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  1. gloucesterman

    Peterson Christmas Pipes @Smokingpipes

    Just received the Email that Peterson Christmas pipes are in and available. Good selection available.
  2. gloucesterman

    Holy Grail Pipe Found

    The Pipe Gods have smiled on me today. I collect Peterson XL21s and have six in the Spigot/Army type. A seven day set in that type has been the objective but that last pipe has eluded me. Peterson made an Army Mount in the Rock of Cashel line and I have scoured the net in search of one to no...
  3. gloucesterman

    Just Finished - Peterson Seven Day

    I've been working on this set for a couple of years and finally found the last piece (Hudson Ebony). All of the pipes are based on the XL21 shape but in this set each pipe has a different color, texture or silverwork, so each pipe shares the shape but is uniquely distinct from the others.
  4. gloucesterman

    Hard to find Peterson Hunter

    I found this little beauty and couldn't resist. It's a stubby version of the 150 Silver Army Mount.
  5. gloucesterman

    Peterson 1999 Limited Edition

    I found this little beauty on Ebay last week. I've been looking for one for a while now. This one has been smoked very little and is number 38 of a 1000 made. As you can see its condition is pristine.
  6. gloucesterman

    Peterson Collectors

    Peterson of Dublin is selling Sterling Silver 150 year Anniversary Zippos. Only 150 have been made. Might be a nice addition to your Peterson Collection.
  7. gloucesterman

    New Chris Askwith Commission

    I asked Chris if he would make a stubby Rhodesian for me and after a couple of exchanges we settled on the features. It's a pocket pipe. One that can be kept in the breast pocket of a fishing shirt without anything sticking out to catch on things. Chris did a great job and the pipe is winging...
  8. gloucesterman

    Pleasant Peterson Surprise

    I recently bid on and won a Peterson 2001 St. Patrick’s Day pipe. It’s in the XL 21 style I love and I didn’t have that pipe in the collection. It looked to be in excellent shape in the pictures and I figured I might not get another shot at one as they were only made for a short time. It arrived...
  9. gloucesterman

    Peterson PAD

    I recently had occasion to exchange e-mails with Glen at Peterson of Dublin. In that process he became aware that I collect XL 21s. Several days later he sent me an e-mail offering me this Rusticated Spigot in black. According to Glen it's the only one like it he has ever seen. Now who could...
  10. gloucesterman

    2016 – The Year of the Stubby Rhodesian

    Much to my delight Rhodesian Nose Warmers have been showing up regularly this year. If you like to spend time outdoors these little gems are hard to beat. Not really a small pipe, I’d classify them more as “compact”. Their bowls are about the dimensions of a group 4/5 pipe but the short shank...
  11. gloucesterman

    GBD 12 Up-Date

    Well the display box arrived and the set is in its new home. Since these pipes were produced over more than a thirty year span, GBD probably didn’t have a set like this and I wouldn’t either but for Ebay. These Pre-Codogan, St. Claude turned, London Made, 9438 Bent Rhodesians haven’t been made...
  12. gloucesterman

    GBD 12 Get a New Home

    Over the years I've been working on a set of GBD London Made 9438 Bent Rhodesians and one by one have found almost all of the finishes ever offered. What had always eluded me was the right display for the collection. Well this week I found it on Ebay. A 12 pipe GBD display box with a hinged lid...
  13. gloucesterman

    Outdoorsman's Pipe Kit

    Love to fly fish? I do, so I’m always on the lookout for packable pipe set ups. One that can easily fit in with my gear because the best fishing water is just beyond where most people stop which translates into a lengthy hike. There’s no slipping back to the Jeep for a quick smoke, you either...
  14. gloucesterman

    A Pair of Stubby Rhodesians

    I can never resist a stubby Rhodie. Earlier this year I found a Chris Morgan black sandblast and this week I stumbled across this little beauty. It’s a Larrysson and the dimensions almost perfectly mimic the Morgan to make a nice pair. The Pipe Gods have smiled on me.
  15. gloucesterman

    For All You Savinelli Fans

    Cup O' Joes is offering 40% off selected lines. Might be worth a look.
  16. gloucesterman

    I Thought I'd Missed Out on this Pete

    I've been working on a collection of XL 21 Peterson Bulldogs and in that process became aware that an Xl 21 was being made as part of the Kapries series (Brown Sandblast, Army mount). I tried several retailers and kept getting the same answer "No longer being made". The only shot I had was if I...
  17. gloucesterman

    Pipe 6 of a Peterson Seven Day Set

    Some focus their collections on various pipes of a maker, others on a particular shape(s) and still others on makers from a particular country, to name but a few themes. The focus of a pipe collection is a reflection of the individual and his tastes. As for me, that focus often takes form in a...
  18. gloucesterman

    Dunhill Bulldog Reconditioning

    Last week I found this Dunhill Bruyere Bulldog (Group 3) at a reasonable price. What I thought would be a quick clean up turned out to be a bit more. All that carbon build-up on the rim hid some dings and scorch marks. The front had a crease and some dents and the shank was in several different...
  19. gloucesterman

    New Rhodie Nose Warmer

    Well it’s only February and I already broke my New Year’s resolution of no “Impulse Buying” but I saw this little Rhodie Nose Warmer and couldn’t resist. It's one of a new line of Chris Morgan Pipes. They are all about the same size but come in several shapes. Offered in black sandblast only...
  20. gloucesterman

    Dunhill Shape - Help Needed

    I recently picked up this Dunhill Bulldog but am having some difficulty locating information on three digit shape numbers. The date code suggests the pipe was made in 1962 and has a shape number 148. The closest thing I could find was a #48 in the Pease Collection. Can anyone direct me to a site...