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  1. eriksmokes85

    Have you ever?

    Hey members, I was wondering if anyone here has written and published a book? I have been a chef in both entree and pastry for 10 years and have always thrown around the idea of writing a cook book. Recently with my time off, I have been experimenting with tobacco in food. Using and a...
  2. eriksmokes85

    Check Out What I scored! Pic Heavy!

    So I was doing some work for a lady to have some money coming in while I find a real job, and I came across a couple unopened tins of tobacco that were her husbands. She decided that since I am a pipe fan that they would be better appreciated in my possession, so she just gave them to me! These...
  3. eriksmokes85

    A blend you really want to try.

    Hey members, I have been laying kinda low since the holidays and what not. Been hunting for a new job as mine was discontinued right before Christmas. But any ways, I have found myself with a lot of time to be able to read almost every thread on the first 4 pages of the tobacco review...
  4. eriksmokes85

    The First Sip

    How many of the members here can remember the day they took the first sip of a pipe? What pipe were you smoking and what was the tobacco? I think this hobby is all about traveling to simpler times and just slowing down, which I feel makes things easy to remember. So lets hear it! Also do you...
  5. eriksmokes85

    Best deal for tobacco

    Hey members, What is in your opinion the best deal for tobacco right now? Either cheap/sale tin or bulk price or under rated tobacco at a good price? I would really like to start a cellar other than drug store blends and my ounce of stonehaven, but my cash flow is very minimal. But I...
  6. eriksmokes85

    Stanwellman is the man

    Huge thank you to stanwellman, today in the mail I received an awesome stanwell pipe and it came in a really nice leather pouch inside a larger leather pouch with spots for two pipes and various pockets. And a really beautiful tamper! Thank you so much stanwellman and all the other members who...
  7. eriksmokes85

    Pipe Theft

    So as I walk into my office this morning, I feel just a bit uneasy. Upon further investigation I realize that my office and some other offices in the convention center I'm the chef of have been ransacked. Whats missing? Well the obvious, my computer along with 4 others(mine being my own personal...
  8. eriksmokes85

    Sutliff/Altadis Frosty mint

    Hey everyone, Does anyone on here know where I can find some Sutliff Frosty mint? They have it on P&C but because of washington state making pipe smoking life hard I cant order through them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. eriksmokes85

    Christmas list

    Hey everyone, With Christmas quickly approaching I was starting to put together my wish list. To no surprise its all pipe related except for a new sweater, but then again thats so Im nice and toasty outside. My hope is to get out of convinence store pipes this year, I have two that are real...
  10. eriksmokes85

    Parker Pipes info please

    Hey everyone, I just scored a Parker pipe from the local antique shop. Its in awesome shape and I have been able to find some info on it but i was wondering if anyone on here can really tell me about Parker and how to date this pipe? Thanks everyone and happy smoking this fine friday!
  11. eriksmokes85

    Chacom Turbo

    Hi Members, Im looking into maybe picking up a Chacom turbo 918, I was just curious if anyone on here has one or has smoked one and what their thoughts on it are? Or Chacoms in general. I noticed that I like a lot of their pipes, but in my neck of the woods my local doesnt stock anything but...
  12. eriksmokes85

    Can you tell the difference?

    Can you honestly tell the difference between a dunhill,savinelli, or any other well known over a 24$ no name? Just curious because it really kinda frustrates me that all the nice pipes are so expensive. I really want one but I don't think the purchase would be received well by my better half...
  13. eriksmokes85

    Larger Than normal Tenon

    I have a Pre-bored pipe kit that I want to make a nosewarmer poker with, and I went to order a short stem for it but when i took the stock one out and tried to replace it with one from an actual pipe, the mortise on the kit is WAY bigger than the others...I guess my question is.. is a kit built...
  14. eriksmokes85

    Favorite Nosewarmer

    Hey everyone, What is everyones favorite nosewarmer? Or if you dont like them why not? Im finding myself obsessed at the moment with finding a nosewarmer pipe.
  15. eriksmokes85

    Bellingham/Skagit county Pipe club

    Hey guys, I'm looking into starting a pipe club for Bellingham and skagit county area. How many people are interested or live in the area. Please post on here or PM me. I am going to contact The Senate smokeshop and Sir Wintons and see if one of them will let us meet there.
  16. eriksmokes85

    Starting a Club Help

    Hey guys, I hope I'm not breaking any rules on this forum, but I was wondering if anyone here can point me in the direction in starting a club in my area? If this is the wrong spot to post this please let me know and I will move it! thank you
  17. eriksmokes85

    Posting non Pipe things for sale?

    Hey members, Can I post in this category something un-pipe related for sale? Or would you rather not have that happen? Thanks guys,
  18. eriksmokes85

    Member Made Pouch

    Hey guys and gals, Anyone on here make tobacco pouches or rolls? i know i can buy them from websites but id like to support a forum member first if possible! -------------------------- Thanks for being a member and participating. Thread title fixed. Please use your Shift key in body text as...
  19. eriksmokes85

    Starting a shop

    So I have been pondering and dreaming of possibly opening a pipe and tobacco shop that transports you back into the days of simpler times where smoking a pipe seemed like second nature for a man and people didn't bitch and complain about the man sitting over there smoking. But it's hard to find...
  20. eriksmokes85


    From all of the members on the forums that have crafted the pipe they smoke, what was the draw to try your hand at making your own shape? I myself have shaped one and really find it more satisfying to smoke than a purchased one. maybe its because I have cheap pipes cause I cant afford a name...