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  1. sherlock

    How Dry is Too Dry?

    I have had to take a little break from smoking (6 Months :crying: ) because of a new baby and other priorities. Luckily the baby is older and I have more time to enjoy smoking again. This morning I did a little inventory of my tobaccos and found that a few of the, were drier than I had...
  2. sherlock

    My latest PAD attack

    Here are my latest PAD buys. The first (middle of the first pic) one is a meer of an old fisherman that I got Ebay; the second is a Claude Romain I also got on Ebay; and the last one is meer that bought at a local B&M for an IPSD sale.
  3. sherlock

    Working over nights.

    As many of you know my wife and I just had a baby about a month ago. Well, it turns out that I am not making enough money. So I am taking an over night stocking postion at the grocery store I am working at so that I can get full time hours. If you were wondering why I can just do full time...
  4. sherlock

    Go to tobacco comapny?

    It seems as though everyone has a couple of pipe makers that they tend to buy pipes from. For example when I go to look for a new pipe I always think of Peterson and Savinelli pipes first, then I look at other pipe makers. In the past few months I have been trying a lot of new tobacco and it...
  5. sherlock

    Edwards Pipe and Tobacco in Englewood, CO

    Edwards is the closest B&M to my house and I pass it often, but I hadn't been in the shop for a couple of years for various reasons, mostly lack of funds. I recently moved and lost my smoking spot in the house so I decided to go in and check it and have a puff or two. They recently moved to...
  6. sherlock

    Penzance Oh Penzance

    To celebrate my new baby I decided to crack open the tin of Penzance I got from rickpal. I couldn't have picked a better blend to smoke for a special day. I am not going to review it once more because it has more than enough reviews. What I will say is that Penzance is one of the best blends I...
  7. sherlock

    I am a proud father!

    My wife gave birth to a little girl this morning and I couldn't be more proud. This will probably increase my tobacco consumption, but decrease my time on the forum.
  8. sherlock

    Who do you smoke with?

    I have always thought that smoking was a social thing, but other than you all, I tend to smoke alone. I have tried to go to a couple pipe club meetings but I always seem to be busy when they meet. I like the b&ms around here but I've broke the last few months and I feel rude going to a place...
  9. sherlock

    Tobacco with a little extra... flavor

    Do you guys add flavor to any of your tobaccos? I always add a touch of Jameson to Peterson's Irish Oak and I wonder how other flavors work with other tobacco. I was thinking maple syrup with a virginia blend.
  10. sherlock

    Bad day? What do you smoke?

    Today was awful, I wont bore you with the details, first thing I wanted to do is light up 1-Q. Im not sure what it is but when I have had an especially bad day this is the tobacco that alway sells to make me feel better and I don't smoke that many aros. Anyway what makes your bad day better...
  11. sherlock

    Tobacco storage question

    I just moved and I am trying to find a new place for my tobacco. My new smoking spot is a shed in the back yard and I was wondering if I could keep my tobacco there. It's not insulated, but it seems to have a more consistent temperature than outside, but its not the same as a house. Also I do...
  12. sherlock

    No Internet Sucks

    My wife and I just moved into a house and are waiting to get our internet hooked up. There was some problem, probably something stupid, and it could be days before it comes back. I am a full time student and not having internet at the house is a pain in the ass. I also can't post to my favorite...
  13. sherlock

    Interesting article

    I found this on a google search. What you think?
  14. sherlock

    Do You Smoke Clay Pipes?

    I have a couple of clay pipes that I really like. I smoke them for two reasons. First it is kind of nostalgic. I like to image the day when tobacco was brought to Elizabeth's court by Sir Walter Raleigh or a Stub like sailor walking the decks of a whaling ship. The other reason I like to smoke...
  15. sherlock

    I feking love Frog Morton

    Before this site I smoke From Morton et all almost exclusively. I stopped to enjoy all of the tobaccos that you all enjoy but decided to go back to my old favorite. Man I love the stuff. What did you smoke before you joined the forum?
  16. sherlock

    Latest TAD and PAD bindge

    I just got my order in from I got a few that I have been wanting to try (1Q, C&D bright Virgina and Virgina flake), and a few of tins that I am going to cellar (Erinmore Flake, 3P's, and Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls). I also got a couple of estates a Peterson system pipe that I...
  17. sherlock

    Penzance on ebay

    I was just doing my normal browsing on ebay when I came across this. I have not had the pleasure to taste Penzance yet, but I have to ask is it worth $30 plus $7 shipping charges...
  18. sherlock

    Funny Story

    I thought you all would enjoy this. I just finished some work I was getting done late tonight and decided to go out and have a puff to calm my nerves so that I could go to sleep. I go out and do my normal thing, packing my bowel etc, not really thinking about it when I see a police car drive by...
  19. sherlock

    Your Favorite Pipe (so far)

    Whats your favorite pipe. Mine is a 2009 Peterson St. Patrick Day. I am not sure what it is about this pipe, but it seems that it make every tobacco I smoke better.
  20. sherlock

    Prince Phililps in Denver

    The first thing I did when I found this site was to look up local tobacco shops. I was only aware of a couple in the area and I wanted to see if I had missed one. Turns out there was one, Prince Philip's, right next to my new job so I decided to take a look after work. This is a great little...