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  1. verporchting

    R.I.P. Storytellers Pipe

    Got that email last night and it broke my heart. They are both really nice folks and I greatly enjoyed visiting with them on the phone. Pity about the business but we all get it. This is going to become more common I’m afraid. Doesn’t suck any less. Last call folks. If your cellar isn’t...
  2. verporchting

    RIP Dave Prowse: Darth Vader Actor Dies Aged 85.

    May the force be with him.
  3. verporchting

    Comoy Dating Help - Non-Hallmarked Sterling

    Damn, where do you find these lovely pipes??? Very nice, whatever decade it’s from.
  4. verporchting

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    I.Can’t.Eat.Anything.Else. Too full to even smoke my evening pipe, lol.
  5. verporchting

    A Century of Pipes

    Stunning collection! Wow.
  6. verporchting

    HU Retailer That Also Ships Snuff to US of A?

    Will they ship snuff or is that banned from shipping like all the other tobacco products? I just assumed they wouldn’t ship it. It would be great if that’s not true!
  7. verporchting

    HU Retailer That Also Ships Snuff to US of A?

    I’m not really sure as I’ve never seen or tried any of them, but I’m a Lakeland junkie and I watched that Hoggarth factory video that was posted about the making of snuff (and ropes) and have wanted to try a few ever since. The only thing I’ve really disliked from G&H has been menthol based so...
  8. verporchting

    HU Retailer That Also Ships Snuff to US of A?

    I’ve been looking for somewhere to buy G&H snuff that will ship to the US. I will check out some of these offerings in the meanwhile perhaps. Great link, thank you!
  9. verporchting

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    2020 has sucked in so many ways for so many people, but every single one of us who isn’t on a ventilator or mourning the loss of a loved one truly has much to be thankful for. I am.
  10. verporchting

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Gobble gobble!
  11. verporchting

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales?

    Ooh, ooh, how about 19% off all ... nah, never mind. Probably won’t be buying anything this year unless Lakelands suddenly appear. My PAD/TAD affliction seems to be in remission.
  12. verporchting

    Unknown Dunhill

    Now that is unusual! Very cool to see something so unexpected. Assuming it’s not made of chocolate and wrapped in gold foil are you going to smoke it or is it a collectible item? I had no idea anything like that existed.
  13. verporchting

    Dunhill LC Tanshell Patent from 1953 and More. 11/23/20

    What a stunning pipe! I’ve bought several Dunhill pipes from Dave and his prices are excellent and he’s a great guy to talk with. Wishing I had the money to buy that one, alas.
  14. verporchting

    An Unfortunate Break

    Well that just sucks. Anthony Cook repaired a cleanly snapped tenon on a pipe for me and I was incredibly happy with the result, so there’s some good news anyway. Still sucks to see it happen especially in a hard case where you didn’t do anything wrong!
  15. verporchting

    Mmmmm......Bacon !!!

    Dammit I got all excited thinking this was about bacon flavored tobacco. 😄
  16. verporchting

    Downie Halloween Pipe Arrived

    Smoke that thing! Cool pipe.
  17. verporchting

    I Have Reached The End

    I’m more or less with you. My cellar is good and the pipe racks are full. If something appeals to me in either department I’m not opposed to adding something here or there, and I’m still open to buying a tin or two of something I’ve not tried yet, but the PAD/TAD of yore seems to have gone...
  18. verporchting

    Are Reviews On Websites Worth Anything

    Generally I only find product reviews helpful to identify possible issues that seem to crop up in enough independent reviews that it’s likely to be genuine, rather than gushing on about how fantastic it is or vitriolic nonsense saying it’s the worst product since New Coke, etc. If enough people...
  19. verporchting

    Are Reviews On Websites Worth Anything

    Lots of fraudulent reviews and shills out there. Jiminks’ reviews on Tobaccoreviews are pure gold, as are some other people’s that I’ve found helpful. Amazon, other sites ... meh. Maybe at one time but I’m pretty skeptical nowadays.