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  1. rondyr

    Women! Sigh.

    Met an unbelievably beautiful and awesome woman. We're really compatible. Buuuuuutttttt... she says that I have to quit smoking in order to have a serious relationship with her. 8O Needless to say, I told her that wasn't happening. :rofl: I will smoke until the day that the Good Lords say it...
  2. rondyr

    Happy Easter!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Resurrection Sunday and a very happy Easter. May the Easter Bunny bring you lots and lots of fantastic tobacco in your baskets! :)
  3. rondyr

    Anyone Else Get the P&C Goody Bag?

    WARNING - SPOILERS!! Don't continue to read if your Goody Bag hasn't arrived yet and you want it to be a surprise!!! / / / / / / / / / My International Pipe Smoking Day goody bag arrived today - Three 1.5oz tins of Sutliff Private Stock (Bosphorus Cruise, Kentucky Planter, and...
  4. rondyr

    House of Cards, and the Most Famous Actor on this Forum

    House of Cards is now available for viewing on Netflix. If you try reeeeallllllyy hard you'll be able to see me, mostly my back, in a D.C. Police Officer's uniform during multiple scenes of episode 6. Yeah, the Most Famous Actor in this Forum was a joke. :rofl: My Hollywood career is thus far a...
  5. rondyr

    Puppy Bowl

    Seriously, is there anything on earth cuter than the Puppy Bowl? I CAN'T TAKE THE CUTENESS!! I'm not evening turning to the Super Bowl until kick-off. I hate all of the talking and talking and talking, and those unbelievable boring halftime shows. GO PUPPIES!! AND GO RAVENS! CAW CAW CAW!
  6. rondyr

    Ravens Win!!!

    AFC CHAMPIONS, BABY!! :clap: We're headed to New Orleans for Super Bowl 47 - the Battle of the Brothers! The 49er's are going DOWN!! :nana:
  7. rondyr

    Thanks to Netflix

    I know that there is or was a spoiler-free movie review thread, but I couldn't find it - and I did actually use the forum search function, so I dunno. But I thought I would create a thread here in general discussion where those of us who have Netflix could let others know about movies that can...
  8. rondyr

    How Did You Quit Cigarettes?

    Since it's New Year's Eve and folks are planning for the resolutions that they will certainly break, I am curious to hear from folks who managed to quit smoking cigarettes and still smoke pipes. How were you able to drop the sticks and still smoke pipe tobacco? I ask because I need to quit...
  9. rondyr

    20 Free Tins of Tobacco?

    For anyone who did not get the 2013 calendar, the deal of the month for the month of April is purchase a new Dunhill pipe from them and get TWENTY free 1.5oz tins of Hearth and Home tobacco. So buy a very expensive, but darn nice, pipe and get $131.80 worth of free tobacco...
  10. rondyr

    G.L. Pease Navigator

    Has anyone gotten their hot lil' hands on this blend yet? It sounds like it'll be a darn good one. Think I'm gonna go ahead and order a 2oz tin before they all sell out, but if anyone has smoked any yet please let me know your thoughts on it.
  11. rondyr

    Christmas Haul Pics

    Santa was very, very good to me this year! My new Peterson Aran: My new 6 pipe rack: Rack, Tins, and new Zippo Pipe Lighter: Tins - Peterson Sherlock Holmes, Frog Morton On The Bayou, Dunhill Early Morning Pipe, Dunhill Nightcap, Sutliff Private Stock Alexander Bridge, and Sutliff Private...
  12. rondyr

    Santa Will Be Putting These Under My Tree in just 8 days!

    Great Outdoors 1.5oz Sutliff Private Stock South Seas 1.5oz Sutliff Private Stock Peterson Sherlock Holmes 50g Frog Morton On The Bayou 50g Dunhill Nightcap 50g Dunhill Early Morning Pipe 50g Hearth & Home Marquee Series Fusilier's Ration 1.5oz Hearth & Home Marquee Series Magnum Opus...
  13. rondyr

    National Sympathy Card for Sandy Hook Elementary

    If you would like to sign a National Sympathy Card for the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School, here is a link that will take you to Causes to sign one. I believe, but am not positive, that you have to sign in with Facebook in order to sign the card...
  14. rondyr

    Taking the Good with the Bad

    [No, this isn't a seeking pity post; once the Oxycontin kicks in I'll be a lot better] The bad is that my sciatica is flaring up so bad tonight that I can't walk... but the GOOD is that, since I can't walk, I get to smoke my pipe inside tonight. :puffy: Let this be a lesson to you, my friends...
  15. rondyr

    My Prize Arrived Today!

    My prize for winning 2nd place in last month's Cartoon Caption Contest arrived this afternoon. I was pretty shocked that it was sent out so quickly. It's a beautiful, classy pipe, and very well made. A joy to behold, a joy to hold, and a joy to smoke - it smokes very cool and has a very generous...