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  1. bullet08

    Pocket Knives

    That bites. I guess there wasn't much options.
  2. bullet08

    Pocket Knives

    Back before the covid-19, was at Atlanta, GA with family. I always carry three knives, but left my frame lock in the car and went to Coca Cola museum. They were checking everybody's bags and running handheld scanner. I volunteer my SAK mini champ. They didn't scan my GEC #71 x)
  3. bullet08

    Tommy Lascelles’ Potato

    How about Mickey D's hamburger patty? I heard they are almost indestructible.
  4. bullet08

    Hello Pipers

  5. bullet08

    Any Negatives to Estate Pipes?

    Forgot the negative part. I'm sure there are few. I just don't feel good about smoking another person's pipe. Just a personal thing. But if they provide complete medical history of the person going back 15 yrs before stop using the pipe, I might consider it.
  6. bullet08

    Hello Pipers

    We are, for most part, pipe smokers as you indicated in the body of the post. A piper is someone who has played a set of bagpipes for at least 7 yrs. Welcome to the forum :)
  7. bullet08

    What Are Your Favorite Christmas Albums/Songs?

    Nothing like a Coca Cola TV Ad to cheer up the holidays.
  8. bullet08

    Pipe Find!

    Definitely more than 2 hr smoke.
  9. bullet08

    A Pair of Old Friends (Comoy & Bewlay)

    Lovely pair. I'm getting more and more attracted to straight billiards.
  10. bullet08

    Zippo Lighter or Butane Lighter

    If you smoke inside, anything would do. I only smoke outside. Almost anything will work if I spend long enough time, but Zippo and Bic work the best for me. Being using Zippo since I was 12, and it never let me down as long as I remember to fill the fuel.
  11. bullet08

    Any Negatives to Estate Pipes?

    I always get a new pipe. However, if I were to collect interesting pipes, estate would be the option to take. All my pipes serve a simple purpose of providing a good smoke.
  12. bullet08

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    That's a flashlight :)
  13. bullet08

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    CH in MM Dagner Poker.
  14. bullet08

    What (Non Aro) Pipe Tobaccos is the Best in Your Opinions?

    We'll, I would agree, but this bowl of H&H isn't really putting out the best foot.
  15. bullet08

    Package Delivery Tax?

    I think I'll stay down south for awhile longer. I feel I'm allergic to Chicago.
  16. bullet08

    A Quick Savinelli Cleanup

    That cleaned up nice. I need to clean some of the stems.
  17. bullet08

    What are You Reading Now?

    "The Mathematics of Magic". It's an expanded version of "The Complete Compleat Enchanter" by de Camp and Pratt. I think I read it in JHS or HS. Lost the original paperback and couldn't find it. Then noticed the hardcover on that mega online place. About to get very light reading with a bit of...
  18. bullet08

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    SWR in MM Carolina Gent. Just rotating cob pipes till I'm back home.
  19. bullet08

    Comoy 126B Restored

    Dang. That's some skill!
  20. bullet08

    What (Non Aro) Pipe Tobaccos is the Best in Your Opinions?

    There is a best blend. Trick is, you will have to find it for yourself. Then, a lot of folks will disagree. And you will find that you were wrong, multiple times. But Ashton Artisan's Blend is a very good start for English.