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  1. tschiraldi

    Finally! I Won A Pipestud Auction!

    I have bid on several pipes from pipestud over the past few years, but I don't believe I ever won one... until now! I won an auction today for a beautiful Sasieni Four Dot Warwick! Thanks Dave!
  2. tschiraldi


    Hi all! Not a new member, but I've been away from here for a while, so let me re-introduce myself. I am a US Army Infantry veteran and a Captain at a state prison in Ohio. I have been smoking pipes for, oh, I guess, 8 years, now. I like Castello, Jesse Jones, and old Sasieni pipes. I smoke...
  3. tschiraldi

    Jesse Jones - Two Newest Came Home Today

    I went to pick up my two newest commissions from Jesse Jones of site sponsor Blue Room Briars today. I think they turned out beautiful! The smooth was a touch shorter in length than I had hoped, but still, a gorgeous pipe. The ring grain on the Antique Blast is wonderful! This makes five Jones...
  4. tschiraldi

    Jesse Jones - A Long Time Coming

    Back in February, I commissioned another pipe from Jesse Jones. We had actually started talking about it back in October of last year, but he had a long list of commissions to fill. I am working toward a 7 day set of Oval Shank Bent Brandies and did not yet have a smooth one. We decided on a...
  5. tschiraldi

    A Change Of Focus... And More Enjoyment (Warning! Long Post)

    Over the past five years or so, my focus has been on collecting. The all too well known affliction of PAD has affected me as it has so many others. Literally hundreds of pipes have passed through my hands. Not wanting to use our "budget money" to support my hobby / passion, I began by buying...
  6. tschiraldi

    More Props For Ash!

    About a month ago I bought a Sasieni One Dot from Ashdigger (Tim). This week I bought a nice 1964 Dunhill from him. When it arrived yesterday, I was surprised to find a beautiful pre-1980 Comoy's Sandblast included in the package! Both pipes are in fantastic shape! Ash, your generosity is...
  7. tschiraldi

    It IsTime To Decide

    Collector or hobbyist / smoker? This year I have been fortunate enough to have acquired some old British pipes that, I believe, any serious collector would gladly add, namely two Sasieni One Dot Patents (one a "Specially Selected") and an unsmoked, NOS Sasieni Four Dot Walnut "Appleby". I have a...
  8. tschiraldi

    Unicorn - This One's Going To Hurt! (Pic Heavy)

    Ever have a pipe come along that you simply can't resist, even though you can't afford it in your budget at the time? Your unicorn pipe? That pipe that you always look for but know you're never going to find? Then... BOOM! There it is! What to do??? Well, mine came along yesterday. What did I...
  9. tschiraldi

    Loving The Tongue!

    I finally got up the courage to try Deer Tongue in a blend. I started with C&D Crooner because I was told it's a fairly stout blend, but only contains a smidgen of Deer Tongue, so I thought it would be a nice toe dip into the leaf. I have to say, I love the stuff! I'm going to try Gentlemen...
  10. tschiraldi

    Ashy Generosity!

    I received a Sasieni One Dot I bought from Ashdigger today! Upon opening the box, I unwrapped a stem that was definitely NOT a Sasieni stem! I continued to unwrap the pipe, and discovered that Ash had included a SECOND pipe... a Sloth pipe (Clark Layton)! Thank you, Ash! Your generosity is...
  11. tschiraldi


    I am looking for recommendations. I want to find a blend or two that have a base of Virginias with some Orientals, but NO Latakia. I like the other Orientals, especially Izmir. A Virginia blend with a bit of spice / inscence. Anyone?
  12. tschiraldi

    Latest Jesse Jones Commission 9-14-18

    A few years ago I commissioned my first pipe. Since I could have any pipe made I wanted, I set out to create my version of the perfect pipe. After much thought, I had Jesse Jones make me a 1/8 Bent Brandy, 5.5" long, 1.85"high, with an inner chamber diameter of .71" , with a Tan-blast finish and...
  13. tschiraldi

    NASPC Show Loot

    Last year I didn't buy a single thing at the NASPC Show. Being my first show, I didn't want to be impulsive and ended up with nothing, though I did contact a shop to buy a pipe I had seen there a month later. This year was different! I picked up a Jesse Jones Sandblasted Billiard, a Charl...
  14. tschiraldi

    Estate Ethics

    I have purchased many pipes, both new and estate, and have never thought about the possible consequences to the pipe shops, makers, companies, etc. However, last night I had a thought that if I buy an estate pipe instead of new, I am unintentionally hurting the maker. Let's face it, there aren't...
  15. tschiraldi

    Tighter Draw- Am I Alone Here?

    Inspired by another thread, I have to ask if I am the only one here who prefers a bit of a tighter draw than seem to be on most modern artisan pipes now? I like the draw on older Sasieni, Castello, Ascorti, etc pipes. Many new pipes, to me, are too open. I think I remember a comment from...
  16. tschiraldi

    New Castello I Nodi (Pic Heavy) 2-21-18

    Castello Sea Rock I Nodi - Number 62 of 100. Well, my timing was off a bit. It missed being delivered on IPSD 2018 by one day! I Nodi means "The Knot" and refers to the Knot of Savoy which signifies the beginning of life, as it was the knot used to detach the umbilical cord between mother and...
  17. tschiraldi

    Latest Sasieni Win - Pipestud 12-19-17

    This is my latest Sasieni, another family era Four Dot "Haslemere" Patent. I won it on a Pipestud auction (thanks for offering this one up, Steve!). It is shaped a bit different from my other Haslemere from the same era. I loaded it up with Luxury Twist Flake for the first smoke. I can already...
  18. tschiraldi

    Early Merry Christmas To Me!

    In another thread, I said what I wanted for Christmas this year was to finally win a Pipestud auction. Today, I got my wish! I wanted this one badly! I've definitely been bitten by the Sasieni bug! This one is a Joel Sasieni era Four Dot Haslemere. I already have this same pipe, but it is one of...
  19. tschiraldi

    Sasieni Stinger Removal

    I have two family era (Joel Era with the "Fish" logo) pipes. Both have the stingers in place. The One Dot's is whole, the Four Dot's stinger has been "chopped". Are these stingers screw in types, or were they fixed in some other way? I think I know why the previous owner chopped the Four Dot's...
  20. tschiraldi

    Virginia Ribbons

    I mostly smoke flake tobaccos, but I'd love to find a great Va/VaPer in a ribbon cut. I need something easy to pack from a leather pouch while driving. Any recommendations? I prefer darker (red) and stoved Virginia blends.