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  1. thomasw

    Most Comical Thread or Post @ PM Forums

    The recent Smokingcricket thread, while very entertaining indeed, provoking a few smiles and chuckles, yet I think there have been even more comical threads and posts. Which stand out as the most comical for you? The one I nominate as the most funny thread is the one, on how to open a tobacco...
  2. thomasw

    Show Off Your Becker Pipes Here!

    I could not find a thread for the smashing Italian maker, so I started this one because Becker's are fantastic smokers! Mine is a humble rusticated bent apple and I love it, but I know there are some of you who have hearts, clubs and even flushes. Let's see them!
  3. thomasw

    Castello Aristocratia from Briar Blues

    Over the last month I have had the pleasure of doing some business with Briar Blues -- and this Castello Aristocratia Great Line Dublin is likely the finest all-round pipe I have now in my stable. The dublin shape, the bowl's fumed outer walls, the bowl's wall thickness and diameter, the pipe...
  4. thomasw

    Cornell & Diehl - Big n' Burley --> Question

    I have been smoking this blend for a few years and I have a question about why the blend seems to improve so much after roughly a year or slightly less in a mason jar. I like it 'fresh' as well, but after almost a year, the blend just becomes deliciously smooth. Looking on TR, some reviewers...
  5. thomasw

    Austrian Pipe Hermit

    Noticed this story and thought it might interest some members.
  6. thomasw

    Top 5 Go-To Tobaccos Now

    I know that affinity for a blend does change or even ebbs and flows, but right now what are your top 5 (or so) tobaccos? Currently I seem to be enjoying mostly burley forward blends the most. Let's hear yours! -Solani Aged Burley Flake -G.L. Pease JackKnife Plug -Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired /...
  7. thomasw

    Show Off Your Cavicchi Pipes Here!

    I noticed there is no "Show Off Your Cavicchi Pipes Here!" thread. Hence I decided to start this thread.
  8. thomasw

    Forum Reader App For Phone?

    Hi Is an application available for reading this forum easily on a phone? Sorry if this noted elsewhere; I missed the post. Thanks in advance-- Thomas