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  1. canadianpuffer

    TAD and Frustration

    Chasing hard to get blends can be fun if hunting them is your thing, but I’m past that stage. The juice is rarely worth the squeeze.
  2. canadianpuffer

    Ever Have One Of Those , "Oh F@#%, I'm Dead Moments?"

    I have one of the moments every time my wife gets the mail before me...
  3. canadianpuffer

    Samuel Gawith Mold Issue??

    I took a chance and ordered a box of black xx, I figure since it’s steam pressed not much could survive on that stuff! I’ll post if anything arrives furry. It won’t show up for a few weeks however.
  4. canadianpuffer

    Shag Cut, Why Don’t We See It More Often?

    It’s an older video on his channel but was explaining the difference between cuts and diameter could equal higher tax if it fit into the ryo category. Check out his video way more info
  5. canadianpuffer

    Shag Cut, Why Don’t We See It More Often?

    No one has mentioned the tax aspect of it? I remember watching an old Glynn Queltch video and he was discussing width and tax rate.
  6. canadianpuffer

    There Appears To Be A New Law In The UK Regarding Loose Tobacco Sales.

    I just miss the days when I could order tobacco from the UK. I’d gladly order 100g packs lol as for the employment comments, it wasn’t until I read about “at will employment” common in the US that I really understood the difference between Canadians and our southern neighbours! Totally...
  7. canadianpuffer

    MacBaren Stockton Spun Cut

    Well I guess I’m set until mine arrives. Grabbed a tin just for the different label. Sucker born every minute.
  8. canadianpuffer

    US Court of Appeals Unanimously Strikes Down Warning Labels

    I for one, really enjoy the tin art.
  9. canadianpuffer

    If James Bond Smoked a Pipe...

    James Bond did smoke a pipe when played by George Lazenby. Not my favourite bond “on her majesty’s secret service”
  10. canadianpuffer

    Evil Lakeland Essence

    I doubt anything can come out of that factory without a little cross contamination of those essential oils. I personally like lakeland, but not enough to eat those old soap candies a few older coworkers have brought in. remember a few years ago after the merger when FVF was coming out with a...
  11. canadianpuffer

    Brigham Klondike Gold - Is It Back?

    In a Facebook group someone recently bought legend Klondike flake made by K&K and imported by Brigham enterprises. So is it back in plain packaging form?
  12. canadianpuffer

    HH ODF 16oz Flakes

    You could vacuum seal the box, but I jarred mine to be on the safe side
  13. canadianpuffer

    Canada Customs Seizing ALL Tobacco Citing Public Health Concerns

    Funny man, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it came to that. Especially because it doesn’t respect the plain packaging laws!
  14. canadianpuffer

    Are You Purchasing More Or Less Tobacco Currently?

    My consumption rate has dropped over the past year with a new baby. I still pick up a few things here and there if there is a deal I can’t turn down or something new peaks my fancy. But I’m more or less content with the cellar for now.
  15. canadianpuffer

    Anyone Heard From Or About Peck?

    The elusive Peck? He’s crying into his Scotch since the mail is slow lol he is alive and kicking anyway, well at least last week he was when we chatted.
  16. canadianpuffer

    S.T. Dupont Lighter Owners Club

    Ya I’ll admit mine is a knock off that was $25 on fleabay, but it works. I have a hard time justifying buying a fancy lighter when the end is nye! Tobacco apocalypse is upon us!!!!! Hoard, hoard, hoard... 😆
  17. canadianpuffer

    A Trip to Cuba!

    If you google yul price list there is a blogspot post with the current pricing in CUC which is the convertible peso pegged at the US dollar. If you are paying by CC then add 3% or whatever it is for using the card. Cash will have a fee to exchange, so either way give a but extra.
  18. canadianpuffer

    Modern Marvels: Tobacco

    Weird it won’t let me watch it.
  19. canadianpuffer

    Anyone Get a Chance at Country Squire's Smeagol?

    I *may* have grabbed 5 zip bags as it was devilishly advertised as limited edition... I haven’t gotten around to trying it. Winter hasn’t been kind to my smoking this year.
  20. canadianpuffer

    Finally Made Peace With Forward Cants

    I have been weary on how far forward as heat goes up and can eventually damage briar. But I do love me a zulu shape... lol I might have 5 or so. Peterson does a good job with them