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  1. docwatson

    Richmond, VA.. CORPS news

    Just received this message: CORPS News Bulletin: (August 28, 2014) The executive committee of the Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers announce that this 30th annual Pipesmokers’ Exposition and Celebrationwill be our last expo. We have worked tirelessly over these years to provide the...
  2. docwatson

    Thanksgiving Day Mixture

    A visit to L.J. Peretti in Boston yesterday produced a half pound of their annual Thanksgiving Day Mixture and also a small nose warmer sized Billiard. A traditional smoke for me every year.
  3. docwatson

    More Taxes

    This concerns cigarette taxes and not pipe related so I will post this within this category of general discussion. As of today cigarette taxes in Massachusetts are increased $1.00 MORE per pack. I believe this doubles the tax on cigarettes. People will now be swarming over the state border to...
  4. docwatson McClelland sale

    A short post to let everyone know that is offering a 15% off sale on McClelland tobaccos only for the next few days!!!!! I did my best to contain myself but couldn't pass up the free shipping (with $100. purchase) and free tin of FrogMorton (with $60. purchase). And grabbed a...
  5. docwatson

    New Record Price for an Ashton Pipe???

    Saw this on the Bay which ended yesterday and was blown away by the final bid.
  6. docwatson

    Today's Tobacco Buy

    I had to drop off my Better Half at the airport in Boston today, so it was an opportunity to stop in and visit with my friends at L J Peretti's. Spent a wonderful couple hours conversing with the tobacco professionals that they are and came home with a half pound of Royal Blend, a magnificent...
  7. docwatson

    Random photos of the Kaywoodie Christmas Event

    Dan Silverstone and NY Pipe Club President Lou Carbone Pipemakers Renato Cristiano and Paul Bonacquisiti and Renato's son on left. Some of the attendees Dennis and Howie from the Hudson Valley Pipe Club Bill Feuerbach and Len Neill and pipemaker Tim Hynick Les and Eli...
  8. docwatson

    British Open Championship

    Anyone on here enjoying the rounds here as much as I am? An historically incredible piece of landscape, with such talent from around the world. I'll be a couch potato for the next two final rounds rooting for Snedeker all the way. Sunday's predicted weather looks to be an incredible challenge.
  9. docwatson

    Anyone collect or smoke figural carved briars?? (pic heavy)

    Just out of curiosity I'm wondering how many here smoke or collect figural carved briar pipes?? Displayed are a couple I've had for a while. The wild boar is unsmoked and carved by master pipe maker Bart Antoniewski of Poland, the long floral carving is from the late 1800's early 1900's, and...
  10. docwatson

    Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston

    For anyone interested the SHPC posts a very nice newsletter each month by Nelson Pidgeon, Club Secretary, and anyone interested is welcome to view the site. This month there is a video of the Annual Kaywoodie Holiday Festivities held at the Kaywoodie Factory in Peekskill, NY and the Pipe...
  11. docwatson

    New Bonacquisti acquisition

    Sharing a couple photos of my new Paul Bonacquisti pipe that I acquired at the recent Kaywoodie Extravaganza in upstate New York this past weekend. It smokes like a dream. Couldn't wait to break it in with their Connoisseur Flake which is fantastic.
  12. docwatson

    Random Photos Kaywoodie Holiday Extravaganza

    Just a few random photos to view, Hopefully someone will submit a photo of Doc Garr who was the winner of the pipe smoking event setting a new record. Vernon Vig instructions Tim Hynick & Nelson Instructions Pipe preparation Paul Bonacquisti & Lenny Lou Carbone Les Joe Mason Hank the...
  13. docwatson


    I received the sad and shocking news that Jay Jones of Hermit Tobacco passed from this world yesterday morning. My thoughts are with his family and friends, and especially with Louise. RIP, Jay.
  14. docwatson

    MORE Random Photos Las Vegas Show

    Luca-Neat Pipes Tonni Al Grosskopf Hank Saatchi & Vernon Vig Marty Pulvers-R.D. Field and Jan Peverley Rob Denholtz Gary Schrier Michael Parks Neill Roan Richard Friedman Tom Pfaffle Ian and Catriona Walker Northern Briars Maxim Engel Rich Curll Robert Lawing Joel Shurtleff Brad...
  15. docwatson

    Random Photos Las Vegas show

    Steve Morrisette Tonni & LeeLinwood Hines & Joe Nelson Steve Morrisette and Jon RinaldiMike GluklerPeter Heeschen & Steve monjure Mike Edborg & Andy Herbruck Don Seatter Rick Newcombe & Carolyn Perea John Ferraro Pipe Emporium Carolyn Perea Rob Denholtz & Linwood Hines Monster Meer...
  16. docwatson

    Richmond Pipe show pics

    Hi All, I know it's been a while, but here are some random photos from the 2011 Richmond Pipe Show. Two Friends PIpes Rolando Negoita Rolando and Joe Skoda Rick Hopkins-Steve Smith-Sykes Wilford Rick Hopkins table Pete Prygelski Nick Miller Quality Briar with Rad Davis Mike Lindner...
  17. docwatson

    Pipes in movies

    Recently watched "Modigliani" where Andy Garcia plays the lead roll as an aspiring, starving artist in France. The actor portraying Pablo Picasso has many scenes smoking some fine looking briar pipes. Excellent acting throughout, great story line, and even if the ending of Modigliani's life is...
  18. docwatson

    Chicago Charatan Award winning pipes

    Just wanted to show off some of the award winning Charatan Pipes that I was fortunate enough to bring to the Chicago Show this past May. I missed the deadline for the magazine pics and just learned how to post some pics here. I was lucky enough to place in 3 categories, Hope you enjoy...
  19. docwatson

    Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston

    Anyone interested can view the latest monthly newsletter at this link. A notice of future meetings will gladly be posted here. New members or visitors always welcome.