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  1. zitotczito

    Dental Woes Continue-Now in Braces for Two Years

    As I have mentioned before I have had dental problems to deal with. Three teeth with broken roots removed and the Surgeon and Periodontist recommended I get my teeth straightened before they would do two implants. I have now had the bone grafts done and all have taken, are perfect and I had the...
  2. zitotczito

    Cool Hand Fluke-Revisited

    I first tried this in 2014 and my first impression was so-so. The blend has 4 VA's, 40% Perique and the blend was somewhat smooth for the percentage of Perique and not very spicy. So I jarred it and now at over 4 years old I decided to try it again. I like it a lot better then when I first...
  3. zitotczito

    C&D Carolina Red Flake is Back

    Have at it guys.
  4. zitotczito

    My Miniature Daylily's - Casa Zito 2017

    Pictures of the small ones:
  5. zitotczito

    A Double Daylily From Casa Zito 2017

    A double Daylily: Some other's:
  6. zitotczito

    Well I Made It-1000 Posts

    Well here I am at 1000 posts. I would like to thank everyone on the boards for your kindness, helpful pipe information and the friends I have made. I wish you all and your families many years of good health.
  7. zitotczito

    My First Daylily of the Summer of 2017

    Just something to brighten your day. Enjoy
  8. zitotczito

    Please Someone Stop Me-I Need Help

    I have enough tobacco to last 2 life times and through a concerted effort I avoided the P&C sale. But I am having trouble with the SPC C&D sale. I have filled my cart many times and let it expire and filled it again. Now I want you all to talk me down from buying more, please.
  9. zitotczito

    P&C Father's Day Sale

    Nice sale, buy 2 and get one free. I just loaded up on the Dunhill VA Flake.
  10. zitotczito

    Russ' Tastykake

    From P&C site: A few years ago, when Russ was still pressing tobaccos himself, he made a new blend based off 10 to Midnight, but with some Perique and black Cavendish added to it. He had made up a large batch, but for some reason, it never wound up being put on the website. When we rediscovered...
  11. zitotczito

    My New Boswell-Also My First

    I have been looking every week and this one jumped off the page at me, grabbed my CC and bought itself. I am a true Rhoddy fan and this fills the bill.
  12. zitotczito

    Pelican at 4noggins

    Limited to one tin.
  13. zitotczito

    FVF / St. James Flake Storage-Thanks For The Hint

    I ordered 2 boxes of each and read a suggestion to cut the flakes in half and stand then on end using Ball pint size Mason jars. Thanks for the suggestion, a box of flakes fits perfectly in a jar. And the jars takes up very little storage room. I knew this forum was good. :-)
  14. zitotczito

    My Tobacco Cellar-Oh How Times Flies

    Having taken up the pipe in 08/2014, I cellared hard and deep and have 220 pounds in various tins, pouches, mason jars(bulk and current use) and bags. I consider my cellar complete and now only buy the occasional new blend to try. Time flies and looking at tobaccocellar I have the following: 4%...
  15. zitotczito

    Larsen: W.O. Larsen 2015 Limited Release Hand Pressed 3.5oz Tobacco

    S&P now has this, who is going to go in on this with me? I wonder if Jim has reviewed this?
  16. zitotczito

    Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Sansepolcro Now Available

    And I thought I was done with my cellar. :rofl:
  17. zitotczito

    Ahh-The New Germain's and ET Unicorns

    Just received today at Casa Zito and let the chase begin!
  18. zitotczito

    McClelland- 25th Anniversary 1977-2017

    Now available.
  19. zitotczito

    Tabac Manil’s Le Petit Robin-New

    Sounds interesting.
  20. zitotczito

    4 Cornell & Diehl Mixture Monster Tinned Pipe Tobaccos

    Now available and I wonder if this is the last of these.