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  1. zitotczito

    Union Square, Newminster Superior Navy Flake, and St. Bruno

    I am a fan of Union Square and always have been. I keep a good supply aging at all times.
  2. zitotczito

    G. L. Pease: Cumberland & Samarra 20th Anniversary

    I picked up 3 of the Cumberland and 5 of the Samarra which is the one I like the most.
  3. zitotczito

    Ever Take A 25 Tin Flyer On Something You Have Never Smoked?

    Well, this is the first one that I ever got 25 tins of. I just have a very good feeling about this one.
  4. zitotczito

    Samuel Gawith - Hansom Flake

    I am not a particular Lakeland fan but this seemed to say get it so 10 tins on the way.
  5. zitotczito

    Why Cellar Pipe Tobaccos?

    Because I can and I just adore getting boxes in the mail.
  6. zitotczito

    Dental Woes Continue-Now in Braces for Two Years

    As I have mentioned before I have had dental problems to deal with. Three teeth with broken roots removed and the Surgeon and Periodontist recommended I get my teeth straightened before they would do two implants. I have now had the bone grafts done and all have taken, are perfect and I had the...
  7. zitotczito

    former lurker

    Welcome, the more the merrier.
  8. zitotczito

    Rattray’s Wallace Flake - Who Digs It?

    I enjoy it as a change of pace.
  9. zitotczito

    "Out of Stock" Becoming the Norm?

    That's why I buy practically everything when available, not out of stock for me. :sneaky:
  10. zitotczito

    MB Old Dark Fired Plug Cut

    Well I am up to 14 tins so I will see you all in a year when my store again is open.
  11. zitotczito

    Drucquer & Sons Rust

    Darn, I have quite a few cans of various blends.
  12. zitotczito

    Zippo Pipe Lighter

    I just got a Zippo and so far like it.
  13. zitotczito

    Storage of 250g boxes

    Same for me and I stack them standing up.
  14. zitotczito

    Jim's C&D Small Batch Sun Bear Review.

    Well I am having my first bowl and am trying it kinda of cube cut first in a new legend cob. I am in no way a reviewer like Jim but I get it and I like it. I can see myself having many bowls of this. I can detect the honey and I thought the tequila would be off putting but it is not. It does...
  15. zitotczito

    Storage of 250g boxes

    I do the same thing. Just picked up the two FVF 250g boxes from SPC and that's how it will be done. Let the aging begin.
  16. zitotczito

    4th Generation Small Batch Aged VA

    Hey Jim have you tried this, just curious.
  17. zitotczito

    Pipes and Cigars Monthly Giveaway: winners?

    Not me and I know of no one who has.
  18. zitotczito

    Introducing Doug Finlay (DWF Pipes)

    Very nice pipe, enjoy.
  19. zitotczito

    Hi from Denver, CO!

    Welcome and enjoy your stay. I am sure many of your questions will be answered, mine were.