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  1. cynicismandsugar

    The Bearded Lady (blended by Just For Him)

    “Who doesn't enjoy a healthy tingle in their pipe?” JUST FOR HIM'S Bearded Lady is a piquant Va/per blend that tweaks the traditional Va’ to 'per ratio. It incorporates a moist ribbon cut of both bright and deeper red Virginias with more than a smattering of perique. The jar aroma is sugared...
  2. cynicismandsugar

    Just for Him's Three Newest Offerings from Their Middle Earth Pipeweed Series

    JUST FOR HIM has introduced three new tobacco selections into their popular MIDDLE EARTH PIPEWEED SERIES. I've been fortunate to have sampled each, and have recorded my opinions to share. I've decided to start with BOMBADIL, my preferred selection from the blends... “Ah, the warm, pleasant...
  3. cynicismandsugar

    My Wife's Good at this Christmas Thing (2009 Ardor Urano)

    I love my wife dearly: she's my partner in crime; the devil on my shoulder; the best friend I get to see naked! Her ideal afternoon would consist of me lighting my pipe, reading aloud to her from which ever book I'm enjoying, while she contently dozes next to me on her oversized chair. And, as...
  4. cynicismandsugar

    Seven Days, Seven Photos

    I can already hear the collective sigh. I'm curious if anyone else on the pipe forum has heard of, or precipitated in, the seven day b&w photo challenge? And, if so, if they care to share their collection here? Basically, once a day, you create a black and white image of your life (sans people...
  5. cynicismandsugar

    G&H - Dark Flake... An Earthy (Slightly Moldy) Mushroom Taste?

    For several years, I've been rather apprehensive about sampling Lakeland style blends, do to the overwhelming aroma of some of the offerings, which I didn't find agreeable. However, few weeks back, a fellow forum member was generous enough to be sending out samples of the infamous Condor, and he...
  6. cynicismandsugar

    Mac Baren ― HH Bold Kentucky

    I've been collecting personal tasting notes for a while, trying to keep track of the tobacco blends I've had the luxury to sample. Tonight, while writing about my recent tasting, I considered sharing future reviews on I'm familiar with reviewing spirits (obvious from my use...
  7. cynicismandsugar

    Dunhill Pipes: I (May) Finally Have an Opinion

    I know I may be beating the proverbial dead horse with this inflated collection of words, so I thank you in advance for bearing with me. I've read the debates: Are Dunhill pipes really worth their premium price tag? Of course, having never experienced a Dunhill first hand, I've always...
  8. cynicismandsugar

    40% Off (MSRP) Tsuge Pipes

    It's a bummer for me, because I've been looking at a Tokyo Cherrywood (with Bamboo) for over a year now; but, alas, it's been a tight 6 months around here. So, I hope someone else can make the most of it, this Christmas Season! 40% Off (MSRP) Tsuge Pipes
  9. cynicismandsugar

    The Definitive A Christmas Carol Film?

    Last night I was restless; so, with the wife fast asleep at my side, I spent the majority of my evening rereading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (in Prose, Being a Ghost-Story of Christmas). I must admit, it filled me with the holiday spirit (pun intended); so much so, I've dedicated the day...
  10. cynicismandsugar

    Obsessive Pipe Dedication Syndrome

    Hello, my name is Jeff, and I suffer from PDS [Pipe Dedication Syndrome]. My addiction affects those closest to me ― specifically, my wife ― who has, in a gesture of love and compassion, fetched me numerous briars over the years, only to have me often reject them, replying, "That's not my...
  11. cynicismandsugar

    Acrylic Stem Durability?

    I favor acrylic stems, more-so after noticing a heavy amount of oxidation on my Peterson Irish Whiskey bulldog today, but I'm hesitant to add softie bits to acrylic stems, especially if they're a brilliant color pattern. The issue: I like clenching my pipes while I write. The tap of keystrokes...
  12. cynicismandsugar

    Look Out , Prince! I've Gone Purple!

    I may have had to increase my funk level to eleven, purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, and cut the derriere out of my favorite pair of leather pants... but it's been worth it, because now I'm preferred, bab-ay. So, release the doves! Because, it's time to turn up Let's Go Crazy...
  13. cynicismandsugar

    Assitance in Indentifying a Mystery Meerschaum?

    I found this unique estate piece at the local brick & mortar, and I'm having a difficult time gathering any information regarding this mystery meerschaum. So, when in doubt, throw your toys down upon the virtual table, and let the accumulated knowledge of the forum members do its thing. The...
  14. cynicismandsugar

    B-day Tobacco Suggestion?

    So, today I'm officially old enough to do all the things I could do yesterday; but the wife still goes out of her way to make me indulge (even more than usual) and enjoy myself. As I blew the dust off the last bit of my STONEHAVEN, Juli Ann surprised me with another tin! Say what you will, but...
  15. cynicismandsugar

    Marking Your Territory

    I'll try to start this delicate conversation as subtly as possible; which leads to the question: Then, why would you even share this observation in the first place? Well, occasionally it's fun to break the monotony of pipe shape dedication, proper blend pairings, and butane vs. wood. No matter...
  16. cynicismandsugar

    Is There a Proper Name for the UFO Shape?

    Some time ago, I purchased a Tim West estate. What attacted me to the pipe was the unique shape of the piece; it's what I can only discribe as a UFO. I found a similar (bowl) shape listed on Ebay today, also refered to as 'UFO' (you know, instead of just taking an actual photo of the Tim West)...
  17. cynicismandsugar

    Anyone Able to Identify this Mystery Pipe?

    The boys at my local tobacconist had a couple of estates ready to entice my wife and me. One of their offerings was a bit of a mystery, with their research showing that this pipe might possibly be a precursor to Dr. Grabow. However, I've had little luck in verifying that information, so I...
  18. cynicismandsugar

    FDA Response E-mail

    I found this response from Missouri State Senetor, Roy Blunt, sitting in my inbox this afternoon. Perhaps a dim light at the end of the tunnel?
  19. cynicismandsugar

    Similar Blends to Peterson's Irish Flake?

    I'd taken a bit of a pipe hiatus, but have recently been able to indulge again, and Irish Flake's nutty, herbal tea/anise flavor has been the only blend that has satisfied. Sad for me, I finished off the tin, and am reluctant to crack open my other 'aging' tin. I should finally have some funds...
  20. cynicismandsugar

    New Estate Purchases: I Need to Avoid My B&M... and Wife

    I've been on the lookout for two styles of pipe: a Canadian, and a bulldog. The first, because I'm starting to enjoy the clean, classic aesthetic presented by such a billiard; and the latter, because I felt left out, seeing other forum members drool, snarl, and bark over the old dog. So, against...