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  1. mtwaller

    Sutliff Crumble Kake Barrel Aged No. 1

    I took a chance and picked up 3 tins for the cellar, since it sounded interesting. I know others did, as well... I would love to hear your initial impressions on this blend once you’ve tried it! I have so many other things cellared that I want to try first, that these will sit around for at...
  2. mtwaller

    My First Dunhill Cumberland

    I’ve wanted one for about as long as I’ve been smoking a pipe. Admittedly, that’s not terribly long. I’m glad I waited and pulled the trigger on this one, though. I got it at a very fair price from a fellow forum member. The ring grain is much more appetizing than what I’ve typically seen from...
  3. mtwaller

    How Big Is Too Big?

    I’ve had my eye on a nice Ferndown for a hot minute... but it is, to put it bluntly, an excessively large pipe. Overall length is just under 7”, and the chamber is apparently 15/16” wide by 1 and 15/16” deep. Cure my ignorance... what the actual hell does one smoke out of such a pipe? The price...
  4. mtwaller

    FS: Two Peterson’s (08/10/20)

    Prices include shipping for the US, if you’re international I will ship them for an additional charge. Payment through PayPal F&F. Please PM with any questions or if you’d like more photos. Peterson Short Classic 15 ($80): I purchased this new from the UK about a year ago. It has only been...
  5. mtwaller

    Rehydrate Dry Flakes With Fresh Ones?

    I have an open tin of HH Latakia Flake that I’ve let sit for too long... I opened it a few weeks ago and then kind of forgot about it. The flakes are now brittle to the touch and the flavors have become muted and rough. If I throw a fresh tin in a mason jar along with these, will the dried...
  6. mtwaller

    Got $43,000 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

    Well, look no further! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert on anything pipe-related, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that this thing is worth even close to that much money.
  7. mtwaller

    Taylor-Era Ashton Sovereign (With A Special Surprise)

    I recently purchased this one from Smoker’s Haven, and it’s really a lovely looking pipe. I haven’t smoked it yet, so we shall see how it performs. I bought it based upon the listed information, which said there was no date code on the pipe. After emailing the seller, it turns out there is...
  8. mtwaller

    What Do You Smoke When You’re In A Funk?

    I haven’t really enjoyed, or even tried to enjoy a pipe in about a month. I smoked a couple bowls the other day and hated both of them, and dumped them at the halfway point. I’m in one of those low spots where it’s just hot, and humid, and I don’t want to mess with the whole process. Ordinarily...
  9. mtwaller

    What To Smoke Out Of An XL90

    I’ve taken a liking to an XL90, which is outside my normal realm of pipes. My collection consists mainly of small, straight billiards. I’m curious to know what you all smoke out of them? I’m wondering if it would be good for straight VA’s? The chamber is pretty large by my standards, so it...
  10. mtwaller

    Happy 1st Birthday, Dear Cellar

    I thought this would be a fun post for people, especially newer pipe smokers like me, to see what you can manage to squirrel away in 1 year. I had ZERO tins stocked up before the end of July 2019, only a dozen or so open jars on a shelf. I would consider myself to have cellared at a moderate...
  11. mtwaller

    K & K- Produced Latakia Flake & Meistermischung No. 99

    Anybody ordered these before, and if so, are they quality blends? I can’t find much in the way of reviews online, but they both seem very intriguing. Particularly the unassuming “Latakia Flake”.
  12. mtwaller

    First Esterval’s Purchase

    Title says it all... I spent a fair amount of money, hoping it wasn’t a waste. Order is as follows: (2) 100g HU Director’s Cut (2) 100g HU Brullende Leeuw (2) 50g HU Dockworker Flake (5) 50g HU Cherry Saronno By my math, each 50g averages out to $13.30 ish, shipping and whatnot included...
  13. mtwaller

    First Peterson In A While

    Peterson’s have been hit or miss for me. But I’ve been wanting a 53 for a while and this one fit the bill just perfectly. Lovely cross grain on this Wicklow! Really hoping it’s an excellent smoker. Won’t have it for at least a week.
  14. mtwaller

    My First Rhodesian (Tastes Change)

    I used to think Rhodesians were ghastly looking things. I’ve been obsessing over them lately, though. Decided I had to try one out, and I got an Ashton, of course. 2016 XXX Pebble Grain Rhodesian with Silver Army Mount, to be precise. I totally get the hype now... this is an excellent and quite...
  15. mtwaller

    Continued Disappointment With Bulk Blends

    Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a bulk blend that tastes as great as Hearth and Home BlackHouse, but they’ve been coming up short. I realize BlackHouse is a Sobranie clone, but since I’ve never had Sobranie, I’m not necessarily chasing that exact flavor specifically. With high hopes and no...
  16. mtwaller

    IPSD 2020 PAD

    I’m holding off... for now. I know some of you lot have already snagged pipes with these discounts, though. Let’s see ‘em!
  17. mtwaller

    Can Anyone Comment on Quality of Astley’s Pipes?

    I’ve found one that’s quite fetching, and I’m comfortable with the price. After some quick research I see that Astley’s never made any pipes themselves, and contracted out to various British pipe makers. Anyone own one, or many, and if so are they quality pipes? I’m also curious if anyone knows...
  18. mtwaller

    Does Perique Help Cool/Dry A Hot Smoke?

    I’ve been using my Peterson Natural Silver Mounted Army 15 (above - she’s so pretty I couldn’t resist 😍) solely for straight Va’s since I got it. Haven’t entirely broken the pipe in yet as I don’t often smoke straight Va’s. Having said that, it still always smokes hot and wet. Mainly smoke...
  19. mtwaller

    A Shortcut to Mushrooms

    It’s discontinued.. I’ve heard it’s good, and I’ve heard it contains real genuine mushrooms. I like Tolkien-inspired anything (on principle, not that it necessarily tastes good). I recently went to a cigar bar in SC and one of the proprietors started talking pipes with me. Long story short, he...
  20. mtwaller

    Cellar Upgrade!

    My fiancé and I just moved into a new place, and I have a bit more room for furniture. I was previously using a wall mounted rack that barely held my pipes and had room for about 24 jars. I popped down to the local thrift store today and snagged this big beauty for only $45! For me, it’s damn...