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    What's Good Folks?

    All the ipsd flyers flooding my inbox reminded me I've been out of the loop for a long while now. Hope you are all doing well. McClelland's is gone, SPC is now Peterson...and there's still no tobacco-pocalypse yet. Any other big news?
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    Pipe sale

    I hope this is ok to post...if not mods please excuse to breach and delete mercilessly! Neatpipes in Italy is having a huge sale on a couple of Italian makers. Might be worth a look. I think they were a site sponsor a few years ago. Anyway, I have no affiliation with them and can’t vouch for...
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    Anyone have a blue room briars made pipe?

    I watched a recent briarblues video (hi Mike!). in which he mentioned Jessie was finishing old stummels under the shops name. Just curious if anyone has purchased one and if so, how do she smoke? I’m most curious about how the stem is finished. The button looked a bit stout with very little...
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    Do we have too many pipes?

    It occurs to me the more you smoke a pipe, the less the briar matters. Since cake flavors the smoke and buffers against wet smoking from green wood, having a very small pool of well used pipes would offer a better smoking experience than having a broader pool of lesser seasoned pipes. Thoughts?
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    Do Bing style pipes smoke wet?

    To the 7" stem club, do you find these pipes to smoke wetter than an average pipe? The reason I ask is I've stumbled across something I never thought I would find. Im not a collector and the notion of having a "shelf queen" doesn't jive. So, in researching these pipes I've found a few comments...
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    Dad Diagnosed with Parkinson's. Dr Prescribes me the Pipe

    Dad's in the hospital. They're running tests and waiting to see how he responds to L-Dopa before they come up with a prognosis. Mom just called. Anyway, the reason for the thread is this-there are, thus far, two things that have been proven to meaningfully reduce risk of developing this...
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    E.A. Baxter and His Mixture 965

    I was reading an article on Loring's site that mentioned 965 as the oldest dunhill custom blend and became curious about the gentlemen for whom it was blended. I imagined him to be a well-heeled barrister local to Duke Street. That was not the case. Edward Armitstead Baxter (1848-1933) of...
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    RIP Jim Lilley

    Just learned Jim Lilley passed away this morning. Jim was a Peterson buff of the first order and a founder of the International Peterson Pipe Club. His blog is a great resource to anyone with an interest in these pipes. This was reported today on Smokers...
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    Real Talk Request: Peterson Deluxe vs Artisan pipe?

    I'm not sure how it got there, but somewhere in my pipe smoking adventures the Peterson Deluxe crept in to my mind as an object of desire. About once a year I think about picking one up but always end up finding a reason not to do so. But still the idea lingers and it must be that time of the...
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    Nordstrom pipe....Castello Seconds?!

    Just came across these pipes....these are clearly Castello's. I've never heard of the brand before. Check 'em out! Vendor is totally legit (and awesome) and a site sponsor. Edit: Don't know for certain that these...
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    Silver Gray fans?

    I've just discovered her pipes and I do believe I am in love. Anyone have one of her pipes?
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    Thoughts on Lasse?

    I don't have any Danish pipes and have set myself to change that. I stumbled across a nice piece from Lasse Skovgaard that I'd like to move forward with but I can't tell how he works his airway. Anyone have any insight on this? Is there a Danish standard for airways?
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    HoTW Tin vs Bulk (all Rattray's ok)

    Thought about buying a few lb's of Hal and OG but stumbled across a negative review of both in bulk that has given me pause. What say you? Any pipe time with tin or bulk of the same blend?
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    Fodder for the anti-artisan crowd

    Sorry for the thread title, I haven't recovered from the cognitive dissonance caused by an encounter with the following which I believe to be my first with a pipe turd of such magnitude. Now, do keep in mind I don't claim to be an expert nor even a fancier of pipes. Some folks may find this a...
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    Fillmore vs Haddo's?

    The Pease thread got me curious to try a few new blends. JKP is set in stone. I'm waffling between Fillmore and Haddo's. Anyone have a comparo for me? I had both telegraph and triple play in house 'til recently and found them similar enough that I'd rather go big on one Pease Vaper at a time...
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    What do you think about this pipe?

    Love it, hate it? Brilliant or boring... Edit: Sorry, adding a photo doesn't work the way I thought here.
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    How to buy a new Kirsten?

    Have been trying to buy a pipe through Kirsten's website for the last few days but my inquiries remain unanswered. The timezone I'm in right now makes calling really difficult. Anyone have a lead on where/how to score a new Kirsten?
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    Every buy from

    Found a pipe at lepipe. Anyone ever purchase through them? I can't find any feedback or forum chatter about them.
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    Nate, it was you...again...wasn't it?

    Waiting to make the purchase while the csr was taking another call and the it sold...literally in seconds....
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    Senatorov Pipes?

    His buttons look like they could be either really excellent or a complete disaster and I'm curious if anyone has any input.