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  1. sasquatch

    New Castello on Order

    Yeah my experience leads me to think more along those lines too.
  2. sasquatch

    New Castello on Order

    I ordered one from Corti on Wednesday, it's supposed to be at my house Monday. Pipes2smoke has good stuff, often a cut above other vendors. I got my Castello Oom Paul from him a few years ago.
  3. sasquatch

    Tell Me About Your Grandfather

    My grandfather was a pipe smoker. He died young. His job was radio repair, and I guess he was a math whiz. In his spare time he carved wood, made wooden scale models from scratch.... I think of him when I am making pipes, he would have been a good pipe maker. Measure 3 times, cut once.
  4. sasquatch

    Do Bowls Breathe?

    I... don't really know. I don't think it's pouring out of the pipe, and the wood itself is a pretty good insulator, given it's 700 degrees in the chamber and you can hold it in your hand.....I tend to think of pipes as little thermos bottles, containing just enough heat to keep the burn going...
  5. sasquatch

    Do Bowls Breathe?

    Briar loses moisture when heated, like any wood. And like any wood, it re-absorbs some moisture from the air. If you live in a super moist climate, your briar will have a higher % water in it than, say, mine, up here in the semi-arid prairie. So does it "breathe"? No. It's dead, it has no...
  6. sasquatch

    Pipe Coating

    Wax. If you are stripping/restoring, that's different, but if you are just shining up pipes, carnauba is the answer, and a buffing wheel is the best. Halcyon or Paragon type waxes are hand-applicable.
  7. sasquatch

    Peterson’s Explains The Black Bowl Coating!

    Not coating bowls saves me 48 seconds per pipe in the shop. I figure I'm up on the deal by about 3 dollars now, after 12 years.
  8. sasquatch

    Anyone Else Have Working Dogs As House Pets?

    Not sure if it qualifies as working, but Rocco is holding this blanket down with all his might.
  9. sasquatch

    How Do You Classify 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2 Bent?

    I consider that a straight pipe with an inexplicably bent stem. Very roughly, I think in terms of degrees, where 45 degrees of shank bend (compared to the bowl) would be 1/2 bent, and 90 degrees (eg bowl and shank parallel like a proper Oom Paul) to be full bent. But there's not especial...
  10. sasquatch

    Question About a '32 Dunhill?

    Yup, that's a Vernon tenon, absolutely original.
  11. sasquatch

    Fellow Member Initiates Hand Made Pipes Website

    Engineering in pipes is absolutely and easily quantifiable, and the idea that someone has the skill, presumably suggested in jest by saltedplug, of "looking into a pipe and determining its engineering" is bang on. In fact this happens a lot in the community, people at pipe shows carry...
  12. sasquatch

    Sasquatch...Do You Believe They Exist? Have You Encountered One?

    I've always wanted Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, Swamp-Apes etc to be real. The idea that there's a big unknown hominid creeping around in an otherwise human-infested world is appealing to me. But one of the things that bothers me lately is that absolutely everyone has a camera now, and while...
  13. sasquatch

    Golden Age of Pipe Making

    Y'all can buy a pipe from me, so pretty much this is the golden age.
  14. sasquatch

    Briar Age

    Things were different then!
  15. sasquatch

    Briar Age

    I'm totally two-faced about this, because I don't really dig on the "older pipes are better than new ones because of the wood" stance, and at the same time, if you asked me to make a pipe that was a superlative smoker out of the gate and 100 smokes in, I'd grab the older wood I have around here...
  16. sasquatch

    Davidoff Danish Mixture

    Not much point in aging aromatics, honestly, it's not going to get vastly better, and some get vastly worse over a long enough time span. Just smoke it, see if you like it, and go from there.
  17. sasquatch

    Classic Mac Baren "Omnibus" Review

    For sure, floral/fruity, it's dominant to my taste buds, I don't taste anything else in the blend. I agree with your assessments Spinkle, particularly Navy Flake and Club Blend are two of my long time favorites. And what happens to most of these mixtures as they age is also magic. I...
  18. sasquatch

    Where Do Pipe Makers Get their Briar?

    It's more complicated than that - guys who need great, tight, perfect grain also only make a handful of pipes a month (or year), they need awsome briar, but they don't buy mountains of it. A guy like Mark Tinsky who makes lots of pipes in a week, and who also sells briar out the back door, he...
  19. sasquatch

    Where Do Pipe Makers Get their Briar?

    And Jack's blog post is bang on - I have known some pretty funny sorts in pipe making, and some of the usual "business" practices don't really apply (or they apply more than ever maybe, depends how you roll). One of my favorite stories is a guy who found some briar on eBay, and it was 100...
  20. sasquatch

    Where Do Pipe Makers Get their Briar?

    Just as an example of process. But the answer is "You buy briar from briar cutters." Each have their own grading, sizing, price points, and pluses and minuses as vendors.