reviews here and now I'm tempted to open up a large jar of this blend that's been sitting on my shelf for over 20 years. Glad to see that it's still being manufactured.
  11. docwatson

    Solani Silver Flake

    A 5 year old thread revisited. Nice. And I still enjoy the Silver Flake for sure. Where does the time go??
  12. docwatson

    The 2016 Northeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest

    Will be there as usual, have never missed one. And I'll have a selection of quality estate and new pipes for sale if anyone is interested. Looking forward to seeing a great bunch of guys from all walks of life that have one thing in common. Pipes.
  13. docwatson

    West Coast Pipe Show, Las Vegas, Event Photos

    Thanks for the photos. This is the first year that I have not displayed at the WCPS and was disappointed that I couldn't make it this year. There are 3 no miss shows that I personally enjoy the most. Chicago, Columbus, and Vegas. Anyone that can make a show will find how great it is to mingle...
  14. docwatson

    Mail call - Mark Tinsky Commission

    Great looking pipe, congrats. Love your color choices, and shape of course. Mark's work is fantastic.
  15. docwatson

    Broken Pipe Tony "Mr. Can" Soderman

    I can echo those sentiments exactly as you stated them John. What a loss to the pipe community. His knowledge, dedication, and presence will be sorely missed. Andy C.
  16. docwatson

    Holy Grail - Sav Guibileo d'Oro 320KS Fiammata

    Great pipe there Al. I have one 320 straight grain smooth and it's a favorite. A GDO is one rare puppy, lol..Congrats.
  17. docwatson

    The Prettist Poker and Tamper I've Ever seen

    MAGNIFICENT. What a superb sandblast finish. This is the REAL grain not the manufactured grain done by some blasters that just make their own rings and swirls with the blasting nozzle. Congrats to you both. Ed for a wonderfully crafted pipe and Brad for the commissioning.
  18. docwatson

    Rank the Major Pipe Shows For Me

    I used to attend 5 or 6 shows per year and have done this for decades. Now I am down to my two favorite venues. Chicago and Vegas. I'd love to attend the Columbus show however but it is always during a vacation time of the year for me and I am away. All comments about the Columbus show are...
  19. docwatson

    L.J.Peretti's Blends

    Peretti's is one of the last TRUE Hand Blenders in the USA. Experiment and try as many blends as you can, you will find a favorite blend guaranteed. Tashkent, Royal and 9575 are a few of my favorites. Along with some of the burley blends like 110, 102, and others. Enjoy