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  1. piffyr

    1892 GBD "Général Dodds" Bulldog [Pic Heavy]

    I don’t often post client work. I prefer to let them do that sort of thing themselves if they wish, but this pipe is sort of a milestone for me. To date, this is the oldest briar pipe that I have worked with (though I’ve worked with a couple of meerschaums that pre-date it). The...
  2. piffyr

    Last One for Me: Wally Frank Collector [Pic Heavy]

    I’ve been collecting Wally Frank pipes for a while now. It was the old catalogs that pulled me in. If you’ve never read through one, you should. Wally Frank didn’t sell pipes. They sold stories and it was the stories sold the pipes. So, the last pipe that I’ll be doing for myself for a while is...
  3. piffyr

    Another for Me: Pipeworks Canadian [Pic Heavy]

    If The Doodler that I recently posted strained your boundaries of acceptable aesthetics, maybe this one will be more to your liking. It’s a simple Pipeworks Canadian with some subtle shaping elements that I think make it unique. Pipeworks began in the early 80s when pipe maker, Elliott...
  4. piffyr

    One for Me: The Doodler [Pic Heavy]

    I have eclectic tastes when it comes to pipes. I appreciate French curves, British elegance, Italian machismo and Danish naturalism, but I also have a big soft spot for Americana, novelties and weirdos. In my opinion, those last three things were never summed up in a single pipe better than they...
  5. piffyr

    Dr. Grabow Grand Duke 36S Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    Anyone that knows me and my pipe smoking affinities knows that I have a warm affection for the good Dr. Grabow’s ability to deliver a straightforward smoking experience. I don’t often get the chance to work with one though. So, it was a treat when this Grand Duke came across the bench.
  6. piffyr

    Dunhill Cumberland Conundrum – No COM/Date Stamp

    Here’s a curious Cumberland example… The pipe has no COM or date stamp. Just “DUNHILL CUMBERLAND” and the 5-digit code… I don’t question the authenticity of the pipe in the slightest. It has all of the necessary Dunhill DNA right down to the cut of the tenon and the shape of the stamped...
  7. piffyr

    A Question About Tao Pipe Grading

    I recently completed work on this Tao bent acorn… I had never worked with a Tao before and I usually take those opportunities to try to educate myself a bit about the maker. I’m still a little lost on the grading system though and I can’t find much information out there about it. The pipe above...
  8. piffyr

    Charatan’s Make Special 58 Restored [Pic Heavy]

    It was mentioned in another thread that this forum doesn’t see enough Charatans. So, I thought I’d post this recently completed restoration to do my part to address that. The pipe was in solid condition to start with. It really only needed a good cleaning and a bit of attention to refine the...
  9. piffyr

    Comoy’s Extraordinaire 499 Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    This Comoy’s Extraordinaire 499 is the last pipe in the restoquadrilogy that began with these…
  10. piffyr

    Comoy’s Extraordinaire 235 Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    Sorry, guys. I got busy and dropped the ball on presenting this restoration quadrilogy. This Comoy’s Extraordinaire 235 is the third of the lot. The previous two can be seen here…
  11. piffyr

    Comoy’s Specimen Straight Grain 229 Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    This Comoy’s Specimen Straight Grain 229 is the second pipe out of the batch of four that I’ve previously mentioned here: It had a lot of the same issues as the pipe at that link and it brought a few of its...
  12. piffyr

    1938 BBB Silver-Mounted Poker Restoration [Pic Heavy]

    Sometimes, a pipe can be loved too much. Take this 1938 BBB poker for example. It appears that the previous owner was so proud of it that he displayed it prominently in an area exposed to direct sunlight. That’s great for public viewing, but not so good for wood finishes and vulcanite stems. The...
  13. piffyr

    Peterson-Made J.J. Fox Dawson Special – Crack Repair and Restem (Pic Heavy)

    I thought I’d show off a pipe and a repair that might be of interest to a few of you guys. The pipe is a Dawson Special, made by Peterson and sold as a shop brand by UK tobacconist James J. Fox. I found the pipe interesting because I’ve seen plenty of Pete sub-brands, but not too many...
  14. piffyr

    1917 Dunhill Inner Tube 39 Restoration [pic heavy]

    I don’t post a lot of my restoration work to the forum because I don’t want it to become kind of “been there, seen that,” but I just couldn’t let this one pass without showing it off... For the most part, this old Dunhill was in impressively solid condition when it arrived for some work. As to...
  15. piffyr

    A Wally Frank Apology

    I have a bit of thing for Wally Frank pipes and ephemera. This past week, I picked up a couple of really nice examples of both. First, there’s a letter typed on Wally Frank letterhead dated from July 12, 1941. The letter apologizes to the customer because of the necessary replacement of one of...
  16. piffyr

    1915-192(?) BBB Umbria Restoration (And a Bit of History) [pic heavy]

    When I first laid eyes on this pipe, I kind of fell in love with it. I thought the flow of the curve from the bowl to the button, the pinched oval shank, and the dark color combined to give it a svelte and classy appearance. The briar was completely flawless and the grain orientation provided an...
  17. piffyr

    Texture Work: Rustication and Blastication

    Most of the work that I do with pipes requires me to play by the rules and color within the lines. I very much enjoy the challenge of that, but it’s nice to throw caution to the wind every now and then and hack at an innocent pipe like Jason Voorhees with a promiscuous college freshman. So, I...
  18. piffyr

    Kaywoodie Collector’s 12C Restoration

    I haven’t posted any of my pipe work in a while, but I thought you guys might enjoy this one. The bulk of the work was done a while back before the “s” hit the “f” and I had to take a break from the forum and slow down significantly on pipe work. Having recently sorted all of that mess out, I...
  19. piffyr

    No-Name Rhodesian Refurb

    A few of you might remember the Wally Frank bullmoose that I refurbished a while back. When I posted it, a forum friend commented that he had a no-name rhodesian that obviously shared some DNA with the pipe. He had lovingly dubbed it, "Humpty Dumpty," and asked if I would like to take it on...
  20. piffyr

    (W.Ø.) Larsen Selected Grain 18 Restoration

    This pipe belongs to fellow forum member, dmcmtk, but he's never really seen it. It was sent directly to me from the eBay seller. When it arrived, I could see that there was some charring at the front-inner rim, a few scratches and dings, and the stain was uneven, but otherwise the pipe just...