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  1. seanv

    Have You Ever Seen A Beer Can Like This?

    This is a beer called Alberta Genuine Draft made by Big Rock Brewing. The beer itself is not very good but the can is very cool.
  2. seanv

    Vinegar And Water

    Has anyone tried using vinegar and water to remove old wax and grime off of an estate pipe? I don't want to take off too much stain, I just want to clean it up and re wax it. It is an old Dr Grabow Regal that is going to probably be a workhorse daily driver type of pipe.
  3. seanv

    Any Boxing Fans Here?

    Any boxing fans here? I just watched the Whyte vs Povetkin card on DAZN. I dont want to post spoilers but it was a pretty good card. 4 good fights out of 5 matches
  4. seanv

    Posting Tobacco Reviews

    I figure most of the users of this forum have an account and do post reviews on tobacco review sites. I read reviews often enough and I have a few questions How much of a specific blend do you smoke before posting a review online? Why do you post reviews of pipe tobaccos online? I’ll answer...
  5. seanv

    Restaining A Pipe

    Under what circumstances do you decide to restain a pipe? I am restaining an old Amphora due to ugly burn marks. I have done a black coat then sanding. Tomorrow I will do a medium brown coat and probably be done.
  6. seanv

    PAD Struck Hard

    PAD struck me hard this month so far. I have picked up a few pipes for the restore bin. The photos are from the listings on ebay so they are crappy. Isle Of Man Poker Brigham 303 from the sixties or seventies Rocky nose warmer bulldog Unsure who made this one but it caught my eye and was...
  7. seanv

    Canadian Box Exchange

    The box exchange thread by the US members seems interesting so let's start a Canadian member's box exchange. Here are the working rules. If anyone has ideas or suggestions please share. This will only work if we all work together. All interested participants will send me their addresses and...
  8. seanv

    MLB Thread

    I think there are a few baseball fanatics here. Let’s start an MLB thread. I’ll start. I am an Oakland A’s fan. I have been a fan since the mid 90’s. There has been lots of excitement and plenty of disappointments along the way. The current roster is loaded with young energy and that makes them...
  9. seanv

    Today Is The Day....

    Last September my wife and I discovered significant old fire damage in our home while doing some renovations. Lots of things have happened since then but the gist of it is that the repairs are now fully completed. When we started the process I purchased a Peterson pipe of the year from 2003 and...
  10. seanv

    Attn Cornell and Diehl

    Please stop teasing us with chunks of flake in Haunted Bookshop. Just go ahead and release Haunted Bookshop in flake format. Thank you in advance
  11. seanv

    A Good Read On Estate Restorations

    LINK A good read from the smoking pipes blog about estate restoration.
  12. seanv

    Edmonton Cigar Bar

    Q Cigar Bar The link above is for the new cigar bar open in Edmonton. This is the only one of its kind outside of Quebec. I am excited to hear this and will be visiting when I’m in Edmonton next. Best of all is they allow pipes but no weed or cigarettes. I am not sure if they allow vapes or not
  13. seanv

    First Cigar In a Long Time

    I had my first cigar in probably a year last night. It was a Romeo and Julietta. With my trip to Vegas only 48 hours away and knowing it is a cigar town I figured I’d try to get back into it. It was okay but I wasn’t in love. I’ll be trying some cigars from Vato Cigar and probably some Fuentes...
  14. seanv

    Another Vegas Thread

    I know this topic gets tossed up every six or so months. I have looked at last threads but figured I'd bring it up again..... I will be in Las Vegas in August. We are staying on the new strip near the middle of the action. I don't think there are any good tobacconists around the strip but I am...
  15. seanv

    Pre Packing Your Pipe

    This is the first time I have packed my morning pipe the night before. I have a bowl of Gh&co Grasmere Flake waiting for me. I have read a few times that some people pack a day in advance but have never understood why so I figured I'd try it. Does anyone do this regularly and if so, why?
  16. seanv

    The famous Black Frigate

    I dedicate pipes to certain genres and some pipes to specific blends. Next week we are going on vacation for two weeks and I can only bring a select number of pipes. I am going to crack my only tin of Black Frigate while on this vacation. My question is, does Black Frigate ghost a pipe or is it...
  17. seanv

    Daughters and Ryan

    I have not tried any of their blends but some of their burley blends are rated well on There seems to be a lot of controversy regarding their blends being RYO and not smoking well in a pipe. Does anyone have an experience with D&R blends and if so, what are your favourites...
  18. seanv

    Testing the Draw Pre Purchase

    I saw a guy putting multiple pipes in his mouth yesterday pre purchase at a b&m. I was grossed out, I don’t think that’s something you should do. What are your thoughts?
  19. seanv

    Vitamin N

    I do not buy into the aging hype but I do feel some blends improve with some age. My question is, do you think the nicotine content rises or declines as a blend matures? Or is the nicotine content uneffected by time in the jar or tin?
  20. seanv

    Orange bowl?

    I picked up a nice old Brigham estate pipe on EBay. The seller is reputable and deals in pipes primarily. The bowl appears to be over reamed and over sanded. The bottom is orange. It comes off on a pipe cleaner or paper tiwel quite easily. Is this thing safe to smoke? The rest of the pipe is...