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  1. tschiraldi

    Bertram, Washington D.C., Cased Meerschaum

    Man, that's beautiful!
  2. tschiraldi

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    On my way to work F&T Cut Blended Plug in a Jesse Jones sandblast 1/8 bent Brandy to get my mind right.
  3. tschiraldi

    Sourcing Deer Tongue 12/5/2020

    Tell your friend I prefer sticks!
  4. tschiraldi

    Sourcing Deer Tongue 12/5/2020

    I just threw away a 1/2 tin of Gentlemen Caller. It had less Deer Tongue in the tin than Crooner. I found it very bland and couldn't even taste the Deer Tongue. Thanks for the info! I'll look harder.
  5. tschiraldi

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    C&D Crooner in an old Sasieni Mayfair Billiard. My dedicated Deer Tongue pipe.
  6. tschiraldi

    Sourcing Deer Tongue 12/5/2020

    I know this has been asked here before, but I don't believe I've seen a definitive answer. Does anyone know of a source to purchase Deer Tongue? I love the stuff and want to be able to add it to blends. Crooner got me hooked, but I've noticed they appear to be using less of it in the blend...
  7. tschiraldi

    Does Everyone Check Auction Sites, Where Else?

    You may want to check out You can send the pipe you want to get rid of, and they will give you store credit (more) or cash (less). That way you could purchase a pipe from them, new or estate, minus the amount of your credit.
  8. tschiraldi

    Codger Scoop.

    At some point you'll just be able to feel when its right.
  9. tschiraldi

    Top 5 Blends To Cellar Deeply

    1.F&T Vintage 2. F&T Cut Blended Plug 3. Reiner's Long Golden Flake 4. Esoterica Stonehaven 5. PS Luxury Twist Flake.
  10. tschiraldi

    Perfect Lighting

    My Sarome has been working flawlessly for 7 years now.
  11. tschiraldi

    Blue Room Briars Is Amazing

    I am fortunate to call Jesse and Scott personal friends. I met them both when they were both still at Smoker's Haven. I commissioned my first pipe from Jesse right after they struck out on their own, and now own five! If you don't see any estate pipes there that catch your eye, seriously...
  12. tschiraldi

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    For lunch, PS Luxury Twist Flake in a Jesse Jones Billiard.
  13. tschiraldi

    Yikes! Now This Is A Burnout

    Oh, my!
  14. tschiraldi

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    Just finished breakfast, and its Fribourg and Treyer Vintage in a Jesse Jones 1/8 bent Brandy. The one in the center.
  15. tschiraldi

    Nose "Grease" To Clean Pipe Rim?

    I rub ebonite stems on the side of my nose and smooth rims get a twist on my cheek bone.
  16. tschiraldi

    Do You Guy Ever Call Out eBay Sellers?

    I just did! On a Seller selling Sasieni pipes! I wonder if it is the same seller???
  17. tschiraldi

    Beware Seller!

    I was searching Sasieni pipes on Ebay and came across a seller (Goldenestategoods). He is offering 2 "Rare" Sasieni Four Dot pipes in terrible condition with replacement stems. Nowhere does he mention the replacement stems. I sent him a message regarding this. Waiting for a response now. With...
  18. tschiraldi

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    This morning it was Stonehaven in a Castello 215 "fancy" billiard. Now, PS Luxury Twist Flake in a Sasieni One Dot billiard.
  19. tschiraldi


    Welcome! You're in for a ride!
  20. tschiraldi

    Tabaccheria Corti

    I've gotten a couple of pipes from them. Never a problem. Great pipes and service.