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  1. kamikazesasquatch

    Calling Dallas / Ft.Worth smokers

    Good to see you guys are still meeting up. I head for home today so maybe I can make the next one since I'll be closer than 10,000 miles to Dallas :)
  2. kamikazesasquatch

    Denton/ North Texas club

    Just the once while I was home on vacation. That was the day I bought it. Yeah, I also haven't smoked any of the ones I've bought from you or Paul. So Xmas indeed :D
  3. kamikazesasquatch

    Denton/ North Texas club

    And buy one of his pipes while you're at it :)
  4. kamikazesasquatch

    The Myth of Brand

    Well said, sir. I've really been rethinking my position on what I buy lately. I'm the kind of guy who buys all my pants at somewhere like Ross and I just wear cheap T-shirts most of the time. I've been reading a lot of financial and investment books, articles, and blogs lately. One thing I found...
  5. kamikazesasquatch

    Pipe for a beginner?

    While I like my more expensive pipes more, on average, than my cheaper ones, I wouldn't say you have to spend $100 to get a good one. Many good, reputable makers have cheaper lines. Like this from Sav. I don't have that line but I have one from another inexpensive line they do and it smokes just...
  6. kamikazesasquatch

    Middle-Earth blends: first thoughts

    I should also expound on that by saying I only ever smoked Old Toby out of a churchwarden.
  7. kamikazesasquatch

    Middle-Earth blends: first thoughts

    I'd definitely recommend you give Old Tobey another shot. Maybe in a few weeks. I loved it. I also loved StM.
  8. kamikazesasquatch

    Sams Club

    BTW, just finished the whole thread (should have done that before I typed a book about it :) Sorry to rehash. But I did address the OP as well :D
  9. kamikazesasquatch

    Sams Club

    If you buy almost any piece of electronic equipment then you're putting money into China's pocket. Most articles of clothing are either going to China or Pakistan. It's just the way the global economy works. I read somewhere not too long ago that Apple has a $500,000 annual profit per person it...
  10. kamikazesasquatch


    Thank you! I've been wanting to try this for months. Got my order in :D
  11. kamikazesasquatch

    Best Smoke of my life. . .

    Oh, I absolutely agree. This just caught me just right :)
  12. kamikazesasquatch

    Best Smoke of my life. . .

    Seeing a priest/minister use the work "damn" in that context just made my day. Usually it means something else coming from you guys :)
  13. kamikazesasquatch

    New Member from Texas

    @jonahtke If you're talking about color then obviously he's never had a good hefe, or belgian, or pilsner (no, I don't consider anything the big 3 makes a pilsner), etc. Lots of good stuff that's a light color. That being said, a good, smokey stout is about as good as it gets.
  14. kamikazesasquatch

    New Member from Texas

    North TX here as well. @Spartan, you're not alone. Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a beer snob so I'm a bit biased :) Planning a trip this October to Germany, Belgium, and Prague, in no small part to have some really good beer :D
  15. kamikazesasquatch

    For Our Wonderful Moderators
  16. kamikazesasquatch

    Slim Pickings Locally

    I told the guy at my local B&M what I paid online for tobacco and he said that the store doesn't even get their tins for that price.
  17. kamikazesasquatch

    Seeing the smoke

    For me, half of the enjoyment comes from being able to watch the smoke. It's mesmerizing to me. I think it's best on cool night with a full moon and no wind :)
  18. kamikazesasquatch

    Tsuge pipes

    The one I have smokes OK but the bowl is both too narrow and too shallow for it to be practical for me to use. Just pay attention to the bowl dimensions and make sure you get something you like.
  19. kamikazesasquatch

    Patiently Waiting

    I don't recall ever getting a shipping confirmation email from them. I'm in Afghanistan and I don't think it's ever been more than 10 days from me ordering until the time when I can start smoking. I have nothing but good things to say about them.