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  1. riffraff

    Stuttgart Pipe Store

    So I just moved to Stuttgart and the first think I had to do with my free time is to find a decent pipe store. I had three on my list, but the first two were nothing more that routine tobacconists that carried basket pipes. The third, however, was a different story. Durninger's on Lange Strasse...
  2. riffraff

    Please, Someone Rescue This Pipe!

    I saw this listed on eBay and am not in a position to bid on it. My prayer is that one of you will! I am not in anyway affiliated with the seller. This is a pre-transition period Barling. Yes, it needs some love, but DAMN this would be a gorgeous pipe once rescued and restored...
  3. riffraff

    Middle Earth Tobacco

    I am wondering if any of you have tried some of the blends from Middle Earth Tobacco? I heard about them on Ollie Sylvester's pod cast. I will be ordering some of the blends. I was just wondering if any of you had any experience with them.
  4. riffraff

    Brick & Mortar Find

    Okay, so I was on my way down to Charleston to see my son graduate from The Citadel. I wanted to stop by a B&M down there as I don't have one close to home. While perusing I found these little gems. I asked the guy there how long they have been on the shelf. He said about three to four years...
  5. riffraff

    Live Audience Show?

    I would love the chance to be in a live audience while Brian does the show. Since I am only 90 minutes away from Charlotte, it would be cool to come up, share a bowl and watch the magic happen. Hell, I will even bring the Scotch! Any chance this could be a possibility in the future? I am sure...
  6. riffraff

    Okay. Now What?

    I have spent the last couple of months getting caught up on all the Pipes Magazine Radio Show episodes during my morning and evening commutes. Aside from having a nice bowlful on each trip, there really isn't much to look forward to. That is, except on Friday mornings IF I don't listen live...