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  1. oldmansmoking

    What’s Happened To Condor RR

    I have always loved Condor ready rubbed, the green packet. I thought the pine, soap flavour was great. My new pouches have lost a lot of that flavour, are the producers catering to more mass markets? Don’t get me wrong it’s still the best over the counter tobacco. But does it live up to The...
  2. oldmansmoking

    Peterson Irish Flake

    I have to say this tobacco blew me away. I felt as if a brick wall hit me. I have been very disappointed by most of the tin tobacco’s. The reviews allured me to buy them, but I wasted my money. Nightcap, Elizabethan, 1792, Full vergina Flake, cabbies Mixture to mention a few all hopeless, but...
  3. oldmansmoking

    How Do I Send a Text Alert?

    I have been receiving alerts, icon at top by private message (looks like a bell) often with text. how do I send one with text?
  4. oldmansmoking

    Gawith and Hoggarth- Kendal Sliced Twist

    I love E A Carey’s Sliced Black Twist until I took the plunge and bought some Gawith and Hoggarth tobacco from They don’t ship outside the UK. They are £1.50 cheaper per 50g than E A Carey’s. I sold my dumbbells and weight plates so had a little money to spend. I am...
  5. oldmansmoking

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake I have been somewhat disappointed by a lot of tobacco’ I have bought and tried. I can understand when I have been on cruises and a couple of smokers only smoked one brand. Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake Tasted like Peterson Irish Flake or Peterson...
  6. oldmansmoking

    E A Carey’s Desert Island Mix Youtube

    Thought I would share my resent review of E A Carey’s Desert Island Mix
  7. oldmansmoking

    Gibraltar Peterson 50g Tins and a Very Expensive Guinness

    If you get a chance and you go to Gibraltar check out the tobacconist opposite the church, they sell 50gm Peterson tins for £6.50. Great price and great choice. Enjoyed a fine smoke of Sherlock Holmes tonight after doing the rear garden. Holidays are great but there’s so much to do when you...
  8. oldmansmoking

    The Brotherhood Of Pipe Smoking

    Just came back from a Med cruise. This year there were four pipe smokers, including me. One old chap from Yorkshire only smoked one brand, obtaing it from his indoor market. I asked if we could swop a bowl of tobacco so we could try the others blend. He said he didn’t like to try anything else...
  9. oldmansmoking

    Veg Pipe - That’s No Briar

    This is no Briar pipe, but great for veggies! Not sure how many smokes it would last for!
  10. oldmansmoking

    Peterson Sherlock Holmes

    I have just returned from a cruise which went into Gibraltar. Found a shop which sold Peterson tinned pipe tobacco. No Peterson tobacco is a bad tobacco. They cost £14.50 online in the UK in Gibraltar only £6.50. Can’t go wrong. Its the tobacco shop opposite the church if you get a chance to go...
  11. oldmansmoking

    Broken clay pipe

    I had a long difficult journey from Cornwall to Portsmouth yesterday in the bad weather. Today I went out for a smoke with my clay pipe, I had a funny turn with my ongoing medical problem. I am OK but the pipe broke into 5 pieces. Would love to have a replacement clay pipe.
  12. oldmansmoking

    Red X parcel

    Third time of trying to post getting timed out! Sorry for double posting 5 months ago ASHDIGGER (Tim) posted he had some samples to give away. I asked if he would send to the UK. He said he had a friend coming to the UK CONDORLOVER (Simon) and would ask if he would post when he arrived. It...
  13. oldmansmoking

    Big Thank You To Mike For The Tobacco

    A very big thank you to Mike (didache) for the tobacco. Mike was downsizing and had a little tobacco to give away. No one wanted the 'Cherry Cavendish' so Mike offered it to me. The parcel came with a few other tobacco's in it. 1. Mike's Mixture - his own concoction he said, hope you like...
  14. oldmansmoking

    Pipe Cleaners

    I thought I would share you my thoughts on pipe cleaners. Resently Jay posted that he had a problem with a pipe cleaner stuck in his stem. I have also noted the price of pipe cleaners have gone up greatly. I got a few hundred some years back at around £1.00 for a hundred. The price has nearly...
  15. oldmansmoking

    Ebay Listing

    eBay listing This is on eBay, claim a horn stem, looks Odd has it tin foil round the tenon.
  16. oldmansmoking

    Three Things You Would Like to Find in a Car Boot Sale

    Three things you would like to find in a car boot or garage sale. 1. A full twist Falcon Pipe 2. An original Butner reamer 3. (If only) A solid gold Falcon Pipe. We all live in hope!
  17. oldmansmoking

    Pair Of Falcon's - EBay Purchase

    Falcons - EBay Got these beauties off EBay, no one else bid. The description and photos were exactly as it is. It arrived very quickly today, I spent the afternoon on them. Boy the rusticated one was heavely smoked, and loved. I spent two hours reaming the bowl with my Butner reamer. And an...
  18. oldmansmoking

    Are You Serious? Fallen Falcon

    Spotted this on EBay VINTAGE FALCON eBay Falcon Is it the worse you have seen for sale?
  19. oldmansmoking

    eBay Reserved Price

    Just watching an eBay bidding/item. There were 9 bids for 12 assorted estate pipes. Price got up to £34 + postage Bidding started at .99p but when it ended it said reserve not met. Never seen a start price of .99p and a reserve much much higher, what do you gain by this?
  20. oldmansmoking

    They Like to Lecture

    I had to see my Doctor today, he took over from my long term Doctor who left (family reasons all most over night) suddenly. I am on long term medication so have to have an annual blood test, so wanted to make sure when I have it done with the nurse the same arrangement would take place and the...