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  1. bluegrasspipe

    MacBaren Stockton Spun Cut

    Brobs, yes pardon me, you are correct I meant dark twist.
  2. bluegrasspipe

    MacBaren Stockton Spun Cut

    I am the guy that picks out the DFK coins in the roll cake tins, I had to pick up a couple of these tins. puffy
  3. bluegrasspipe

    Is Your Tobacco Cellar Large Enough to Outlive You?

    Is 56 pounds in the cellar enough at 45 years old? Asking for a friend. :LOL:
  4. bluegrasspipe

    Nasal Snuff

    When I was last in Ireland they sold snuff at a lot of pubs, we bought some for fun and I really liked it. I tend to like the menthol ones since IMHO they give you a brain freeze wake up and don't tend to make my nose stuffy. I was driving my company vehicle this morning and wanted a pipe for...
  5. bluegrasspipe

    Stonehaven: Plume Or Mold?

    Ah, the age old conversation once again. I recently jarred a bag of Stonehaven, I believe from 2017, (possibly 2018) and it had almost that exact same plume on it. Yes, I believe it to be plume and not mold, however I have not looked at it under a small microscope yet. I agree this is the...
  6. bluegrasspipe

    Your First Pipe & Tobacco

    A falcon pipe with Lane 1Q in august 1998..
  7. bluegrasspipe

    Looking For A New Balkan Blend

    Smokers Haven, Our Best Blend, or Exotique!! Both are excellent blends that aren't always available. And it's blended by J.F. Germaine & son.
  8. bluegrasspipe

    End of Bowl Procedure

    Personally I like to set the freshly smoked pipe in a potted plant near the back door of the house, still smoldering with dottle, possibly after giving it a quick swab with a pipe cleaner, but not always. There it will sit until about 8 pipes have collected and then I will clean all of the...
  9. bluegrasspipe

    Storing Plum Pudding Special Reserve?

    Sometimes I like to break this one off into small chunks, it still smokes great regardless of not rubbing it out all the way.
  10. bluegrasspipe

    I Got Skunked!

    Oh no!! Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda plus a little dishwashing soap like dawn!! Our dog got it bad in the back yard a few months back and this worked after a few washings.
  11. bluegrasspipe

    Storing Plum Pudding Special Reserve?

    Personally I just chop it in blocks just skinny enough to fit in a jar, or use a wide mouth jar. I like to keep in in plug form for the most part.
  12. bluegrasspipe

    Estate Dunhill Pipe Over-Reamed With Small Cracks In Briar Will It Burn Out?

    @sablebrush52 I wondered if it would happen from a hot wet pipe. I think I will follow your advice and slowly build cake, I would rather not treat or coat it. @shaneireland Thanks Shane, I know they were a rare shape, and I think it's really a cool pipe. It also is light as a feather. I...
  13. bluegrasspipe

    Estate Dunhill Pipe Over-Reamed With Small Cracks In Briar Will It Burn Out?

    @BROBS I definitely don’t think smoking pipes caused any of the over reaming or cracks. I do think they are heat fissures that were possibly formed under the cake. And I think I would rather carefully build cake rather than coat the bowl. That being said @georged I really appreciated the...
  14. bluegrasspipe

    Estate Dunhill Pipe Over-Reamed With Small Cracks In Briar Will It Burn Out?

    Thanks for the information guys. Do you know if it’s normal for cracks to develop in an older briar under the cake?!
  15. bluegrasspipe

    Estate Dunhill Pipe Over-Reamed With Small Cracks In Briar Will It Burn Out?

    I recently bought this pipe from smoking pipes estates, it's my birth year Dunhill, a 1975 PO blackbriar, (it isn't so black anymore which adds some character IMO). If you look at the small crack on the left of the bowl you could probably put the tip of a pin in there. (I was unable get a...
  16. bluegrasspipe

    What’s Your Favorite Pipe Shape for English?

    I have that same Briarworks pipe, they called it specifically (BriarWorks Original OR02 Bent Strawberry - Light Smooth) It is great IMO for english blends.
  17. bluegrasspipe

    Dark Fired Kentucky Video

    Very interesting, thanks for posting!
  18. bluegrasspipe

    New Dunhill (Now Peterson) Re-release News

    I know Bradley has been waiting for his beloved Elizabethan with much anticipation. I would definitely be happy to see Nightcap, my mixture 965 and deluxe navy rolls back..
  19. bluegrasspipe

    I am Begining to Understand

    Oh how I miss my mixture 965.
  20. bluegrasspipe

    First Day of Autumn

    It's the best season!!