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  1. briarfanatic

    GLP Barbary Coast First Impressions

    I agree Barbary Coast is a wonderful tobacco. I went through several tins when it first came out and loved the flavor. I bought a tin several years ago after finally giving up the coffin nails and getting back into the pipe but have yet to pop it. Thinking I should enjoy this fall weather with...
  2. briarfanatic

    What Are You Driving?

    SSJones: that Impala is CLEAN! I'm envious, those things are classics now! Mayfair70: guarantee you will never be stuck behind slow moving traffic in the fast lane ;). I had an 03 silver Crown Vic with blacked out windows and I will always remember when my Ex girlfriend was driving five miles...
  3. briarfanatic

    Any Info on Dating a Bertram's of D.C. Pipe?

    Sorry for the one year delay but this is the Bertram grade 125 I was going to post.
  4. briarfanatic

    What Are You Driving?

    Currently a 2007 Ford Five Hundred AWD. Good for the snow but the CVT transmission died and had to be replaced at 80K. Air Conditioner died at 100K. Previous car was a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria LX. Got rid of it when the transmission went out at 175K. Air conditioner went out on that one at 100K...
  5. briarfanatic

    What's The Manliest Pipe Shape?

    Whatever this guy is smoking
  6. briarfanatic

    Pick one or two, ok enven three, but no more pls.

    McClelland's Matured Virginia #22 Dunhill Early Morning Pipe Dunhill Nightcap Takes care of Virginia, Oriental, and English with perique. If I was allowed a fourth it would be GL Pease Haddo's Delight
  7. briarfanatic

    Any Info on Dating a Bertram's of D.C. Pipe?

    I feel that the numbers are indeed a price scale. I have a Bertrams stamped 125 that has straight grain all around the bowl. It is a squat bulldog. When I am able to I can post a picture.
  8. briarfanatic

    Snow-pocalypse Round II

    Having a cold beer after my drive home from Pittsburgh, PA to Central MD today. What usually only takes three hours took me almost eight. Brutal road conditions.
  9. briarfanatic

    Church of lat bombs

    Hey, to each his own. I tried hundreds of blends and then fell onto McClellands Virginia #22, Dunhill EMP and Nightcap, and Amphora Red full aroma to fill my straight VA, English, Oriental, and Aromatic as my go to's in the early 2000's. I gave up the pipe for ten years, and stumbled on this...
  10. briarfanatic

    Show Off Your Tinsky Pipes Here!

    Just received two new Tinsky's in the mail directly from carver. I cannot be more pleased with these two pipes! One is a 2012 Christmas Pipe, and the other is his standard Shape 13. Both are in a Bengal finish. Shape 13 2012 Christmas
  11. briarfanatic

    McClelland Club & Collector Series Straight Virginias

    @ Mikestanley: Shhhh.....please don't mention the Virginia #22. :crying:
  12. briarfanatic

    Sound Off, Lurkers!

    Does anyone else look at the number of new members every day on the main page? I am amazed at the amount of people who have, and continue, to sign up. Begs the question...We have the regulars who post in the 1,000's, but I assume we have thousands more who READ but do not POST actively on the...
  13. briarfanatic

    Winter Is Here: Show Off Your Pipe Smoking Den

    Warren: a Plain Old Social Security Number and mother's maiden name will suffice :D I can piece together the rest with....wait.....just a recent paystub...
  14. briarfanatic

    Doomsday (Pipe Tobacco) Preppers

    I work in the tobacco industry.I witnessed the 2009 FET tax increase by the feds on cigarettes and OTP, as well as the constantly increasing OTP taxes charged by each state. OTP continues to grow. For our niche in the tobacco market, I don't really care about taxes. What really worries me as a...
  15. briarfanatic

    Winter Is Here: Show Off Your Pipe Smoking Den

    Gentlemen and Ladies: Winter has arrived for even the most temperate States in the US these past few weeks. For those who can smoke inside, Show Us Your Smoking Den! :puffy:
  16. briarfanatic

    New Rattrays:

    You are the first person I have known to have mentioned these new blends. I personally love the marketing "For Gentlemen Only". Not a sexist comment, just interesting marketing. :wink:
  17. briarfanatic

    I Made The Nice List.

    Wonderful selection and pipe! I have about 1000 vinyl records and no way to play them. I went through a manic panic regarding clutter and threw out my old Technics turntable two years ago (Out with the with the regret). I underestimated my need for playing vinyl records and wanted to...
  18. briarfanatic

    Show Off Your Favourite Christmas Pipes

    C'mon guys. Any new acquisitions? Tis the Season. :puffy:
  19. briarfanatic

    ***What Are You Smoking *** (Dec. 2014)

    McClelland's Virginia #22 in a Tinsky rusticated 2000 Christmas Pipe.
  20. briarfanatic

    Millville Pipes

    Toby67: the James fox was 40 pounds, which is roughly 62 dollars.I have only smoked it once so far but I feel it is promising. Andystewart: great job getting a photo of the stall.