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  1. jackswilling

    What Do You Think This Eltang Will Go For???

    In my opinion, this is one crazy cool, unique and desirable pipe. I am thinking $2,500.00 I would go to $1,750.00 but I think it will blow past that. The last picture with Mr. Sark holding the pipe relly puts it in perspective...
  2. jackswilling

    Who is Kanse??? Tobacco Review Troll or Superman

    Now that I know there is a "What's New" tab on Tobacco Review, I have enjoyed checking it out. Then today I see "Kanse" has put up 68 reviews in two days. Is this person a TR troll or a superhuman??? New Reviews Blend Reviewed By Reviewed Rating Notes Butera - Latakia No.1 (Royal Vintage)...
  3. jackswilling

    Forever Stems Available

    Old Log Cabin Pipe Works is open for orders. Limit 3 Forever Stems. Great addition to a Cob. Use them on my Mark Twain and other filtered Cobs. Converts to non-filter as a bonus.
  4. jackswilling

    What To Do About Mold In Unnamed Manufacturer Tins

    Since the last two threads about mold in a certain manufacturer's tins were abruptly closed for no good reason, in my opinion, I still had unanswered "mold questions" pending. So let's discuss in the abstract so as not to cross the line. I have 21 tins of a blend that will remain anonymous. The...
  5. jackswilling

    Savinelli 140th Anniversary

    Savinelli 140th Anniversary - I decided to give it a try. Crazy good blend. My cellar is now set with this blend. Moisture is just about perfect. Smooth creamy smoke. My senses are too dull to taste the "Floral Essences, Fruit / Citrus" but I can smell the "flavoring" on my clothes. My palete is...
  6. jackswilling

    Ordering Tobacco From EU Shipped to US

    Am I correct in believing that we can no longer order tobacco from the EU and have it shipped it to the US? In particular, Motzak Strang. Their website was "down"/inaccessible for a few days, and now, today, it is gone, gone, gone. There was a link and a site and now it is disappeared. So am I...
  7. jackswilling

    Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake

    Been smoking Mac Baren - HH Latakia Flake of late. Right now I am rotating between three blends, Old Gowrie, Pike Place, and HH Latakia Flake. I got my share laid up for the long haul. Anyone else really liking HH LF ??? The manufacturer description is spot on: "This is a hot pressed flake...
  8. jackswilling

    Recommendation For Layton Pipes For Your Next Commission

    I want to give credit where credit is due. I had Clark Layton make a "Custom Pipe" for me and the entire process was first class. He accommodated my every request and the level of service was a good as I have ever experienced. Price is more than fair for what you get. He really cares about the...
  9. jackswilling

    Motzek Shipping Time U.S. Orders

    Order Shipped 9-10-16 Now 20 days post "Shipment" What has been the timeline on U.S. orders? Dear (r) John , The status of your order from Saturday, September 10, 2016 with the order number xxx xxx has been changed. New status: Shipment For questions about your order please reply to this email.
  10. jackswilling

    Customer Appreciation 2016 Sampler

    It might be a couple weeks before I get my hands on the P&C "Goodie Box" that comes with the Customer Appreciation 2016 Sampler. Curious as to what they contain as some should be arriving at forum members' homes in the next day or so. Customer Appreciation 2016 Sampler NEW Be the first to rate...
  11. jackswilling

    Any Non - P.C. Pipe Forums???

    Are there any non-P.C. pipe forums out there? Or is this as good as it gets in pipe smoking forum world. I notice that members have been purged and most have just left. I stARTED AT THE "Engrish" dust up and thought that was much to do about nothing, but obviously it caused a significant rift. I...
  12. jackswilling

    Seattle Pipe Club - Pike Place

    So a member here tipped me/us off to a crazy good sale on Seattle Pipe club 8oz tins from Cigar International. I had the usual suspects, Deception Pass, Plun Pudding, Mississippi River, so I bought a few pounds of Pike Place. A 'Balkan" described as: "An abundant balkan mixture of latakia...
  13. jackswilling

    Two Cousins Pipe Rack - Port Royal Cedars

    Just received my Two Cousins Pipe Rack. Owe this one to mso489 as I saw a post where he mentioned getting one with a gift certificate so I checked them out. Crazy variety. I chose the Port Royal Cedars which is on pages 78-79 of their catalog. Could not be happier. Just what I wanted. It only...
  14. jackswilling

    Captain America Civil War

    Just got back from watching Captain America Civil War. Great movie. Deserves the high praise from critics and audiances. If you are like me, and a Marvel Studio fan-boy, do yourself a favor and go see it.
  15. jackswilling

    Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop - Colorado

    On my way to Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop 3441 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113 In Colorado for my monthly business trip. Will report back on my findings. Looks real good on paper. We shall see.
  16. jackswilling


    So I extended beyond my normal comfort zone and got this DUNHILL "INNER-TUBE" PIPE PATENTED IN 1915, FIRST YEAR OF WHITE SPOT. It does not appear to come with the inner-tube, which is merely a metal tube. From what little I know, you can smoke them just fine without the tube. I got it primarily...
  17. jackswilling $20 off $100 Order $20 off $100 Order site-wide. Just got an order from them and they seem like good people. I got it in an email with code, so you should sign up. There are some deals out there, due to IPSD.
  18. jackswilling

    Zombie Threads

    I have never seen so many 5 year old Zombie Threads come back to life. Aside from the interesting info in the thread, there are a cast of characters/members that are gone for one reason or another. Interesting, all of it.
  19. jackswilling

    Cardinal House Hollingsworth Smooth Dublin with Silver Band

    Wanted to try out a Cardinal House pipe and picked this one, a Hollingsworth Smooth Dublin with Silver Band. What a great pocket pipe. After have it in hand and properly tested, I can say it is a winner. Cardinal House: Hollingsworth Smooth Dublin with Silver Product...
  20. jackswilling

    New Match Presbyterian Mixture From P&C

    So the email went out from P & C for new Match blend, Presbyterian Mixture. So I ordered a couple/few pounds to try out and lay-up. Have been more than happy with the Match BSOSM so I am optimistic.