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  1. lifesizehobbit

    Happy Birthday to Me! (PIC Heavy)

    Happy Birthday! Looks like a great set of gifts.
  2. lifesizehobbit

    Who In History Would You Most Like To Share A Bowl With?

    I'd have to say my Uncle Bernard (long deceased). It was his pair of Grabows sitting on the shelf of his Library Cabinet that caught my eye. I used to sneak them out to smell and pretend I was smoking them.
  3. lifesizehobbit

    Do You Have a Different Hobby?

    I also have a Vespa 150 Primavera, and a Harley Softtail Slim S. I don't really consider them "hobbies" - but I like riding.
  4. lifesizehobbit

    Do You Have a Different Hobby?

    Photography and my hot rods keep me busy as well. Plus I do a little stand-up comedy from time-to-time.
  5. lifesizehobbit

    ...And One Pipe To Rule Them All

    I'm a tactile person in that I can't stay with one shape or texture. I have about 25-30 pipes, and find that my tastes have changed and my collection reflects that. Having said that, I tend to go for my Rick Black kinda Rhodesian/Bulldog Morta. It's not as refined as many artisan pipes. It's...
  6. lifesizehobbit

    Long Time Away

    Hey all! I looked up and something like 8 months had passed. Reset my PW and here I am. What a rough 2019; lost my Dad, our long-time companion dog and underwent two knee surgeries. I don't think I've smoked my pipes for almost 2 years (maybe once or twice) since my dental surgery. Hope I...
  7. lifesizehobbit

    Photo Test Thread

    Testing along...
  8. lifesizehobbit

    My Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary! I once went searching for my balls in my wife's purse. I thought I had one until I realized it was an EOS egg shaped lip balm.
  9. lifesizehobbit


    Here in Ohio, I regularly see at least one pipe smoker at hotrod and vintage car gatherings. Usually sitting near their car.
  10. lifesizehobbit

    Why did you start pipe smoking

    As a kid, I visited family including an uncle that seemed to have Grabows setting in his glass door library cabinet. I used to sneak a pretend puff out of it and be repulsed by the taste. Regardless I was still fascinated by the shape and feel in my hand as a kid. I also used to play with the...
  11. lifesizehobbit

    Renaming The Smoking Thread

    I would love to see a Fishnbanjo tribute thread or section wherever it's appropriate. I like the idea of adding pics, but not a requirement for the thread.
  12. lifesizehobbit

    Very sad news

    How can the loss of someone I've never met in person hit me like this? RIP fishnbanjo - we'll keep it smokey for you from here.
  13. lifesizehobbit

    2 New Ryan Alden Devil Anse Pipes w/ Orific Stems

    PAD Level Increase Warning
  14. lifesizehobbit

    What Pipe tops Your PAD List Right Now?

    A Ryan Alden commission would be nice.
  15. lifesizehobbit

    Desk Top Versus Laptop

    Fair point; however I will say that a number of Win based laptops have also eliminated the onboard CD/DVD/DVR drives. Reducing USB drives - unforgivable (but you can get a USB octopus). Forcing into Thunderbolt and Firewire - bad; optional good. Thanks for reminding me of that changing trend...
  16. lifesizehobbit

    Desk Top Versus Laptop

    I use a Win 10 laptop daily "docked" to 2 monitors, kb and mouse. Since it's maintained by work, I'm good with it as updates, etc. occur automatically. My parents have a Dell All-In-One Win 10 Machine which was cost effective for them. But, as a consumer machine, it's a total pain to secure...
  17. lifesizehobbit

    Where Have all the Pirates Gone?

    Perish th' thot matey. A pirate follows the code, and we all know that high minded government royalty has no soul or conscious.
  18. lifesizehobbit

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ March 2019

    Some Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar courtesy of Amazon Prime Music.
  19. lifesizehobbit

    Cherry Smash?

    Not bad; good to mix a bit with their Vanilla Cream.
  20. lifesizehobbit

    Where Have all the Pirates Gone?

    Maybe we be pay'n more attention to our stores and fat wenches than to welcome evraone on the deck. We'll be back in force afore ye know it.