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  1. alexnorth

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (April 2018)

    I have been absent from here for most of this winter. I've done a lot of things beside smoking my pipes but now spring is showing its face and I realized that I really miss my pipes and I really miss all of you guys as well!!this community is indeed something special! First pipe of the year was...
  2. alexnorth

    Star Wars 8

    Speak the truth you do
  3. alexnorth

    Christmas Ales 2017

    Lagunitas sucks is a real nice holiday ale!
  4. alexnorth

    Next Single Malt To Buy?

    Good picks! I'm sure you'll enjoy them both!
  5. alexnorth

    US Navy Pilot's Art Is Unacceptable Says Officials.

    Hah! Childish humor at its best :puffy:
  6. alexnorth

    Just Off The Bench- Squat Bulldog With Walrus

    What a beautiful job, we'll done! Looks like a very generous draft hole
  7. alexnorth

    Chris Besse 7 Day Set Complete.

    Very nice! It's super cool to see an artist develop his skills. And so quickly!! Nice job
  8. alexnorth

    What Books Are We All Reading?

    Yesterday i finished der wervandlung by Franz Kafka. Now on to something more contemporary, I'm a sucker for Dan Brown and I just bought his latest!
  9. alexnorth

    Homemade Greek Briar Soup

    Looks like the soup is coming along nicely! I've been to Greece a bunch of times but never Rhodos, this summer I spent a week on Santorini. I think I'd prefer Rhodos... :puffy:
  10. alexnorth


    I believe there are replacement stems for MM cobs. If its a Briar you probably have to send it away for fitting
  11. alexnorth

    Next Single Malt To Buy?

    For an Islay I'd go for Ardbeg 10, one of the very best there is. Especially in the last couple of years they've had an upswing in quality compared to '13-'14. If you're looking for something without smoke I like Aberlour. Good quality for lesser price. The special edition Aberlour A'bunadh is a...
  12. alexnorth

    Best Pipe Meme Ever

    Hah! Classic :rofl:
  13. alexnorth

    Active Members Reply Here

    Red leader, standing by
  14. alexnorth

    Just Bought Another American Brewed Beer.

    I bought myself four imperial stouts to have this weekend, two Swedish and two American. When the alcohol passes 10% ABV you know you're in for a tasteful treat!
  15. alexnorth

    Polinski Pipes

    Very nice, congratulations!
  16. alexnorth

    What Does the Term "English Para" on a Pipe Stem Mean?

    I was going to guess "English paratrooper", pipes distributed to English paratroopers during WWII
  17. alexnorth

    The "Nano"

    I like it! Nice unusual lines of the bowl!!
  18. alexnorth

    Bowl Coating Not Tasty

    My most recent Peterson has a coated bowl. Whilst cleaning the shank with whisky-soaked pipecleaners I accidentally scrubbed some of the coating off. It came off quite easily. I proceeded to smoke it with the coating still in the bowl though and the flavor was excellent.
  19. alexnorth

    Perique Percentages in Typical VaPers

    I think that I've read that C&D bayou night has about 75% perique. Is that crazy-talk?