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  1. bluegrasspipe

    Estate Dunhill Pipe Over-Reamed With Small Cracks In Briar Will It Burn Out?

    I recently bought this pipe from smoking pipes estates, it's my birth year Dunhill, a 1975 PO blackbriar, (it isn't so black anymore which adds some character IMO). If you look at the small crack on the left of the bowl you could probably put the tip of a pin in there. (I was unable get a...
  2. bluegrasspipe

    Question Regarding A Pipe That Burned Out.

    My friend Jim told me a story recently about a bulldog pipe that he owned years ago, (he didn’t have a manufacturer name that I can recall). Although he really enjoyed the pipe, eventually he offered it to his friend as a gift after much adoration. He explained that his friend really loved...
  3. bluegrasspipe

    What Is Your Favorite English or Balkan Blend Right Now?

    Am I the only one that has a hard time pinning down a favorite English or Balkan blend? I was a cigarette smoker for about 15 years and had no problem smoking camels day in and day out, and I know some of have your hands down favorite blends, but I tend to believe that variety is the spice of...
  4. bluegrasspipe

    Balkan Sobranie 200 g eBay

    Was one of you crazy enough to buy this unopened tin of Balkan Sobriene on eBay? I thought about it at $150 but $645.00 with shipping, ouch.. 8O Sorry for the link but I am fishing in northern Minnesota and have only my phone.
  5. bluegrasspipe

    Which Old Joe Krantz blend do you recommend?

    I have heard great things and never tried Old Joe Krantz, I didn't realize there was more than one blend available. (MSO has sparked my interest in burley blends). Which one do you prefer? Am I missing any? Is the brown the original? Thanks!! :puffpipe: Brown- Dark and cube cut Burley...
  6. bluegrasspipe

    Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake Dark Color Aged or Typical?

    Last week I noticed quite a few people were taking advantage of the 20% off Stokkebye tobacco sale at SP and thought I would buy some LTF from my B&M last friday to sample. When he brought it up from the cellar it was very dark. The stock photos, do not look nearly as dark, they look like your...
  7. bluegrasspipe

    Must stop PAD.. Ardor Urano Fantasy Bent Apple with Silver

    I have heard a lot of good things about Ardor pipes, and I quite suddenly caved.. Are there any Ardor people out there to encourage my actions?
  8. bluegrasspipe

    Broken stem Peterson Kapet 407 pre-republic? Fixable?

    I bought this pipe about 6 months ago and never had a chance to smoke it. I received it I couldn't pull the stem out. I tried the freezer trick briefly, and tried a little oil to no avail. The next morning before work, (pre-coffee), I grabbed it and twisted it clockwise and it turned about...
  9. bluegrasspipe

    I just turned a slightly golden hue..

    I passed 100 posts. For some of you that may have 17,000 plus posts this is nothing.. Thanks to all of you for the helpful knowledge, and entertainment, and also for going easy on the new guys in the forum!! Without you I may have never learned the wonders of lunting.. :puffy:
  10. bluegrasspipe

    My first meerschaum Tekin pipe

    First off I would like to thank Meerqueen for helping me with this purchase and giving me a good deal. I won't get into the details, as he is here to make money, but he hooked me up on this beauty. I smoked it at a wedding reception this weekend, since I had just received it, and wow what a...