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  1. derfargin

    I've Been Away for a While...Need Updates

    IPSD did two things yesterday. 1. Brought me to some of my favorite online retail sites, to invest in my TAD. 2. Brought me back to forum/chat sites to re-connect with old friends. In doing so, I've been catching up on the forums, reading things like McClelland not selling Red Kake(mind...
  2. derfargin

    20% off Bulk C&D Blends at!!!

    I've been waiting for this one to pull the trigger on a stock order of my C&D favorites.
  3. derfargin

    Capt Earle Tin Dating Question

    C&D tins have yellow sticker dates on the bottom of the tins. They also tin Capt. Earle, Pease, Two Friend and Castello lines. I recently purchased the below Capt. Earle blends, however it seems there's a discrepancy with the dates on the bottoms. The left tin is more significant than the...
  4. derfargin

    Any Tobacconists in the N. Chicago area?

    I dont have the time to get to Iwan Ries before it closes for the day while I'm here. Are there any other places worth checking out.
  5. derfargin 20% off C&D Tins & Bulk

    Not sure how long this is for, just happened to see this today while filling a shopping cart.
  6. derfargin

    How Would You Describe What Aging a Blend Does?

    I've only been at this for just under a year, and there's lots of talk about aging(specifically VA's)blends. I'm currently in the "try anything and everything I can stuff in my pipe" stage of pipesmoking. Thus far I haven't really put much into Straight VA blends because I find them boring. I...
  7. derfargin

    Any B&M's in Myrtle Beach Worthwhile?

    Hey folks, I'm heading to Myrtle Beach next week for some fun in the "sun"(I hear it's supposed to rain all week) and was curious if anyone knew of any B&M's in the area that are worth my time. I'd like to pick up a tin or bulk blend of something new. I try to hit a B&M anytime I go to a new...
  8. derfargin

    Time Isn't Always On Our Side.

    This whole aging thing has me thrown for a loop. I understand the desire to age tobacco that may be "rough around the edges" from people that buy tins of a blend, and smoke it fresh, and think..hey this could use some time to develop more. "I'll buy a few more tins, and sit on them for 6...
  9. derfargin

    So, in Light of the Recent Esoterica Squall.

    Is it safe to assume that any future shipments of Esoterica products ,that most retailers only get the 8oz bags in stock? Have they said bully to the tins? Seems like most everyone just gobbles the 1/2 pounders up within hours, so they think, "what's the point of ordering the tins?"
  10. derfargin

    Back from San Francisco

    So I'm back from my business trip to San Francisco I thought I'd share my exploits. First, I was completely wrong about the smoking in CA. There were smokers everywhere, and just like any other city most often huddled in crowds away from the general(non-smoking) public. So I just had my pipes...
  11. derfargin

    SPC - Mississippi River, Here Goes.

    So, I know I'm about to unleash a dam of opposition but I'd like to get the opinions of people here that have smoked the SPC offerings Mississippi River, Plum Pudding, and Seattle Evening. I have smoked a tin of Mississippi River, and I've found the tobacco to be lacking the qualities of that I...
  12. derfargin

    Smoking in San Francisco

    I have a few questions on current laws for public smoking in CA. From what I'm reading, it seems the only place you can smoke are in your own home, and in your coffin. I'm headed to the Bay Area next week and I'd like to take some pipes along, but if I can't smoke anywhere, I don't see the...
  13. derfargin

    Cellaring Tobacco You Haven't Smoked

    These are quotes from a recent Dunhill Flake review I saw, and am perplexed by. There are some of you that cellar tobacco(some with considerable stocks)that you haven't even smoked once? What's the logic behind that? Is it a type of tobacco you currently enjoy, and you think will age well...
  14. derfargin

    "Fabled Tobacco Experiement"

    Soooooo recently there was a post of a member receiving an aged sample of the famed "Balkan Sobranie" and after reading it, I started thinking. *Disclaimer: I'm was referring to a recent post by Shantiques, regarding a 30 year old sample of Balkan Sobranie given to him by Condor. Please...