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  1. alexnorth

    Mail Call !!

    Mail came today and it was most anticipated. I placed an order last week with the ever so helpful gents at smokingpipes and they deliver yet again. Stellar service, quick delivery and perfectly packaged. I ordered a Peterson pipe for myself, one for a friend, a leather carrying pouch and I had...
  2. alexnorth

    Peterson XL Range

    So what is the deal with the "XL" range. Are they called XL because they're exceptionally big? I'm eyeing an XL14 which caught my eye and I can't get enough of looking at it. I might have to buy it but i wonder, is it gigantic!? I had an Aran 80s which I found completely agreeable in size and...
  3. alexnorth

    Why Only Ship To Conus?

    I've noticed that a lot of sellers on here don't sell to outside the continental US. Now PayPal works worldwide so what's the reason for not shipping overseas?
  4. alexnorth

    A New Chap Pipe From A Nice Chap

    I just got home from a birthday party and even though it wasn't my birthday I still got a gift to take home. A vintage pipe! It is a "Chap" brand pipe. The little info I've managed to gather is that Chap is a french brand established in the 1920's. I would gladly hear any more info on this...
  5. alexnorth

    Mail Call!!!

    A couple of weeks ago we were discussing the dagner pipes on here and they seem to be fairly popular. Myself I've eyed them for awhile but haven't pulled the trigger due to the (for me) hefty pricetag for a factory pipe. Now seeing as this is such a wonderful and generous Community soon after I...
  6. alexnorth

    Loot from Italy

    I just got back from spending new years in Italy and a friend was nice enough to bring some stuff over from across the pond (hehe..) A Thunderbird butane insert for a zippo, a nice looking stokkebye lighter in old boy design and even a new tin of tobacco! Figured I'd try some Syrian latakia...
  7. alexnorth

    Pipe And Tobacco Shops

    I'm currently in Italy for new years and here there still are tobacconists here and there in the cities. I just came home after walking around in the medieval town of Peruggia. Gigantic stone houses, churches and narrow alleys with boutiques and restaurants sprinkled around the city. Beautiful...
  8. alexnorth

    Back at it

    Hello everybody! I have been away from both the forum and pipesmoking for well a year. Now I really did enjoy this hobby and decided that I want to take it up again on a small scale. I placed an order with the lovely folks at smokingpipes and recieved a much awaited parcel this weekend! I...
  9. alexnorth

    First Taste Of Perique

    I just had my very first taste of perique, and VaPer. Just finished a bowl of C&D bayou morning and I have to say that it was... Divine. What a taste! The peppery deep taste of this fine tobacco was something else. Consistent flavour that seemed to deepen and get more rewarding through the bowl...
  10. alexnorth

    Packaging From Smokingpipes

    Those of you who have ordered from smokingpipes. How does their packaging look? Do they wrap in simple Brown wrapping paper or do they use some other paper with graphics, webpage address or stuff like that? I'm asking because there is a toll when receiving goods from the US if you live in...
  11. alexnorth

    Quality Of Dagner Pipes

    I know this is somewhat of a hot topic... :puffy: I shall willingly admit that I like the look of some of the Dagner's pipes. I'm contemplating ordering a rusticated brown poker. Has anyone here (who dares admit it) smoked a Dagner? Are they quality pipes or are they internet hype?
  12. alexnorth

    Brebbia Golden Bark Pipe

    Turning to the well of infinite information for help :) I've found a seller with lots of pipes labeled brebbia golden bark. The photos are of rather poor quality so I can't make out any stamping. anyone with info on this series?
  13. alexnorth

    Quality Of Rattray's Pipes?

    A question for you seasoned pipesters. What kind of quality are the rattray's pipes? I found some very nice (new) paneled rattray's and I find them quite alluring. At the store, the brand ranges between 100$-200$ and the panels are on the lower end. I've mainly thought of rattray's as a tobacco...
  14. alexnorth

    Online Auction Pipe Stand

    I just got this little fellow in the mail! A cast iron crocodile stand. I think I'll try to paint it black but I don't want to lose the details in the scales and face. A cute little guy anyways! I'm happy I got him for a dollar! :) -------------------------- Thanks for being a member and...
  15. alexnorth

    Price on Ashton Pebble Grain

    Hey everybody I was wondering, what would you say is a Reasonable price for an estate Ashton pebble grain. It's not heavily used. Marked "5", which I believe indicates that it was made in 1985. LX with a circle around it, "made in England" and "Ashton pebble grain" is carved on the down side of...
  16. alexnorth

    Low-nicotine recommendations

    Hello everybody I just became a member here and I am kinda new to pipe smoking. I have been smoking a pipe occasionally for a couple of months and it is strictly for pleasure. I have smoked cigarettes Before but stopped years ago. I am looking to you fine gentlemen and women for help in...