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  1. briarfanatic

    Sound Off, Lurkers!

    Does anyone else look at the number of new members every day on the main page? I am amazed at the amount of people who have, and continue, to sign up. Begs the question...We have the regulars who post in the 1,000's, but I assume we have thousands more who READ but do not POST actively on the...
  2. briarfanatic

    Winter Is Here: Show Off Your Pipe Smoking Den

    Gentlemen and Ladies: Winter has arrived for even the most temperate States in the US these past few weeks. For those who can smoke inside, Show Us Your Smoking Den! :puffy:
  3. briarfanatic

    Millville Pipes

    There are several threads from the past that asked if Millville pipes are still being made and sold in London. The answer to both questions is yes! I recently purchased two Millville Pipe from St James Market in London. John Marshall still has a stall at the very back of the market as soon as...
  4. briarfanatic

    Animated Pipe Cursors

    If you visit you can download an animated pipe cursor. Just click on "animated pipe cursors" and the download will start immediately as a ZIP file. There are two cursors, one static and the other one that glows red and lets out a puff of smoke. I thought I would let anyone know...
  5. briarfanatic

    Dip Stained With Bowl Coating

    I have two Ser Jacopo Picta 13 pipes that I purchased new in the early 2000's. They were the most expensive pipes I ever purchased new at the time. I have always been disappointed with the smoking quality of both. I usually do not like bowl coatings, and these two pipes came with it. Even after...
  6. briarfanatic

    Sutliff Taste Of Autumn?

    Has anyone tried Sutliff's "Taste of autumn" yet? There are no reviews online yet, and the tin description is vague. I am not an aromatic smoker usually, but I really hope this is a pumpkin flavored blend.
  7. briarfanatic

    Einstein Smoking A Pipe T Shirt At Target! I bought this shirt two weeks ago at target and love it. Only...
  8. briarfanatic

    Making Pipe Smoking Sexy??

    So, I was reading the latest nov/dec issue of Tobacco Business International magazine, and came across an article by Erik Stokkebye titled "How Do We Make Pipe Smoking Sexier? Pipes have the same trend potential as cigars---let's leverage it!". I could not find the current issue or article...
  9. briarfanatic

    Any Central Maryland Members?

    Good evening I was in faders in towson, MD last weekend and rejoiced in the number of pipe smokers I saw at the tobacco bar during the L'antra trunk show (an unexpected surprise. My wife even scolded me and said if I did my homework and knew before hand we could have budgeted for one. They were...
  10. briarfanatic

    Bombay Extra

    I remember enjoying Bombay extra ten years ago when first starting out, but have forgotten the taste. I was just in a local Maryland b&m and could not pass up purchasing a tin with a date stamp from 2005! What are everyone's thoughts on this blend? Do you prefer Bombay court or Bombay extra?