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  1. settersbrace

    Comoy's Cask#7 And Bayou Morning

    Cask #7 is a sleeper, maybe the best value in the VaPer genre. I'm also a fan of Cask #11 which is a delicious Latakia blend IMHO.
  2. settersbrace

    St. Bruno has landed

    For anyone near the Pittsburgh, Pa area, Allegheny Smoke Works has recently recieved some tins of St. Bruno Flake, pouches of ready rubbed and some tins of Gold Block.
  3. settersbrace

    Need help with SG Virginia flake

    I smoke and thouroughly enjoy a good bit more of SG FVF and what works best for me is to take a whole flake or 2 and place them on a plate or something and let them sit out for 24 hours. It's then rubbed out thouroughly and smoked. Their bulk and tinned tobaccos are the dampest of anything I've...
  4. settersbrace

    Aromatic Smokers, Red Headed Stepchild?

    Aromatic blend sales heavily outweigh any other blend easily at our B&M. The cigar guys who come out as "pipe curious" I tend to steer toward English and VaPer's and they tend to stay into either or both genres.
  5. settersbrace

    My New Tobaccos to Try

    The Wild Atlantic is a delicious English blend that totally caught me by surprise. Very complex and savory.
  6. settersbrace

    Smoke Shop Disappointment ( South PGH )

    Come to Allegheny Smoke Works in Blawnox. We are an established and genuine tobacconist with the largest selection of pipes and tobaccos in the area. I am a P/T employee and have no financial interest in the shop. Great place to hang out with other pipe lovers.
  7. settersbrace

    Dark Star

    Don't try to make it out for more than it is. Dark Star is very mellow and sweet from first light to the heel. I favor it as an all day smoke and it's my go to fishing blend. Enjoy!
  8. settersbrace

    Is there any Rum in Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake (LNF)?

    One drop would count as being an added ingredient, sooo..... I rarely if ever taste any booze in such blends although I often can detect it in the tin note. I also believe that rum is the key flavor note added to anything designated as Navy cut but also think that the twist or flake form of the...
  9. settersbrace

    What defines the "Navy Flake"?

    I fear the designation as to what Navy Flake really is has gotten as muddled as what constitutes real Buffalo Wings. I agree that Rum is the common demoninator to legitimize the "Navy" part of the blend and from there it's up to the blenders hand.
  10. settersbrace

    Mac Baren Acquires Brands from Imperial Tobacco

    To quote Arte Johnson; "Interesting.......verrrry interesting"
  11. settersbrace

    Marriage + PAD + TAD

    "But honey, I talked to all the guys on the Internet and they said it would work!" That might not be exactly what you thought you sounded like but it ^^^ is what she'll have heard. Lol If she's ok with your pipe smoking hobby now then you should be able to maintain it and you should encourage...
  12. settersbrace

    How Old is Pipe Rotation ?

    I know an old codger that has the same 2 pipes on him at all times and is always smoking one of them. They are both black as coal and heavily caked and one has electrical tape holding the stem in place. He's the first face that pops into my mind when I think of a bonified pipe smoker. That being...
  13. settersbrace

    Smoking while driving ?

    Swerve tamping is an art form. As is swerve lighting and ooh boy, if you need to run a cleaner through the shank while doing 70! Sheesh. I too like having a pipe while on a road trip with some good music, I find my driving much improved as well as not being in any particular hurry to pass or...
  14. settersbrace

    Attacked by a pineapple

    I tried the pouch sample version a few weeks back and was very underwhelmed. A little fruity up front but the show ended quickly for me. I too found it a bit bitey. The review was great and it just proves we are all different and that taste varies widely, it is almost enough to make me want to...
  15. settersbrace

    Tobacco Aging Acceleration Devices

    I've talked with pipe guys that've forgotten more than I'll ever know about pipes and tobacco on the subject of baking tins to replicate the "let's wait 5 years and hope" method and I've been told there are some benefits. My personal view is not to put anything in my wife's oven or microwave...
  16. settersbrace

    13 year old Dominican Glory

    Smoke it in good health and enjoy.
  17. settersbrace

    Ever just feel disappointed in a tobacco?

    Disappointed in a blend? No, not really, disappointed that it didn't live up to the hype it may have recieved, maybe. I try to stay objective while trying something new to me regardless of what I've read or heard about it. If I like it, I get more and if I don't then it gets jarred and I'll try...
  18. settersbrace

    Stonehaven/jJ f Germain & Co. Customer support - draw your own conclusion

    This may be the best thread ever on these forums! :-)
  19. settersbrace

    Stonehaven/jJ f Germain & Co. Customer support - draw your own conclusion

    My reference to "snooty" was my perceived opinion of the folks at Germain, particularly aimed at North American pipe smokers. We Americans are collectively all about instant gratification and that tends to rub the Brits the wrong way. Gets their tweed under britches all knotted up. :-) Once the...
  20. settersbrace

    Stonehaven/jJ f Germain & Co. Customer support - draw your own conclusion

    Kind of what I've been thinking for some time. The blender is very small compared to other "factories" that have global distribution and they are content with doing what they do and and how they go about doing it. They couldn't give a rats behind when it comes to satisfying a bunch of snooty...