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    Happy Birthday to Jim Amash a.k.a JimInks !!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Anyone Else Have Working Dogs As House Pets?

    It is the Hound Brain.
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    I Have Reached The End

    I do. Thanks.
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    I Have Reached The End

    Never had a Holmes.
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    I Have Reached The End

    That is one of my top favorite pipes I own.
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    A Brief Word For Science

    You are right.
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    A Brief Word For Science

    What drive me nuts are practicing Physicians! Don't want them practicing on me. When are they going to get it right?
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    Favorite Arms Manufacturer

    S&W & Colt
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    Do You Ever Re-clean Your Pipes Before Smoking

    Only if I can't remember the last time I cleaned it & doesn't taste right after lighting.
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    Wrong Time, Wrong Place

    Best idea so far.
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    What Cigar Are You Smoking, 2020?

    Rocky Patel, no label, seconds.
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    Old Farts Desease

    Ambien or the generic doesn't make me feel groggy or any trace of whatever the next day and lets me sleep at least 6 hrs a night.
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    Wrong Time, Wrong Place

    In 1965 I was making minimum wage out of high school, $1.25 an hour. $8.00 an hour was a lot back then, to me. Your relative was smart.
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    100th Bowl

    Might depend on which nursing home.:col:
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    Nording Pipe Transformation

    Hate the finish they use also. Feels like a bubble pipe.
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    Hot Water Tank Flushing Question

    I always wondered why they call it a hot water heater. Mine heats cold water.