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  1. yohanan

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Wishing Everyone, and their Families a Safe and Happy Holiday, amid all the mess, and uncertainty, I have lots to be Thankful for.
  2. yohanan

    ***What Are You Drinking*** {October 2020}

    Famous Grouse in a 8oz mason jar with 4 large ice cubes.
  3. yohanan

    "The Peterson Pipe" (Book, by Mark Irwin)

    For those who would like to Know, The Peterson Pipe. The Story of Kapp & Peterson is now available on
  4. yohanan

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!!!
  5. yohanan

    Independence Day

  6. yohanan

    Memorial Day

    Solemn Reminder.
  7. yohanan

    Happy New Year!!!

  8. yohanan

    ***Let it Be Known***

    Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky is now available at Pipesandcigars. :clap: I've been waiting awhile for this one to show back up.
  9. yohanan

    ***Happy Holidays***

    Wishing Everyone here, a most joyful and pleasant Holiday, and that we all will be able to celebrate many more to come.
  10. yohanan

    ***What Are You Smoking*** (May 2014)

    4noggins Mojo in a Uniquebriar bent Apple. :puffy:
  11. yohanan

    ***What Are You Smoking*** (April 2014)

    SWR in a Pete System 301. :puffy:
  12. yohanan

    What are You Smoking? ***March 2014***

    Darbyshire in a MM Diplomat. :puffy:
  13. yohanan

    Ardor Barrel Bamboo Aquisition.

    I have been trying to aquire an Ardor barrel bamboo pipe for awhile, I found some on ebay but the price on those pipes were not to far from the price of a brand new one. So I made up my mind to aquire a new one, and I searched and found a Gentleman who was able to order me one from the Ardor...
  14. yohanan

    Half a Century

    Well, I finally made it to the half century mark today. I am quite amazed that I have made it this far. Even though I might not have made the best choices in my journey of life, I have been abundantly blessed, and I am very, very thankful for my life experiences; both good and bad, and I still...
  15. yohanan

    ***What are You Smoking?*** (July 2012)

    Mac Baren Scottish Blend in my Peterson System 303. :puffy:
  16. yohanan


    To all that have served our country and the sacrifices that were made and are still being made, I would like to say THANK YOU!!!, I appreciate all that You have done and all that You continue to do. :clap:
  17. yohanan

    Why did you join ?

    Just thought this might be a interesting topic to talk about. 2 years ago I started pipe smoking again after stopping several years ago. The reason I stopped years ago is because I didn't know how to smoke a pipe properly and just never had a pleasant experience with it. So when I started back...
  18. yohanan

    Missouri Meerschaum Radio Pipes???

    Concerning some photos on this forum and a recent auction on ebay, Does anyone know anything about the Missouri Meerschaum Radio pipes and maybe the time period they were produced, also it would be interesting to know why the pipes were named radio pipes, these are really nice looking pipes and...
  19. yohanan

    New Balkan Sobranie

    Hello: Has anyone tried the new Balkan Sobranie yet by JF Germain? If you have tried it, how is it? Also if you are old enough to remember and have tried the new, How does it compare to the original Balkan Sobranie, and by the way,Im old enough I just never got to try the original Balkan.