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  1. ericusrex

    Will Anyone Be Re-Releasing Dunhill’s 221 Baker St?

    A recent find that I have very little of. Would love for STG or McConnell’s to release their version.
  2. ericusrex

    Awesome Peterson Sale with Free Shipping Over at P&C!

    Best prices I've seen on them.
  3. ericusrex

    It’s a Chilly and Wet Day Here in New England

    Perfect day for Revor Plug!
  4. ericusrex

    Escudo on Sale!!!

    $8.47 at!!!!!!!!!
  5. ericusrex

    Need a Low Nic St. Bruno Substitute

    Long story short; my friend has glaucoma and can no longer smoke his favorite, St. Bruno, due to high nic hit. I can’t think of a suitable replacement. Can you? Thanks!!!
  6. ericusrex

  7. ericusrex

    Heat Sealing Question

    Hi folks! I'm interested in sealing up some of my cellar in an effort to prevent dry-out. I'm being over-run by jars so I'm looking to seal some in plastic/mylar that I can easily stash in large plastic tubs. I'm not interested in vacuum sealing, just heat sealing. Is there an affordable way...
  8. ericusrex

    25% Off Today Only at

    With $150 purchase. The usual exclusions apply. Code is big25
  9. ericusrex

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free on SPC Blends at P&C!!

    Killer deal that seems to be tricky to find. You have to plug in the following link exactly. There isn't a link on the webpage.
  10. ericusrex

    20% Off of 100g Mac Baren HH Series Tins at

    I must be the only one of this forum still receiving email updates from Happy to pass on sale info to my pipe buds.
  11. ericusrex

    Three Nuns is 25% Off at

  12. ericusrex

    Peretti Cans

    Leave 'em be? Or jar the contents? Not sure about how airtight they are. What say you?
  13. ericusrex

    160th Anniversary Sale at Iwan Reis

    Up to 30% off of in-stock inventory
  14. ericusrex

    25% Off of Capstan Tobaccos at 4 Noggins

    *ducking* I'm just the messenger....
  15. ericusrex

    Check out P&C's End of Summer Tobacco Sale

    It's under the "Specials" tab. A lot of 'meh' deals but some pretty amazing bargains there too!
  16. ericusrex

    Is It Possible I Have a Physical Aversion to Burley?

    I've heard of adverse reactions to perique before but not burley. Some burley blends that are reviewed as completely non-biting bite me, even when sipped. I also get a harder nicotine hit than the reviews report. And sometimes it really gives me a scratchy throat. For instance, on an...
  17. ericusrex

    I Miss N8....

    That biting wit, that fountain of pipe smoking knowledge, those discussions about his other expensive hobbies.... Oh Nate, Nate! Wherefore art thou, Nate?! Please return to yonder window.
  18. ericusrex

    Aren't English Blends Aromatic by Definition?

    I mean, while they aren't (usually) sweet and goopy, the do almost always contain latakia. And latakia is a tobacco that's been infused with a foreign flavor. While the infusions are of completely different flavorings, aren't cavendish (for instance) and latakia in the same class of flavored...
  19. ericusrex

    Peter Heinrich's Curly Block Back in Stock at SPC

    And a bargain at about $150 per pound..........!