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  1. scrooge

    Yum Snuff!

  2. scrooge

    The Wifes Visit to Riegel's Alone!

  3. scrooge

    Holy Smokes Lasttango!!

    Just received my Al Pascia pipe an a Bullet Proof Cob from "Geoff" Lasttango. Also purchased 6 tins of tobacco. Every thing else in the picture is extra goodies. Thank You so much Geoff! Overly generous.
  4. scrooge

    Thanks Mr Tobacco Man!

  5. scrooge

    Ardor Meteora

    Latest addiction.
  6. scrooge

    2 New Additions

  7. scrooge

    Who Is This? Is this a forum member. I've seen him before. Can't remember where.
  8. scrooge

    Any Educated Guess.

    Recently got this calabash with no markings visible. Have been checking out a lot of them online. It looks like a Kaywoodie to me because of the wood insert. Best educated guess any one.
  9. scrooge

    Riegels Pipe & Tobacco

    I have been going to them for over 30 years. Went in today to see if they had any hidden goodies in the back room. Was looking at some pipes an the clerk asked if I was interested in a nice pipe rack. I said always. He told me if I bought any pipe I could have this free. Needless to say it...
  10. scrooge

    Chris Besse 7 Day Set Complete.

    aka shikano53
  11. scrooge

    A Oldie and Hopefully a Goodie

    Thanks Steve aka pipestud
  12. scrooge

    3 More Beauties From Chris Besse

    AKA Shikano53
  13. scrooge

    Randelli ? 9/19

    Any body ever hear or know what happened to him?? Just curious.
  14. scrooge

    Ardor ?? 9/12 Been looking for one. Experts what do you think? Shiney Pipes the seller. $180 Seriously let me know here or in a PM. Thanks! Don't know how to do the link thing for more pictures an info. Feel free to throw one on here.
  15. scrooge

    Double "TKR" Damn This Hurts!!!

    Sitting here in my recliner with almost tears in my eyes. Hell I've been shot a couple times an stabbed to many times to count. But nothing hurts like this crap. Smoking my giant Briar Blues Poker packed full of Five Brothers an Jack Knife Plug. Hoping to ease the pain some. :clap: The morphine...
  16. scrooge

    Watch City Slices 8/31

    Would really like to try it before I order some. I have plenty of baccy to trade or something. Just a slice . Enough for a couple large bowls.
  17. scrooge

    Newest Addition 8/22/2017

    GBD UNIQUE from Briar Blues
  18. scrooge

    Ever See One of These Before? 7/77

    A Ken pipe. Got any info? Has a SP on one side an KEN an Pat Apld. on the other an Ken on the stem.
  19. scrooge

    P&C 1 lbs bag sale 7/6/2017

    A pretty good deal. Buy 1 lbs bag of NightCap or 965 or Early Morning an get a FREE 3 tin sampler free with each Lbs.
  20. scrooge

    MacBaren London Blend.

    Some one was looking for Burley London Blend. Pipestud has 2 tins for sale. FYI