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  1. morton

    Happy Birthday Morton.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Blue and yaddy, definitely, lets have a patio smoke soon - this next weekend works for me. Let me know. Cajun, I wish you could be there too but Louisiana to Saskatchewan is a bit of a stretch for an afternoon smoke, I'm sure. Some day though, I'll bring a...
  2. morton

    A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Forum(via the doctor's office)

    When my doctor of 20 years retired last year, he recommended two different family doctors. The first was a young East Asian woman and the other was a 50 year old South Afrikaner - with probably many of the same life experiences as me, older, well traveled etc. I was very sure I wanted the man as...
  3. morton

    Happy Birthday Bradley!

    Happy Birthday Bradley (tbradsim1), may you enjoy many more! Smoke one of those massive pipes you like and enjoy the day!
  4. morton

    What You Knew Before You Became a Pipe Smoker

    My grandpa and grandma on my father's side both smoked pipes. I've got a picture of "Queenie", my grandmother with a corncob in her mouth. They were of the firm belief that children should be seen and not heard so I didn't get to know them at all. My father also smoked pipes, all of which I have...
  5. morton

    NOLA Show Purchase - Ryan Alden Author

    Nice pipe, Al. Looks like it fits right in your favorite shape category. Ryan has made a few pipes for me in similar shapes to that. If yours smokes as good as mine do, you'll never have a bad smoke out of it. Congratulations, Ryan! Your stuff just keeps looking better and better. Of course...
  6. morton

    Too Many Tins Open?

    Like some others, I've got about 80 tins open/jarred. Of those, I regularly hit 10-12 and others vary. My tobacco tastes change throughout the year, summer is VA and VaPer time and colder weather brings more latakia blends to the table but any jar is fair game, any time.
  7. morton

    My Vasectomy... Chapter 2

    I remember my snipping was quite incident free except for my chattering at the two doctors, the actual doc and an intern who was learning the trade (I guess). I was laying there spread-eagle, completely whacked and feeling no pain, looking at the mural somebody had thoughtfully painted on the...
  8. morton

    Sharing is Caring! :) I have an offer.

    I'd be interested in some Stonehaven, just to try it. Its one of the Unobtainables that I've never had the chance to try. Other than that, I'm set.
  9. morton

    A Rarely Discussed Flake

    Hey Blue, if you're completely out of Capstan Blue, give me a call and I'll score you a tin until you get some more. Also, see if you can locate Germain's Medium Flake, it smells and tastes like it might be right in your wheelhouse.
  10. morton

    Michael Glukler - Briar Blues

    I have purchased from Michael as well and can say without a doubt that every transaction was troublefree, worryfree and that he's an excellent person to deal with. We often read about less savory characters on this forum as a warning for our protection but its really nice to give credit where...
  11. morton

    How long would 10 lbs of tobacco last you?

    I smoke a fair bit, so using Peck's math (which seems reasonable), a little over a year.
  12. morton

    Thieves and Payback

    Thanks peck, mephistopheles, bradley, trailboss and others for your comments. I do have motion sensor lights and had hoped to avoid the cameras for several reasons. Firstly, these people can be the dregs of the earth, a camera would not deter them even if their drug-addled wits were sharp enough...
  13. morton

    Favorite blend in 2014

    What I smoked the most was a toss up between P&C's AJ's Vaper and 4Noggin's Prairie Wind. What I discovered late in the year and absolutely love is Glynn Quelch's Askwith Kake - an amazing tobacco for which I'll save my pennies up in future.
  14. morton

    How Do You Open a New Tin of Tobacco?

    Hey Peck!Can fellow Canadians get a discount on tuition fees? I'm particularly interested in the Tamper course but I've got to save up for a new extension cord first before I have enough to join up.
  15. morton

    Thieves and Payback

    @ drwatson I considered my level of response pretty carefully. One of my cop friends suggested that I hook the cord to the back of my truck and take out the window that was closed on it when I drove away with it. I asked if he would lend me his truck but he didn't want to. And while I would have...
  16. morton

    Thieves and Payback

    @trailboss Thanks for the heads up but I had considered that and will keep a weather eye out. The new cord is a different color and much shorter - not long enough to hang out the kitchen window to reach the junker on the street. I just couldn't allow that dirtwad to get away with robbing me and...
  17. morton

    Thieves and Payback

    I'm glad you're looking on the bright side of this story, newbie. You tend to have a different way of looking at things. Why would the thief do that? I'm not stupid enough to redisplay the original cord and it could be anyone who stole "their" cord. Maybe they'll call the police?
  18. morton

    Thieves and Payback

    About a year ago, I bought an extension cord, a good one - 50' long, single lighted end, supple in bitterly cold weather. A bright yellow, almost neon yellow cord that I put outside about two weeks ago to plug in my truck when the weather turned cold up here in the great white north. And of...
  19. morton

    Shoulder Replacement Tuesday

    Good luck Puffy! Hope to see you back soon, typing with one hand for awhile. Best get a few good clenchers ready for smoking and typing at the same time.
  20. morton


    +1 Warren My 3 labs are still full of p*** and vinegar after 4 years. I often wonder which one has the brain cell any given day! I took a page out of the Old Cajun's book with a rawhide bone. Give it to one and all three will run until they're all tired. A sleeping dog is a good dog!