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  1. pipesmokingtom

    Transaction Gone Bad - Advice Needed

    Back in April, I sold off some of my aged bulk including a 4oz jar of bulk 2002 McClelland #27 on a Facebook group. The fellow who purchased it was previously unknown to me. He PayPal'd me the asking price and I payed for shipping. He lives in Malaysia and I shipped to a family member of his...
  2. pipesmokingtom

    Mac Baren Dating (Swisher Years)

    Can someone clue me in on the years cans of Mac Baren were imported by Swisher? I seem to remember the Swisher label being indicative of a date range, but can't recall. I have a 9oz can of Virginia #1 and am just curious as to its age. Thanks in advance. -PST
  3. pipesmokingtom

    McCranie's Red Flake - Well, That's Disappointing

    I received my first ever artisan pipe in the mail - a FABULOUS Larrysson Plateaux Dublin and decided it's first smoke would be from a tin of unopened Red Flake 2008 (tinned 2012) that was generously gifted to me. I probably shouldn't have smoked such a tobacco in a brand-new bare bowl, but... I...
  4. pipesmokingtom

    I Want to Know the Unknowable

    I continue to be curious about manufacturing and blending processes, especially after all the discussion about what impact McClelland's departure from the industry will have. So how does it all work behind the curtain? Which "houses" actually process their own blends and to what extent? Does...
  5. pipesmokingtom

    It's Finally Happened - First Artisan Pipe - Larrysson Pipe!

    After all these years, I'll finally own a real, honest to goodness, hand-made pipe! Larrysson pipes has one on the bench for me as I type, and I'm really excited. For those who didn't know, he had taken a break for some time, but is back at it. From what I understand, his website has had a bit...
  6. pipesmokingtom

    Home Blending Question Regarding Moisture

    If I am intending on blending some tobacco, do you think it beneficial to make sure the components are all at an optimum moisture before doing so? I have some blending perique, for example, that is pretty dern dry and I was wondering if it would be worth it to hydrate it first, or if I could...
  7. pipesmokingtom

    SP Has Frog Morton

    At regular retail even. Thought you should know.
  8. pipesmokingtom

    I Feel Cheated

    Anyone else ever get interested in a blend, only to find that JimInks hasn't reviewed it yet? Guess I'm never buying THAT blend. No way I'm going in blind like that - I'm just not as adventurous as I used to be!
  9. pipesmokingtom

    I'll be at Smokey Joe's in Fife this evening

    Just a heads up - I'll be hanging out at Smokey Joe's if anyone in the Tacoma area is interested in meeting up to share a smoke! I'll be there at 6pm!
  10. pipesmokingtom

    Does McClelland Bulk Ever Go On Sale?

    I often see Stokkebye, Lane, Sutliff sales, but don't recall a McClelland sale. I want to put back a bunch of their Virginia, but would like to wait if they ever come down in price. They're worth what they bring, but was just curious.
  11. pipesmokingtom

    RIP Glen Campbell (1936-2017)

    Another monumental talent passes on. Cheers, Mr. Le Boeuf.
  12. pipesmokingtom

    "Must Buy" Tobacco Lists

    There's likely similar discussions like this from threads gone-by, but I thought we might start a new one. If you had to pick the Top 5 tobaccos that you'd tell a new smoker are "must buys," what would they be? No rules here necessarily, but I'm going to pick Top 5 "exemplars" from each genera...
  13. pipesmokingtom

    SP Orlik Sale 20% Off

    HEADS UP, Orlik lovers. 20% off means $5.96/tin!
  14. pipesmokingtom

    Controlling Temperature for Varying Flavors

    It seems like we always place emphasis on smoking absolutely as cool as possible to coax the best flavor from our blends. I thought we could discuss perhaps the more "advanced" technique that I personally do, which is to try and very the temperature/cadence with which I smoke in order to see...
  15. pipesmokingtom

    I Need a Pipe - I Need Help

    I can't not do it. I have a few spare dollars and I know I can get away with buying a pipe without Angela executing me. I'll go $75 dollars, new or estate. Please link me to the most amazing pipe for that budget so I can purchase it! Since I seriously suffer from option paralysis, I could...
  16. pipesmokingtom

    Will Football Survive?

    A study of over 100 brains of ex-football players revealed that playing football at any level virtually guarantees irreparable brain injury. I'm not one to raise my son as a "sissy" or anything of the sort, but football is simply not an option after considering the risks. I understand every...
  17. pipesmokingtom

    Christmas came early - Thanks, Duane!

    An amazing gift from Duane (chasingembers) arrived on my porch yesterday!!!!! Duane PM'd me and told me he was gifting me a pipe he'd won in a lot on eBay after I had expressed interest in buying it. As if that weren't kind enough, he also sent me some stellar tobaccos, none of which I have and...
  18. pipesmokingtom

    Sunday on the Porch

    Just enjoying a bowl on the porch with my boy (Spider-Man) and our husky Vlad. Beautiful weather up here in the Pacific Northwest as of late!
  19. pipesmokingtom

    You Know You've Smoked a Real Lakeland...

    If your first reaction is "nothing else is ever getting smoked in this pipe ever again.." you know you've smoke a real Lakeland. What else ya got?!
  20. pipesmokingtom

    Phones are Down

    The phones are down at the office today - and apparently Comcast in most of Western Washington is down. It's one of those days when I wish it were the 50's or 60's, with a jar of tobacco and a pipe stand here on my desk, and I could just smoke the day away as I sit here.