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  1. settersbrace

    Lane 125th Anniversary:

    The sample of which I smoked claims it to be a Virginia/Perique blend so I was hopeful that'd be a new VaPer that was available in bulk. I liked the cut, sort of a well rubbed cake, somewhat coarse but it loaded easy enough, not overly moist and took the light well. I detected a light topping at...
  2. settersbrace

    Derfargin is Fargin Awesome!

    A while back, simply in a response to a portion of a reply to another, forgotten thread, I made mention that I'd not yet had a chance to try any of G.L. Pease's Sixpence. I get a pm from Derfargin that night offering to send me some, I reply back that I have some, I'm just setting on it for a...
  3. settersbrace

    Met A Pipe Legend Today:

    Forum member Maxx started a thread asking us how long we've been at this hobby. I replied with a long winded diatribe of my own trials and tribulations but it was a timely post for me to see and I wanted to share an encounter I had with a customer today. A very elderly gentleman came hobbling...
  4. settersbrace

    Barling Pipe Blends:

    Anyone tried the "Full" English (blue label) or the "Medium" (red label)?
  5. settersbrace

    The Worlds Most Interesting Man, A Pipe Guy?

    I was told a pretty convincing account of how the man who stars on those Dos Equis commercials (and so many memes), is in fact an avid pipe smoker. Has anyone else heard of this and is there any evidence available to prove or disprove this? What a great podcast interview persona that would be, eh?
  6. settersbrace

    Drew Estate God series:

    This is pertaining to whatever one of these 4 blends that has Latakia. This marketing ploy with these Japanese samurai gods is the most ridiculous thing I've ever witnessed with a tobacco product. How about putting an easily remembered name on the lid of the tin and leave all the BS mythology...
  7. settersbrace

    Got some project pipes!

    Some friends have managed to get ahold of some old clunker pipes that'll allow me to finally get started at trying my hand at resto work. Some medico's, a couple no name Italians and one interesting one, a Kaywoodie "Whitebriar". It has about a 3/8" cake in the bowl with some actual spider eggs...
  8. settersbrace

    Beginners tobacco choices:

    I see more often than not a lot of newb postings looking for pipe tobacco suggestions wherein the poster has 6-12 blends selected ranging from sticky sweet aromatics to hard core Virginia/Perique blends and they are trying ALL of them in a relativly short period of time. Discussions range from...
  9. settersbrace

    A Fun Read:

    I recently bought the Kindle version "Doctor of Pipes" by Ralph W. Larsen, it was $2.99 and I have to say it is a very fun, entertaining read. The book is a collection of essays that appeared in the NASPC newsletter and the author has a terrific sense of humor and his love of all things pipes...
  10. settersbrace

    Looking For Some Book Reviews:

    Having recently purchased a slightly smoked Dunhill I'm naturally drawn to all things connected to the legendary marque and just by dumb luck I was skimming through our tobacciana library at the B&M I'm working at. In the dark and dusty corner that was obscured by some cigar magazines I found a...
  11. settersbrace

    New Arrivals:

    An unsmoked Upshall Tilshead from Rx2man and a gently smoked Dunhill Chestnut Panel from Foggymountain. Both gents were great to deal with, as have been all my dealings with forum members. Also a shot of my British Trifecta, at least the heavy hitters in my modest collection.
  12. settersbrace

    Starter Kit:

    I'm posting this with the hope that some of the newer pipe smokers or the lurkers that may want to get into the hobby can benefit from this package. I'm in no way associated with Eric Stokebye and this is strictly informational. Eric Stokebye's 4rth generation tobacco now has a beginners...
  13. settersbrace

    Feeling All Alone:

    As the crowd starts to build at the Pheasant Run Resort for the big pipe show this weekend so many of us pipe and tobacco nerds must lament the fact that we aren't there for whatever reason or reasons. It's too bad there's not a you tube feed coming from the exhibit hall or in the smoking tent...
  14. settersbrace

    Now I Wait!

    Sent payment to Foggy for a Dunhill panel Group 6. It'll be my first real Dunhill, ( I once owned a badly ghosted and very loose and crusty estate) , the anticipation of actually handling it and smoking it is killing me! I recently posted about my desire to own a Barling's Make and recieved some...
  15. settersbrace

    The Big Show:

    I'm a bit envious of those who are going to be attending the upcoming Chicago pipe show and want to ask what some of you will be on the lookout for without asking to have you tip your hand so to speak. I've not been to a show but plan to attend my first in Columbus in August. Is it a good idea...
  16. settersbrace

    Speaking of EBay;

    I didn't want to hijack the eBay retractions thread to ask these questions so here goes. I've not had an active account on eBay for several years and it was registered on a now defunct email address. Is it possible to re-register under my new email and regain my old status? I am getting the...
  17. settersbrace

    My Tool/Equipment Collection:

    So far aside from stuff I already have on hand I've begun to amass some supplies to allow me to start attempting some restoration work. -Extra Virgin Olive Oil -Magic Erasers -various grits of sanding paper the coarsest at 120 grit - over a 1000 pipe cleaners -wooden stick (long) swabs...
  18. settersbrace

    Samuel Gawith Golden Glow:

    I've been curious about this one for a while so we popped a tin that's been on the shelf for a while, 2 years maybe?? The paper was starting to stain and had that come hither appeal as soon as the lid came off, the tin note was almost beyond description, Dates,Prunes, a popporri of fruit stand...
  19. settersbrace

    Super Smart Cars and Pipesmoking?

    All the coverage lately on the newfangled auto pilot cars coming onto the scene has many people talking about how cool it will be to just get in their car, give a voice command, buckle up and pass out until they arrive at their destination. I'm thinking the very first consumers to embrace this...
  20. settersbrace

    Bleach and Vulcanite?

    Having had a lengthy career as a Master Plumber it's no secret to me that bleach, even in a diluted state, atfacks and destroys rubber. Those blue things that people hang in their toilet tanks of earned plumbers millions of dollars in repairs to the rubber flappers and tank bolt gaskets that are...