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  1. lifesizehobbit

    Long Time Away

    Hey all! I looked up and something like 8 months had passed. Reset my PW and here I am. What a rough 2019; lost my Dad, our long-time companion dog and underwent two knee surgeries. I don't think I've smoked my pipes for almost 2 years (maybe once or twice) since my dental surgery. Hope I...
  2. lifesizehobbit

    Great Fall Day

    So a great fall day here in SW Ohio; sunny and 55 deg F. My wife and I started off by shopping to fill some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, picked up a couple of essentials along the way, had lunch and then got home to cut the lawn. I closed off the late afternoon with some Pete's...
  3. lifesizehobbit

    It Is Finished

    Eleven months ago I started the long journey of dealing with dental implants on 2 front teeth. Yesterday, I completed the process and today I am sporting a new smile. In the final work, the dentist I worked with not only installed the crowns, but provided some cosmetic work on the old...
  4. lifesizehobbit

    T Minus One Month (Or Thereabouts)

    I am finally drawing near to the end of my dental implant procedure which also indicates the end of my pipe hiatus. Hard to believe it's been about 10 months since I last enjoyed some Frog Morton and a lot has changed in that arena. Essentially I avoided any nicotine or alcohol (even...
  5. lifesizehobbit

    The Kilted Life?

    Just curious if any of the pipe community here also favor wearing kilts either formally or for daily use? Beyond the normal tartan look, there are a variety of what's known as utility kilts. Think of those as kilt jeans. If so, what are your thoughts, etc. about the kilted life? (Side note...
  6. lifesizehobbit

    Memphis Belle B-17 Restored

    Had the pleasure of getting over to the National Museum of the USAF (or as we refer to it locally, WPAFB Museum) today for the public reveal of the recently restored Memphis Belle B-17 bomber. Today's date was the 75th Anniversary of the bomber's last and 25th successful mission in Europe...
  7. lifesizehobbit

    RIP Harry Anderson

    Harry Anderson, of Night Court fame has passed at age 65. The family states natural causes and reports indicate no foul play. Judge Stone's last trick.
  8. lifesizehobbit

    RIP R. Lee Ermy

    R. Lee "Gunney" Ermy passed today at age 74. Reportedly due to complications from pneumonia. I had the pleasure of meeting him once.
  9. lifesizehobbit

    Implants Update

    Hello fellow pipers! I just wanted to drop in and give a quick update on my dental implant progress. The bone graft is done and in two weeks I'll get the posts inserted. Somewhere around July 10, I may see the final fit for the crowns. Still no piping until I'm fully healed so from now...
  10. lifesizehobbit

    PAD Strikes Again

    All that Zulu talk over on the Peterson 268 thread prompted me to go compare Zulu shapes (having never owned one). Next thing I know, my fondness for smaller pipes bites me with this Ropp rusticated Zulu. I won't be able to smoke it until I complete my dental implants later this year, but hey...
  11. lifesizehobbit


    It's easy to be skeptical of what most would think is a remake of the 1995 Robin Williams movie. I myself did not like the 95 Movie as it just struck me as absurd. The 2017 version starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black could have gone in a lot of directions; however...
  12. lifesizehobbit

    Peterson 2016 Summertime - Peterson XL21

    Just enjoyed a bowl of Peterson's Summertime blend from 2016 in my Peterson 2001 St. Patrick's Day XL21. I had originally ordered the 2015 blend to try (candidly because I liked the tin art), and the vendor accidentally sent the 2016. I offered to return it for exchange, but they nicely told...
  13. lifesizehobbit

    Seriously Walmart?

    So I'm out of Zippo fluid and I made a quick run to the local Walmart, where they sell: Cigars, Cigarettes, Chew/Dip, Butane Lighters, Matches, Vape products, paint thinner, various flammable automotive products, various flammable hair care products, camp stove fuel, propane tanks, charcoal...
  14. lifesizehobbit

    And I Was Doing So Well...

    Here I thought all the time and resisting looking at pipes, I was slowly curtailing my PAD. Brethern, I have backslidden... Rossi Author - Rubino... good price and my finger was clicking before I could stop it.
  15. lifesizehobbit

    Traveler's Notebook

    Based on a "favorite" YouTube reviewer discussion on another thread, I started looking at the Midori (now Traveler's Company) Traveler's Notebook as an option for random journaling and capturing joke notes. The version I bought was the normal size, black leather starter set and ordered a ruled...
  16. lifesizehobbit

    Campfire - Tobacco Suggestions?

    Will be hanging around a campfire among non-smokers; I have a modest selection of Aros / English to introduce them to, but don't want to scare them (ha). Plus, I'm saving my Penzance and Black Frigate for my own company. Below are the milder offerings. What are your thoughts? Headed there...
  17. lifesizehobbit

    Ahoy The Frigate!

    A new soul was found aboard the Black Frigate today. Designation: Stowaway.
  18. lifesizehobbit

    A Crack In Deeming Law?

    Fox News posted this story today where Rep Duncan Hunter is seeking to roll back the Obama regulation that turned control of tobacco like products over to the FDA. Could this be a legitmate crack in the Deeming law? Might we continue to see our favorite blends? The focus does seem to be...
  19. lifesizehobbit

    Birth Year Dunhill

    Well courtesy of the Von Erck "Loon" thread, I wandered over to Dave Neeb's site and discovered a birth year Dunhill. It's a '59 Tanshell Group 4 (or 3) for what I considered a reasonable price and a pretty easy find for me. Now I just have to wait for Dave to process the order. :D Just when...
  20. lifesizehobbit

    Also - My First Peterson

    In the "my first Peterson" theme, I also chose a St. Patrick's Day version, 150 Bulldog. Mine is already in house and I hope to christen it accordingly with some Peterson Special Reserve. Ironically, my second Peterson was acquired only 2 weeks later as an Estate 2001 St. Patrick's Day XL21...