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  1. morton

    Happy Birthday Bradley!

    Happy Birthday Bradley (tbradsim1), may you enjoy many more! Smoke one of those massive pipes you like and enjoy the day!
  2. morton

    Thieves and Payback

    About a year ago, I bought an extension cord, a good one - 50' long, single lighted end, supple in bitterly cold weather. A bright yellow, almost neon yellow cord that I put outside about two weeks ago to plug in my truck when the weather turned cold up here in the great white north. And of...
  3. morton

    Edgeworth Sliced

    I recently purchased (through EBay) a 14 ounce can of Edgeworth Sliced tobacco still sealed in its original can. I thought it quite possible that the can had been compromised through rust and it was, on the bottom. The tobacco inside was very dry and the very bottom layer of slices had rust on...
  4. morton

    A. Dunhill's Book: "The Gentle Art of Smoking"

    I was reading about neat finds at second hand stores in another thread and thought that I would share my latest find. While walking from my favorite (and only real) tobacconist in my small city, I wandered into the used bookstore that I sometimes frequent and lucked onto Alfred Dunhill's book...
  5. morton

    Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday to the Old Cajun!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday to the man with the biggest lemons (and a big heart), the Old Cajun, tbradsim. Have a good day, Old Cajun!
  6. morton

    Peterson Tin Shape Change

    I've got a fair number of tins of Peterson University Flake and several of the oldest are more of a rectangle shape and smaller than ones that came later. Of course, I didn't mark the dates on them so I'm wondering if any forum members remember when Peterson switched tobacco can shape and size...
  7. morton

    Tobacco storage question

    I just picked up a few different kinds of bulk tobacco and one, a pound of SG St. James Flake came in a cardboard box, wrapped in cellophane. Everything else arrived in plastic bags and I have jarred them but I wanted to know if the more knowledgeable people who cellar, leave tobacco packaged in...
  8. morton

    Sam Gawith St. James Flake

    I recently ordered some SG FVF (8oz bulk) and SG St. James Flake (also 8 oz bulk) from and have just gotten them today. I wasted no time trying out the St. James Flake as many here on the forum have said how good it is. Well, I rubbed out a flake and after a good hour of...
  9. morton

    Inadvertently messed up my display

    Help. I must have changed the settings on my forum display and can't figure out how to change it back. The page is stretched of two pages vertically and the font is so small that I can barely read it. The other pages and settings on my computer are normal, its just affecting this forum and...
  10. morton

    Samual Gawith bulk 1792 Flake problem

    Not too long ago, I bought an 8 oz bulk purchase of Sam Gawith 1792 flake from one of our sponsors. I had smoked nearly a full tin purchased from my local B&M and wanted a bit more, some to cellar, some to smoke. Apart from being large rough looking flakes, not the perfect little flakes like in...
  11. morton

    100th post

    For my 100th post, I thought that I would thank the members of this forum for all the things that I have gained from being here. Thanks for the education, I've learned much in the ways of pipe smoking, pipe care and repair and even to watch out for camel spiders although I doubt they get up to...
  12. morton

    Estate pipe stem color bleed

    I just tried to clean a GBD estate pipe that I bought from a reputable pipe EBay seller (100 % rating) and when I ran an alcohol dipped pipe cleaner down the pipe stem, some Everclear dripped onto the outside of the stem. Before I could get a rag to it (less than a second), it bled black color...
  13. morton

    Pressing tobacco

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in playing around with blending and pressing tobacco for a little enjoyment and experimentation. Anyone here doing any of that and if so, any tips on presses, pressing and good recipes that I should try? I usually smoke SG Squadron Leader when I can get it, some...