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  1. seacaptain

    Savinelli 315KS Sunset

    I just got this. I like darker stained pipes so I wasn't sure how much I would like it but I think it's even nicer in hand and will be a keeper. (which means I'll be getting rid of another pipe soon) :-) It's the lightest stained pipe in my set now, even lighter in hand than in the pic. I...
  2. seacaptain

    Interesting Pipe Smoking Technique

    I tried it but kept getting thumb bite.
  3. seacaptain

    You Can Have Your Cake......

    I thought the pipe cleaners were a nice touch.
  4. seacaptain

    Coolidge, Dawes, and the Lyon Pipe in the 1924 Campaign

    I'm reading a biography of Calvin Coolidge, U.S. President from 1923-1929, and an interesting pipe related story was mentioned in reference to his 1924 running mate, Charles Dawes. Dawes was an interesting man, accomplished in many fields. He was a businessman, diplomat, politician (known for...
  5. seacaptain

    Yes, It's Time For Another One of Those Threads

    :-) Ok, so I came across some pics of Neerup pipes. Really? Are we just drilling two holes in a block of wood and calling it a pipe now? I've never made a pipe in my life, but I'm pretty sure I could make one of these on my first try.
  6. seacaptain

    Savinelli Spigot Sterling Bordeaux 315KS

    I just got this today as an upgrade for my Piazza di Spagna 315KS. I'm really happy with it, it's even better in hand. I really like the retro sterling army mount, a modern Italian homage to the original 1920's Prince design.
  7. seacaptain

    G.L. Pease Blends

    Ok, so the only GLP blend I ever tried was Gaslight, and I hated it. But, comments about Quiet Nights prompted me to order a tin, and since I primarily like straight VAs, I also ordered a tin of Union Square. I was pleasantly surprised, it's an excellent VA blend. I still like my Wessex...
  8. seacaptain

    What's the Story With Wessex?

    Seems like most of their Virginia flakes have been out of stock for awhile now except the Gold. Are they heading down the McClelland path? I hope not. My three favorite brands are (were) Dunhill, McClelland, and Wessex. Let the rumors begin. :-)
  9. seacaptain

    Just When You've Seen Everything......

    What in the.....?!?!?!!
  10. seacaptain

    Load Up a Tin and Smoke All Day. Sheesh.
  11. seacaptain

    Savinelli 305

    I'm just breaking in my new Tortuga smooth 305 and I'm surprised how much I like this shape. So much so, I just bought a Venere smooth 305. All I have now are Savinelli's and I've primarily stuck to the 315 KS shape, which I love, but I decided to branch out a bit and I'm glad I did. I'm...
  12. seacaptain

    Advice About Plugs/Bricks

    Ok, so over the past year I've gravitated to Virginia flakes as my favorite tobacco. I particularly like most of the different Wessex flakes. So, I'm thinking about venturing into plugs, starting with a Wessex Gold Brick. Any others I should be looking at? What are the advantages of plugs vs...
  13. seacaptain

    Savinelli 316's

    Anyone have them? Like them, hate them? They do seem to be a pretty unique shape, sort of a bent dublin-pot. Looks like they might suit my tastes since I like wide shallow bowls and I love the Savinelli 315's. Post up some pics if you have any!
  14. seacaptain

    Well, It Looks Like Smoking Season is Over

    I smoke on my back patio only. It's getting too chilly to sit out there and relax so it looks like I'll be hanging up my pipes for a few months. Besides, it will give my poor tongue a rest from all the bite this season from trying to learn how to smoke. :-) It's been a fun first year. I've...
  15. seacaptain

    Decided to Dedicate My Pipes to Blends

    I only have 5 pipes and probably won't get more than that since I'm more or less a part time smoker. I decided to dedicate the pipes to certain blends. Savinelli 315 Monsieur (new pipe, upgraded my Wessex) - Straight VA flakes. That's my new favorite type of tobacco and I've been smoking quite...
  16. seacaptain

    I'm Becoming a Fan of Virginia Flakes

    Straight Virginia that is. The ones I like best are: Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Wessex Red Virginia Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Other decent ones are: Wessex Brown Virginia Dunhill Flake Mac Baren Virginia Ones I didn't like that much: Capstan Blue Capstan Yellow Samuel Gawith Best...
  17. seacaptain

    Sorry, I Just Don't Get It.

    There are pipes that I'm not a fan of, like most freehands, but I get it. And, not everyone is a fan of the stuff I like, that's ok, I get it. However, I just don't get this pipe at all. It's a $650 pipe for crying out loud, that looks like children's blocks glued together. How much skill...
  18. seacaptain

    Nightcap or 965?

    I've smoked Nightcap a few times and it's ok. I keep some around and smoke a bowl every couple of weeks. I just tried 965 and wow, I like it a lot better. Might be because of my fondness for cavendish, I don't know, but 965 is going into my top 5 blends. :puffy:
  19. seacaptain

    Let's Talk About The Prince!

    Ok, so I'm approaching my half year mark with pipes. It's been an interesting journey so far, I've been working my way through different pipes and different tobacco's trying to figure out what I like. For pipes, I love the prince shape. I'm not a huge smoker so the relatively shallow bowl of a...
  20. seacaptain

    Interesting Tampers

    The William III farthing would be from the 1695-1701 period. Although I doubt the tamper is that old. I'd guess the tamper was probably made in the 19th century. The coins are too worn to see the dates, which would be on the reverse below the figure of Britannia...