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  1. matchstickman

    Any Magic: The Gathering Players Around Here?

    So I picked up Magic: The Gathering back around 94 or 95 from my brother who was pretty big into it at the time. I used to play with him and his friends and played continuously until the end of the original Urza's block, then dropped out of the game for a while. I introduced a friend to it...
  2. matchstickman

    Charcoal Grill Advice for a Newbie?

    So I never had the opportunity to use a grill when we were in the apartment, and I was gifted a VERY nice charcoal grill as a housewarming gift from my father in law, and I finally sacked up and cooked on tonight. I have never cooked on a charcoal grill before, but I made some chicken legs and...
  3. matchstickman

    Showing Off Some Recent Purchases

    Well, not really recently, but recently put back into rotation after hiatus. Some real nice finds here that I got super lucky on. Mario Grandi that I picked up for $80. Slightly whimsical but still very functional. The wide bit is extremely comfortable and smokes very cool. I love this one a...
  4. matchstickman

    Cornel and Diehl Now Has a Cthulhu Themed Line of Tobaccos....WHAT?!

    So I'm minding my own business on the smoking pipes website (in secret, of course, so as not to alert my wife to the fact that I'm looking to spend money that I don't have), and I start to see these Cornell and Diehl tobaccos that are themed around the Cthulhu mythos. I am a huge whore for...
  5. matchstickman

    Cheap Buffing Wheel Setup?

    Now that I have the space to do so, I would like of like to invest in a buffing wheel but don't want to spend a crazy amount of cash. Anyone got a setup that they like that they got fora good price and can point me in the right direction?
  6. matchstickman

    Hey, Is That Walter White?!

    No, it's just Pipe Novelist dressing up like him last Halloween.
  7. matchstickman

    Story of How the Wife and I Rescued a Dog

    So when we got the house, the wife and I had talked about wanting to get a dog. After I got some cash together, I started looking at dog rescues in the area, and honestly, they really didn't have much. Then I started to talking to a guy that I work with who suggested I check out the rescue that...
  8. matchstickman

    The Hype Behind Astley's No. 44

    I have a few tins of this stuff stashed away from when it was pretty hard to find, and going through a drawer the other day I found an unopened tin of this stuff buried at the bottom and thought, "What the hell? I'll give it a shot and see if it is as good as everyone led me to believe it was."...
  9. matchstickman

    Question For All of You Who DGT

    So I have gotten to a point where when I smoke, I'll load a bowl and take a few puffs for maybe 10, 15 minutes, then put thepipe down and go do something else. I might come back to It in a few hours, or sometimes even the next day. Smoking this way, it sometimes might take me 2 days of stop and...
  10. matchstickman

    4 Year Old G.L. Pease Montgomery

    Haven't been on here much lately because I haven't smoked. Don't know why that was a thing. Anyway, I'm back to taking a whole day to finish a bowl and got an urge for a good Virginia. G.L. Pease doesn't do anything bad in my book, so I figured this was a sure thing. I was right. Tobacco looks...
  11. matchstickman

    Cornell and Diehl Lunchtime Blues

    I smoke so much Cornell and Diehl and enjoy so many of their blends that honestly, at this point, they could probably stuff horse turds in a tin and I'd smoke it (For the record, I totally would not do that. But it sounded good.) If you've smoked any number of Cornell and Diehl burley blends...
  12. matchstickman

    My Own Wonderful Experience With Pulvers Briar

    I know someone recently posted about a great experience with Pulvers Briar, and as a result, I had to check out his site for myself. I went shopping for a birthday gift and found two pipes on his site that I really liked, an old Bjarne Freehand and a Stanwell Danish Star. Got them both for a...
  13. matchstickman

    Tsuge Raijin, God of Thunder

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a nicotine fiend. I regularly smoke Kendal Kentucky, Dark Birdseye, and Old Joe Krantz without batting an eye. That being said, this stuff is potent. Like, seriously strong. Smells great in the tin, very chocolatey with some raisin overtones. Very coarse...
  14. matchstickman

    "The Smoker" Blends Unavailable?

    Been looking to try some of these blends for a while now but I can't seem to find them on the P&C website. Are they no longer being offered or am I just blind?
  15. matchstickman

    Where to Find Decent Quality Affordable Leather Jacket?

    So the cold weather will be approaching soon, and I have always wanted to own a genuine leather jacket. I haven't really been able to find anything I like locally, so I was thinking of looking online for something but I don't really know where to start. Anybody know where I can hunt for a decent...
  16. matchstickman

    What Tinned McClelland Virginias Do You Guys Like?

    Thinking of putting an order in and giving some tinned McClelland Virginias a whirl. My experience is limited with the brand; I think the only two tinned McClelland Virginias that I have tried were the Mature Virginia Navy Cavendish and the Virginia Woods. The Navy Cavendish wasn't bad, the...
  17. matchstickman

    Opinions Wanted On: New Pease, Dunhill Offerings

    So I've been a little scarce on the forums as of late, for reasons which will be revealed at a later date. But I was curious if anyone had enough experience with the new Pease offering, Sixpence, to form an opinion on it. Sounds like it would make my taste buds happy. Also, I was curious about...
  18. matchstickman

    A Reminder to Periodically Check Your Tins

    I just popped my first two tins of Irish Flake with the intent to jar them. When I opened the first one, I didn't get that satisfying vacuum pop sound that I really like when opening a tin. When I got the top off, I noticed that little flecks of tobacco had gotten into where the glue holds the...
  19. matchstickman

    Going to Get Fat From All This Cake

    Hello, my name is Eric, and I have a serious cake addiction. Guess all that diet and exercise went right out the window huh? :wink: On a positive note, none of these blends are topped with vanilla or cream cheese frosting, so at least they are low calorie.
  20. matchstickman

    Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture Review and Some Confusion

    I have done a little reading about the new version of Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture, and general consensus among the crowd was that this blend was very light, which to me says "bland". I just cracked a tin of this yesterday and have had a few bowls of it, and I have to say that I am confused as to...