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  1. philip

    Any From WA?

    Hi Elliott, Be sure to visit the Seattle Pipe Club. The next meeting is Wednesday January 14. Monthly Meetings WHAT: Seattle Pipe Club -- regular meetings WHERE: Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge (high atop BJ's Casino) 4411 Pacific Hwy E, Fife, WA 98424 tel (253) 922-0430...
  2. philip

    Disapproving Faces

    Here's a dog for Talor.
  3. philip

    The cliché question: why can't my pipe stay lit?

    That's what you get for staying away so long. If you only called on your girlfriend every five years would you expect a warm welcome?
  4. philip

    Snowy Weather Smoke

    Your favorite tobacco, no matter what it is, will only be better in the snow. My current favorite is Old Dark Fired. Just be sure to dress for the conditions. (Cool picture, coalsmoke.)
  5. philip

    Making the cob even better

    I like the Forever Stems. They can turn an acceptable pipe into a good one. Forever Stems
  6. philip

    Beards and Beard Oil

    I just change the diesel oil in my beard every 100 hours, or whenever I need to change the fuel filters. There's nothing like the smell of fresh diesel. 8O
  7. philip

    Best lighter for a pipe

    I think there is no lighter as good as a match. I've had a number of inexpensive lighters over the years and they all work great for a year or two... then develop problems. My Xitar Scribe was good for about two years before it quit. Now I have an Old Boy Corona. I've been using it for less...
  8. philip

    Another piper down

    It doesn't seem that long ago! Here's a bit more history I found.
  9. philip

    These Threads Live On

    I bookmarked this thread. I may reply in a year or two.
  10. philip

    Successfully Lost 100 Pounds

    Way to go! Keep it up. Best wishes to your misses, too.
  11. philip

    Looking for First Churchwarden

    Pipes with dual stems are a great advantage. I usually smoke my Vauen with the shorter stem. It's a bit heavy. I also like my Savinelli Qandale. It's a compromise length, only 8 1/2 inches total. It can still fit into a pocket. Another less expensive option is a Forever Stem if you like...
  12. philip

    Does Anyone Really Smoke With The Stem Like This?

    At least his hat isn't on backwards.
  13. philip

    Stupid Memory...Another Reason for a Tobacco Journal

    I know what you mean.... now if only I could remember where I put my journal.
  14. philip

    More Thoughts on Aging

    I am 60 years old. My car, which I bought new in 1984 is now 30 years old. I've had my car exactly one half of my life! Does that mean I'm getting old? I know my car is. Kevin promised me a new Mercedes if I get to 5000 posts by the end of the year. I don't think I'll make it.
  15. philip

    Spammers Among Us

    Spammers? Does this mean I have to send some of my mail-order brides back?
  16. philip

    Qualities of a Great Tamper

    It's best if they're not flammable. I wanted a light weight one so I fashioned one out of tissue paper. It didn't last long... but it was spectacular. :-)
  17. philip

    Latakia lovers unite! Wait, what is latakia?

    Hi, werebear. Here's an Old Thread that may help you understand latakia... or not.
  18. philip

    Pipe Resting?

    My pipes like to have a nap in the afternoon.
  19. philip

    Motorcycles and Pipes

    I don't even smoke while I'm driving. I'd rather stay alive while driving and enjoy my smoke while smoking.