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    Maple Wood

    Maple Wood is good for making pipe i think . carry on.its a nice and uncommon idea.
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    Smoking salty?!

    easy calculation .change the pipe.just jocking....... :-)
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    My Wife Wishes I Never Joined This Site

    :D 8O ha nice comic .cigar smoke or farts .seen and unseen .
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    Recommendations for cigar smoker

    You just may enjoy aromatics... pipe tobacco. its different from cigar .i like personally Virginia flakes .
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    Pipes Stolen Update

    its very encouraging share!! just nice post.
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    Slow Smoking at The Briary

    its a great time passing with different pipe.also great taste i think .enjoy guys.
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    Seasonal Tobacco Interests?

    personally , i don't fine any change of taste. but in winter may be it change.
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    Tobacco Drying Out?

    you use a dry place to keep it dry.also use tin container