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  1. toobfreak

    General Discussion

    You get my point Duane? Good. I'm glad someone does. Not hard to divulge really. I'm not getting paid to spend my time here yet I invest a lot of it. Don't really care to talk much about pipes--- I have my pipes, you have yours, let's smoke them, I'll leave the details up to those looking...
  2. toobfreak

    General Discussion

    Food & Drink - Restaurants and at Home - Recipes Too – Share your experiences with food, drinks, wine, recipes, restaurants, etc. General Discussion – Talk about the weather, movies, TV, books, magazines and your favorite color (read: most anything) Maybe I've missed something here?
  3. toobfreak

    P&C's Latest Facebook Marketing Campaign

    I'm thinking of becoming a hipster so I can be offended by this thread! :rofl:
  4. toobfreak

    Loon Smoking A Loon

    Hey, a marriage made in heaven, Brad. Just don't be giving the finger to the garbage man, gas man and water man anymore. :mrgreen: We'll send killer chipmunks after 'ya.
  5. toobfreak

    What Music Are You Listening To? - April 2017

    Real balls to the wall hard rock to kiss your sorry ass goodbye with. Peace In Mississippi
  6. toobfreak

    Ever Drawn Blood Whilst Packing A Bowl?

    The finger is the ultimate built in tamper. :mrgreen:
  7. toobfreak

    Old Ideas Die Hard

    All I know Michael is that if there is a movie intriguing enough to get me out to the theaters once every two years anymore, I am doing good. Anymore it seems that every movie is subtly pushing some sort of politics or lifestyle on me! And one that I do not welcome. Maybe it comes from the...
  8. toobfreak

    Acidic Blends

    pH of 4.5 is very strongly acidic. Check you pH scale. Lemon juice is a corrosive of certain things, that is why it is used both as a bleach and as a metal cleaner. Much below lemon juice you are entering the realm of battery acid.
  9. toobfreak

    Samuel Gawith and additives

    I guess hard to see Jay. Actually the pipe has flown out of his (now open) mouth and is simply flying up into the air!
  10. toobfreak

    Old Ideas Die Hard

    Maybe true, pappy, but a well-acted, well-written movie makes me forget or not see that, rather than beat me over the head with that fact.
  11. toobfreak

    Samuel Gawith and additives

    I bet whatever the Indians smoked if we could try some would be some amazing stuff!
  12. toobfreak

    Old Ideas Die Hard

    Frozen, the very fact that these comic movies now have a name for them like MCU is making my point. They have become their own genre. But I honestly can't say that I've been impressed by any of them. The Silver Surfer FF was the better of the two but I was very disappointed in the actors they...
  13. toobfreak

    Acidic Blends

    4.5 is very acidic.
  14. toobfreak

    Designated Survivor (FOX)

    Any idea what the "CW" stands for?
  15. toobfreak

    Errr...Ummm...Am I missing something here?

    Very interesting and entertaining! Thank you, Jesse for the details!
  16. toobfreak

    Jarred Tobacco Wall Storage

    If you don't tell me the whole thing doesn't spin around and disappear into the wall to be totally hidden, I will be very disappointed! :mrgreen:
  17. toobfreak

    Under the Radar Aromatics

    Most aromatics under the radar are there for a good reason. Most aromatics above the radar deserve to be put back under it.
  18. toobfreak

    What Music Are You Listening To? - April 2017

    Crank that thing up Rusty Cage
  19. toobfreak

    Niels Bohr - Another Pipe Smoker

    No, that was actually just your wet hand sitting on the ungrounded hot plate in the lab. :mrgreen: